Install VPN 365 on PC (Windows & Mac) using BlueStacks

install-vpn-365-on-pcHave you ever tried to either access a website and you receive a notification that you are blocked? Or tried to download a file and you are notified that it’s not available in your country? Or tried to stream a live event and its only available to specific countries? Well no need to worry, there is a simple way to get around the restriction using VPN 365 app.

For those not familiar with VPN (Virtual Private Network), it is an internet service that allows you to access websites privately and securely by re-routing the connection through secure and private remote servers around the globe. This allows the user to anonymously browse without anyone being able to track their IP address. VPN 365 is one of the applications that offer this service on Android devices.

It offers a variety of features which include;

• Easy and quick access to Geo-restricted websites across the globe
• Masks your IP address allowing anonymous browsing without having to worry about being tracked by hackers or any snoopers
• Protects you from being hacked especially when connected to a public network
• Bypass firewall blocked sites on public networks
• Unlimited surfing speeds and bandwidth


With the above exciting features, one quickly goes to the internet to search for VPN 365 for Windows or Mac, only to be disappointed. Yes, it’s true, VPN 365 is only available to Android users. Sucks right? No need to worry because there is a way you can easily get around that. Follow the outlined steps below and you will have VPN 365 on your PC in no time.

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Before we start, here are some things you will need;

• The obvious, a PC running Windows (XP or higher) or Mac operating systems
• The pc should have a minimum of 4GB free space in disk C and at least 2GB of RAM
• Internet connection

As stated earlier, VPN 365 is an Android application, we, therefore, need to create an environment on the PC on which it can run. To do so, we need to install BlueStacks Emulator. This will create a platform on which we can run any Android application.

List of Contents:

Installing BlueStacks Emulator

• Google “bluestacks” or directly visit their official webpage.
• From the homepage you will see a download icon, tap on it and download dialogue box will pop up
• Save/ download the file to your computer
• Locate the bluestacks.exe file on the computer
• Run it as the administrator
• Agree to terms and conditions and proceed till the installation is complete
• It might prompt you to restart your PC which is ok
• In case you get a graphics card error, you need to change/ upgrade your graphics card
• Launch the BlueStacks app

If the app runs, congratulation as you have passed the technical part of the installation. The next step is installing our VPN 365 on BlueStacks.

There are two ways which you can proceed

a) Directly from Google Play Store
b) From your PC local storage

a) From Google Play Store
• From the BlueStacks the main page, look for the shop/play store icon (looks like the normal play store on your Android device)
• Tap on it and sign in option will appear
• Sign in with your Google account to open the play store
• From the play store page, click on the Search tab and type VPN 365
• Type VPN 365 and hit search

download-vpn-365-for-pc-suing-bluestacks-emulator• The app will appear as the first option or you will be taken directly to its page
• Click on install
• This will download and install the app on BlueStacks.
• If prompted to give permissions, just click on ok, nothing malicious will happen

You have successfully installed VPN 365 and you can find it on apps list on BlueStacks. Just launch it and enjoy its services on your PC

b) From Local Storage
• Download the VPN 365 apk file from a website of your choosing. (careful you don’t download a malware)
• Locate the downloaded VPN 365 apk file on your PC
• Drag and drop it on the start page of BlueStacks emulator and wait for it to install
• Alternatively, double-click on the app and BlueStacks will automatically detect and install VPN 365
• You can also right-click on the VPN 365 apk file and click open with BlueStacks
You can now run the application on BlueStacks as you would on your Android

Pros and Cons of VPN 365

• Unlimited speed and Bandwidth
• Variety of remote servers across the world
• Smart proxy – changes proxy for specific apps eg you can change twitter proxy to show you tweeting from a different location.
• Secures your internet connection by hiding your IP address
• No adds for premium users
• Easily access firewall restricted websites on public websites

• Contains ads (free version)
• Requires one to pay for premium in order to access faster servers

That’s it, VPN 365 is now installed on your Windows or Mac PC. Hope you have enjoyed this review about VPN 365.

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