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Security is the top priority of every individual these days. Sometimes, we spend a lot of money on security locks and cameras and still end up losing precious items from our house. All of this converges to one common issue in the end, which is surveillance.

By surveillance, I mean that we need to have proper oversight of our house or other real estate property at all times. YCC365 Plus is a mobile surveillance app that helps you achieve this goal. The app can be installed on a smartphone or PC, and you can easily monitor the activity happening at your home while being anywhere else.

Some of us are more engaged with PCs and Laptops as compared to smartphones. Hence, it is a bit tough for them to check the phone repeatedly. Here, in this article, we will study the features of the YCC365 Plus app and how to install YCC365 Plus on a PC.


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A Quick Look into the Features of the YCC365 App

The YCC365 Plus app is designed while keeping a lot of factors in mind. It is not just about glancing at a screen all the time. The app offers some incredible features that improve the quality of oversight. Some of the brilliant features offered by the app are,


The app is equipped with an incredible feature that is recording everything the camera sees. With the ability to record all the live videos of the camera, it offers users the convenience to view and check the video from any time during the day or week. This is pretty helpful in unfortunate cases of robbery.


It is an obvious thing that if the app is keeping a record of every little thing in the video, it might be stored somewhere for future use. The place where the YCC365 plus app stores the recorded data is on the card or cloud.


One of the best add-on features in this brilliant app is the ability to share videos with anyone. You just need an account on any social network.

Voice Calling

This is one of the most innovative features of this app. The application is equipped with the ability to conduct two-way voice communication. This feature comes in handy for those who have kids at home and want to monitor them while being away from home.

Alarms and Motion Detection

In rare cases, if someone tries to break into your house, the app will send a notification on your connected device about the activity. This will help you in preventing loss and damage to your property.

How to install YCC365 Plus on PC?

We know that the YCC365 app is an Android app, right, but it is possible to install on a PC (both Windows and MAC). Some of us don’t get the time to get our eyes off the PC. Hence, the ability to install the app on the PC becomes helpful for them.

Also, the app will not install right away as it does on a smartphone. You need special software like an Android emulator for that. Now, there are many Android Emulators in the market, like Nox, BlueStacks, PrimeOS. Phoenix OS, and more. You can choose anyone of the following based on the requirements of the emulator.

For example, the BlueStacks Emulator requires Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, Mac OS Sierra (10.12, 10.13), 2-4 GB system RAM, 4 GB system hard drive space along updated graphics drivers.

YCC365 Plus for PC (Installation Steps)

You can install the YCC365 Plus app on your PC using the emulator in two ways. The first one is to install the app by searching it in the android emulator.

The other way is to download the YCC365 Plus for PC from any authority website based on your operating system. Post this, drag it into the emulator window and install it.

Step 1. Download and install the latest version of any android emulator on your Windows or MAC operating system. Go for BlueStacks. It is much better than the others.

Step 2. After installing the android emulator on your PC, power it up, and set up your Google account if you have one, great. If not, create one as it is necessary.

Step 3. Post setting up your Google account, open the Google Play store, and search for the YCC365 Plus app.

Step 4. Make sure that the application on the Google play store is the exact one you are looking for.

Step 5. Click on the Install button on the application page and accept the installation pop-ups.

Step 6. If you cannot find the app on the play store, download the YCC365 Plus for PC from other trusted 3rd party sources and install it manually.

Step 7. Enjoy the features of the YCC365 app. You can link it to the camera by clicking on “Add Device” and entering the details of the camera.


If you have reached here, you must have successfully installed the YCC365 Plus for PC. If not, you might not have a clear idea about the necessary factors required for installation. Good Luck!!!

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