Getting IPC360 App on Your PC (Windows 7, 8, 10 and Mac)

ipc-360-app-on-your-pc-windows-7-8-10-and-macMonitor What’s Going in Your Home While You’re Outside Using IPC360

Wouldn’t it be perfect if we could stay home with our family all the time? This has been made possible with this amazing application that lets you have a 360° extraordinary experience of viewing and interacting with your family whilst you are away. This wonderful application helps in monitoring your house, office, and any other place that you wish to. This app has made things easier for hundreds and thousands of people who struggle in keeping up with multiple locations at a single time.

Basically, this app can cater to the different needs of different people. If you are a businessman and constantly stay away from your office, then installing this app and adding cameras to your office will help you monitor the situation at the office even when you are not there. Also, this app is most helpful to people who have little kids at home or an elderly person who demands constant attention from somebody. The application not just keeps you updated with the video but can be used to interact with the other person on either side. So having this app on your phone is always empowering for you.

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A Comprehensive Look at the IPC 360

IPC 360 is a panoramic camera mobile phone application that features one of the best features of a monitoring mobile application. The app is available on the play store for Android users and the app store for iPhone users. Also, it can be installed on the PC and run from a laptop or any other computer system.


The major features that this application has to offer are listed down below:

The Application Provides Crisp Clear Image and Video Quality

The quality that the camera offers is out of this world. The great quality of the picture makes it a great application for use. The crisp images and the bright video that it provides seek the attention of every user.

You Get a Full Wide Panoramic 360 View

IPC 360 not just provides a good quality video but is also capable of producing 360 view imagery for its users. This function of the application is what makes it better than any other similar application. It uses FHD/HD resolution (1920×1080/1280×720) that delivers an excellent image quality.

You can even zoom in and out to check the little details of the scene. Also, just by simply tapping on the app, you can select and set 3 shooting angles that the camera will capture. If you place the camera at the center of a room, it can provide a 360 view for the room.

Motion Sensing Technology Helps You Stay Safe from Any Threat!

This is one of the most valuable features that no other application provides you. It is built with a high accuracy motion detection technology, that triggers an alarm or notifies you on your phone when something unusual is detected by the camera. This feature is very usable and helps in the surveillance of your home.

Dual Mode for Real-Time Video and Recording

The application has primarily two modes for viewing the video where you have placed the camera. Firstly, if you want to interact with your family at home or want an interactable session, then you can switch on the Real-Time mode. It works on live interaction and you can have a chat with anyone on the other side of the camera.

If you just wish to keep a check on the activity of your office or don’t feel the need to be online all the time, then you can switch to recording mode. In this mode, you can select the timing and schedule the camera to record for particular hours and can later check the video on your phone or laptop.

Use of Adaptive Streaming Technology

The app uses adaptive streaming technology that automatically readjusts the quality of the video if the network is weak. This is a plus point for users as there is no need for going back and forth into the app to make the changes in the setting. The app is empowered to do that on its own.

The Easy Installation Process on Your PC

This application is a wonder in itself and making it run on the PC adds more to its functionality. Personal Computer helps in improving the viewing experience of the users. You can keep a window open for viewing your house and side by side work on your stuff at the office. Bringing this brilliant application to the laptop screen adds way more ease for the users.

For running this application on your desktop, you will require an emulator to be installed on your PC on which the application could run. BlueStacks (Download link) and Nox App Player (Download here) are the best two emulators that can be installed on the PC for running any Android or Mac application.

Installing IPC 360 on Your PC

Step 1: Open the installed emulator on your PC.
Step 2: Go to the menu and open the play store app.
Step 3: Login using your Google credentials and on the top search bar, search for the app ‘IPC 360’.
Step 4: Install the application on your computer device.
Step 5: Your IPC 360 app is all ready to go.

Final Thoughts

Stay connected with your friends and family even when you have to stay away from your house. This application provides empowerment to the users to monitor their place and stay aware of what is happening around them. It is better not to go with my word but see the amazement yourself by installing the app. Good Luck!

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