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Are you looking to watch your TV on a PC? The rapid growth of smart devices and the internet market have made it easy to watch your TV directly from your PC. Thanks to the IPTV (Internet Protocol Television Services). You can now enjoy your entertaining video, TV show, live TV channels, and many more via the IPTV players.

Wherever you are, you can now stream any TV show and movie with ease. All you need to do is have an IPTV player app, sign up and log in to start your entertainment session.

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What is an IPTV?

IPTV is an abbreviation for Internet Protocol Television. It’s a new technology in place to replace traditional satellite and cables services. IPTV works globally to save costs and provide better and great service to clients.

Though IPTV is a cable TV, it works through the internet at a reduced cost. You will no longer need to spend thousands per month to buy and maintain the expensive cables.
Many IPTV service providers give thousands of channels. They also offer VOD (Videos on Demand) and other steamed content over the internet protocol network. IPTV is here to offer digital television services to subscribers.

Are you a sports fanatic? IPTV will give season passes for basketball, football, hockey, baseball, and moor sports. You will also access PPV (Pay-Per-View) sports events, including boxing, WWE, and UFC.

Using IPTV with a VPN

It’s advisable to protect yourself with a VPN when using an IPTV service. VPNs protect your ISP (Internet Service Provider). Government, app developers, and hackers won’t access what you are accessing online.


With a VPN, you will always be anonymous on the internet. Sounds good, right? VPNs encrypt internet connections to limit an ISP to access your online work.
Some IPTV services may work or not work at optimal rates unless connected to VPNs. You need to know whether your preferred IPTV will work with a VPN.

Quality VPNs prevent geo-restrictions. It’s a very important step when you want to access content from different countries. They are also important when accessing special sports events for MMA fans and Sports.

It’s good to understand that entities like ISPs and Governments can block IPTV services. The best way to access them is via VPN. So, it’s good to get an IPTV that works well together with a VPN.

How IPTV works

For you to access IPTV, you have to subscribe to it. IPTV provides digital TV services via Internet Protocol Technology. The internet or broadband connection aids in the delivery of content to user TV boxes.

The content you need from diverse servers gets divided into data packets with a click on the TV program. The same applies when you request a video. The content is then sent over the internet and distributed to all viewers.

Popular IPTV formats that you can use:

VOD (Video on Demand) – The most in demand. Have you ever used Netflix? VOD will enable you to stream unlimited videos online like Netflix.

Live IPTV – It needs good internet, and it’s for streaming live events. You can stream events like soccer games.

Time-shifted media – Heavy on resources. It works almost the same as VOD but has limited video content like the BBC iPlayer.

How to download IPTV Player for PC

There are two main types of IPTV players for your PC. The free versions and the pro version. The IPTV Pro is a paid version, and it’s ideal for streaming live videos from different source media. They work well on PCs that have Android emulators.

The advantages of the paid version;

  • Auto-reconnect features.
  • Extended playlists history.
  • Auto-play last channel option.
  • Support for XSPF and M3U playlists.
  • Completely free of Ads.

How to install IPTV on Mac and Windows

You can use two methods to install IPTV on your PC;

First Method Using BlueStacks Emulator

Step 1: Download and install BlueStacks on your PC. Launch the program after installation and open the Google Play store.


Step 2: Type IPTV in the search bar, and from the search results, select the app and click install.

Step 3: After installation, click on the IPTV app from the BlueStacks home screen and start using it.

Second Method Using NoxPlayer

Step 1: Download and install NoxPlayer on your PC.

Step 2: Launch the program after installation, open the Google Play store to search for IPTV Pro.


Step 3: From the search results, select the pro version and click on install.

Step 4: After completing the installation process, open the NoxPlayer home screen.

Step 5: Open the IPTV Pro app from NoxPlayer and start using it.

The best way to watch IPTV on a PC

There are many ways you can use to watch IPTV on your PC. From the vast category, these three are very easy:

  • VLC media player
  • MyIPTV player
  • BlueStacks or Nox (Android emulators)


IPTV app for PC offers incredible ways to stream videos and watch TV programs. IPTV will take your entertainment to a higher level. There are many IPTV apps for your PC in the market select the best and spend the entire day in your house having fun.

Remember, you don’t need any special hardware for an IPTV. It’s because it delivers content directly over Internet Protocol. In a few incidences, you might need a tuner.


1. What’s the best M3U player?

There are many M3U players on the internet. The best five are GSE Smart IPTVE Player, Perfect Player, LazyIPTV Player, VLC Player, and Kodi Media Player.

2. How do I watch TV on Windows 10 PC?

You will have to get and install a TV card or a Tuner to watch TV on your PC with Windows 10. The tuner is cheap to buy from any computer accessories shop near you.

Its placement is easy, the same way you place sound or graphic cards in the casing compartment. You then activate it with the right software for it to run.

3. Can I watch IPTV for free?

It’s possible to watch IPTV using free options like Fluxus IPTV, Live Net TV, and Lodge TV. These free versions have some disadvantages that you have to cope with.

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