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itop-vpn-for-pc-windows-macHeard how these internet streets have become so dangerous that you shiver when you surf? Are you looking for a VPN that could guarantee your safety? Well, you have come to the right place. iTop VPN is an excellent VPN geared to giving you freedom on the internet and protecting you.

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About iTop VPN

iTop VPN is developed by a leading VPN provider who is experienced in network security thus providing top-notch VPN services. The mission of this VPN is to ensure that people will experience true freedom when surfing the internet.

Unlike most VPN services iTop does not retain any of your information. The information asked at signing up is only used for identification. The iTop VPN support system is also working around the clock to ensure that you get help whenever you need it.

Get access to any content

Sometimes you will realize that you will be blocked from accessing some websites and getting information from them. If this is you, then you need a good VPN that will help you to get access to any website and get the information you need. So how does a VPN help in this case? A VPN acts as an encrypted tunnel between your device and the website you want to access.

Your data will be routed in the encrypted tunnel. This allows you to access any blocked sites safely. iTop VPN shields you from the monitoring of scammers and hackers on the internet. So with this VPN, you can access any website from around the world safely.

Hide your IP address

iTop VPN allows you to hide your IP address. Hiding your IP address means that you can mask your real IP address with another different IP address. It also means that you can choose not to show the IP address you are using while you surf the internet.


It is a risky affair to keep your IP address exposed to the public. An IP address exposes your location, payment history, browsing, download, or any other thing that you do on the internet. Hackers, stalkers, employers, and some advertisers can easily keep track of your vital information. So hiding your IP address is the most important thing to do after you log in to the internet.

iTop VPN has servers worldwide due to its global network. This means that you can use any IP address to mask your real IP address.

Live stream your favorite shows with iTop VPN

Due to some reason and several issues, the content you want to watch may be unavailable in your country. The content available to you depends on your location. iTop VPN will replace your IP address with the IP address of the server you connect to. For instance, if you want to watch content related to a certain region, with the VPN you will need to connect to that region and iTop VPN will automatically replace the IP address.

For example, Netflix offers different shows and movies in different countries. Even the largest Netflix library still has some shows or movies unavailable. iTop VPN will allow you to access any library you want and watch any shows or movies you want.

Remain anonymous online

These days it’s getting harder to protect your online privacy and that is very risky. Your personal and sensitive data may be exposed to hackers or collected for advertisers to build ads. Your exposed data may be very dangerous and may cause more harm to your device and your online activities. Staying anonymous is better and it would save you a lot of accidents.

iTop VPN will solve all of these by professionally encrypting all of your data and allowing you to stay anonymous while you surf the internet. This allows you to browse the internet and access any information or website while staying anonymous and safe.

Unlimited bandwidth

Many times bandwidth caps can be a real pain in the neck. They can limit you to so many things that you can do online. You may be limited to streaming your favorite shows and movies or even downloading larger files when you hit the bandwidth cap. With iTop VPN however you can stream any shows and download any files with unlimited bandwidth. Besides, iTop VPN will encrypt your data thus no one can view your online endeavors, and therefore no one can throttle you.

Make PUBG more interesting

Unfortunately, PUBG ditched the server selection feature making it hard for people to match with players from servers worldwide. Currently, and without a VPN you can only match with players depending on your location. iTop VPN helps you to improve your PUBG experience by letting you connect with players from other regions worldwide.pubg-servers-itoptv

With iTop VPN you are also free to use the region-based skins so that you can customize your character and weapons thus improving your PUBG experience online. You must know however that PUBG is still at the risk of being attacked by hackers. Hackers can still attack and access your IP address, launch DDOS, and kill your access to servers. However, the good thing is that using iTop VPN shields you from hackers, hides your IP address, and prevents attacks from hackers.

iTop VPN kill switch

A VPN kill switch acts as a monitor for your internet connection. Anyone using a VPN cannot afford a leakage so they must avoid leakages by all means. A leakage will expose your most vital information to the rest of the world. However, when you use iTop VPN, you will be free from the fear of leakages. The VPN will automatically block all the internet traffic thus preventing any leakages. No traffic will enter or leave your device thus no harm may come to your device and no sensitive data will leave your device.

The iTop VPN kill switch is automatic and you do not have to activate it yourself after a connection to iTop VPN is lost. Immediately after your connection with the VPN is lost, the VPN kill switch will be activated.

No log policy

When you sign up for iTop VPN, you might wonder where the information is kept but iTop has a no-log policy. This policy means that when you offer your details for registration, iTop VPN does not track your activities, or sell or keep the data to themselves.

This gives you confidence that you will always be safe while using iTop VPN since you are sure that there is leaking information. The only data that the VPN collects is the placing order information and cookies. The information is then shared with service providers and others. Sometimes the email address, how you use the VPN, and your computer device information may be used to improve the services iTop VPN offers.

Plans and pricing

iTop will give you the freedom to choose the plan you would want to use on this VPN. There are different plans that you can choose from. You will first choose a plan and then proceed to share your email address that will be used to move to the VIP level.

First, if you do not want to pay for the subscription you can do the 7-day trial that iTop VPN offers. If you are satisfied with the services, you can cancel the subscription within seven days. You will also be given a money-back guarantee where you have a partial refund or a full refund. For a 6-month subscription or an annual subscription, you will be offered a partial refund.

A customer is however to inform support when they need a refund or when they want to cancel the subscription. This will help you and the team to find a solution instead of canceling or demanding a refund. If the issue cannot be fixed then you can go on and request a refund or cancel a subscription.

How to get iTop VPN App for Windows, Android, iOS


Fortunately, iTop VPN is available for almost all devices. You can get it on your Android device by downloading it from Uptodown. This version is not limited in any way. It includes all the features that we have discussed above. For Windows, you need to download the VPN from their official website. This version too has all the features that we have discussed above. Also, the VPN is available for iOS devices with all the features and functions.


A VPN is an essential tool especially in our world today. Without it, you can never experience true freedom when you are online. You will be blocked out of important websites. You may never watch your favorite programs based on your location. Hackers and scammers may track your every move online and more dangerous things may happen when you do not have a VPN.

Fortunately, there are so many VPNs today that it would be impossible to find one that suits your needs. However, you must be careful of the VPN you decide to use. Some are a trap to extract information from you so you should do thorough research when using a VPN.

iTop VPN is an excellent, fast, and reliable VPN that anyone can easily afford. It also has got features that will meet all the needs of the internet user.

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