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keepsolid-vpn-for-pc-free-downloadThe whole digital world runs with the help of networks to provide a unified and standard methodology for communication. Any data that is sent or received from a machine is done using that network and can only be received by the machines that are connected to that network and have the authority to do that.

The Internet is a manifestation of a single network that connects all computers across the world. The computers are individually required to connect to the Internet with the help of network connectivity from an Internet Service Provider (ISP). Now, the Internet that you connect to will only give you access to the websites that the ISP will permit you to browse. It will not allow you to go through the pages that are meant for users of a particular country or the websites that are banned by the government of your country.

Many times it is felt that if there arises a need to browse foreign-based websites for the purposes of research or in order to fulfill outsourced work duties from that country. In order to do that, one needs to take the help of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) Application such as KeepSolid VPN for PC. Now, most of the software that runs to help your PC connect to a VPN is a paid service. Using the instructions given below, you can install KeepSolid VPN for Windows or KeepSolid VPN for Mac.

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What is BlueStacks?

BlueStacks is an emulation software that mimics and is also based on the Android Operating system of mobile and handheld devices. It enables us to use any Android-based application on the PC, be it Windows or Mac, that is not available to be downloaded as software. Even if certain functionality is not supported by any software but is available for Android, you can use BlueStacks for that functionality on a PC.

Many people take advantage of this loophole to use certain free services for android that may otherwise need to be paid for when available as software on PC. Network-based applications, especially ones that provide VPN services are smooth to use as they apply the effect on the network settings rather than the device irrespective of being accessed through an emulator.

What is KeepSolid VPN?

KeepSolid VPN is a Virtual Private Network connection application that allows you to change the server through which your computer is connected to the Internet and permits you to choose the country whose server you wish to use to connect to the Internet.

Once you install VPN, you may choose the proxy server using which to connect. You can browse other countries’ versions of websites such as YouTube as well and also have access to content banned in your country but it is important to note that this information is to be used specifically for research (or maybe some browsing, if you know what I mean) and is not intended for any illegal purposes and if you use it that way, you can very easily be caught and we will not claim any responsibility for that.

How to install BlueStacks to use KeepSolid VPN for PC

Step 1: Install the latest version of BlueStacks from its official website over here:
Step 2: Agree to the terms of the User Agreement in order to proceed.
Step 3: Select the Location (in your PC) where you wish BlueStacks to be installed.
Step 4: After BlueStacks is installed, you will see an emulator that looks much like an Android Phone to you. Go to the App Market in the main menu of BlueStacks.
Step 5: The App market will look typically like Google Play Store. Search for KeepSolid VPN.

Step 6: Once you have located the application, click on the Install option.
Step 7: After the application has been installed on BlueStacks, you will be able to view it in your Applications Menu.
Step 8: Now you can use KeepSolid VPN for Windows on your system.

How to use KeepSolid VPN App on your PC using BlueStacks

Step 1: Open the application to fill in the desired VPN settings.
(If you are a new user, then do not worry about this step)
Step 2: Choose the server using which you wish to connect to the Internet or the country whose website you wish to access.
Step 3: Enjoy secure browsing on the Internet as your VPN Connection is active to use now.

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