How to Run Kiwi Browser on your PC using BlueStacks App Player

kiwi-browser-for-pc-windows-mac-free-downloadKiwi Browser App, one of the best browsers now available which was recently released only months ago, can be used in PC with BlueStacks, the popular Android emulating software.

Kiwi Browser is according to their more than 10.000 users simply the best browser you could ever have.

There are a different variety of reasons that make this possible, and we are gonna take a look at them in here as well but before we will show how to download it and install it on PC with BlueStacks.

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Downloading and Installing Kiwi Browser on the PC (Windows or Mac)

As usual, when downloading any application in Android whether via PC using BlueStacks or common Android phone, you need to open the Google Play Store and log in with a Google account, if you don’t have one Google will allow you to create one right at the moment. So once we are logged in, we have to look for our desired application in the search bar, in this case, is “Kiwi Browser” and the first one that says “Kiwi Browser – Fast and Quiet” that is the one. You can click on it, click on the “Install” sign and wait for a few moments until its ready. Right after you can now click on the “Open” sign and there it is!


This browser is much better than the ones he competes with. First of all, it is based on a modification of the Chrome that uses Android, called Chromium, so you will feel at home when you are using it. The loading speed is amazing, this is thanks to their improved web page rendering methods.

Also, you will protect yourself from the majority of annoying ads with their ad blocker, but you also have the option to turn this on and off anytime you want in settings. A powerful incoming pop-up web page that prevents spam windows from appearing in your browser. You are getting protection from crypto-jacking attacks as well, this is an amazing feature because it means that hackers can’t access your device to mine virtual cryptocurrencies without your access anymore! You are getting as well the possibility of having an unlocked Facebook web messenger.

What else Kiwi Browser offers?

Night mode is one of the favorite features of their users, you can easily turn it on and off in the settings, and while most of the times this feature doesn’t work on the usual browsers, on this one we have tested ourselves and works perfectly. You will also have more than 50 languages available!

The number of good features that we can find in this browser app is great, after trying this browser we are sure you will fall in love with it just as we did!

But the list of cool stuff is not over, it keeps going! For instance, you can now import and export bookmarks on Kiwi Browser from/to any of the other main browsers such as Chrome or Firefox. You are also getting a specific Downloads folder to have everything better classified than ever. In addition, you can add any search engine as long as it recognized by the Kiwi Browser, this means that if you usually prefer using DuckDuckGo over Google, for example, you can now choose DuckDuckGo by default. To get this working, you must make a few searches on the search engine that you are interested in, then go to the settings and select your favorite search engine.

Kiwi Browser settings and look for it to have it there anytime you are planning to use your new browser. Kiwi Browser is fairly new and it’s still in the early stages according to their developers but it’s already perfectly working and barely has any bugs in general. Also, the developers like to keep contact with the users, so you will find their email and their Discord server on the Google Play Store application if you scroll down a bit!

Kiwi Browser has 4.5 stars at the moment, which is one of the best ratings a Google Play Store can get! Their users are highly satisfied with the service, and they are thousands, how could they be so wrong? So, why don’t you go and give it a try? Definitely highly recommended application you can not miss having on your BlueStacks.

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