How To Run LightSail VPN App On PC (Windows & Mac)

ightsail-vpn-for-pc-free-downloadTechnology has enlarged its wings so far and wide that vultures have found a home where they can devour their victims. The internet is no longer too safe for anyone to roam freely. Due to such and other reasons, some sites have blocked some regions from accessing them making it hard for a normal surfer.

The good news is that there are also VPNs that enable you to surf the internet safely yet privately. One of such good VPNs is the Lightsail VPN for PC.

Lightsail is a free unlimited Android VPN that you can also download on your PC. If you are looking for a good VPN that will allow you to surf privately and safely and also unblock sites, this is the VPN for you.

Read on as we dive into what Lightsail VPN is and how you can download the VPN for PC.

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About Lightsail VPN

Lightsail VPN as mentioned is a free unlimited virtual private network for Android devices. The VPN allows its users to surf the internet safely and privately. This means that with Lightsail you can browse anonymously yet securely. Hackers may not be able to access any of your information when you are busy on the internet.

Also, you can leverage this fact to use an institution’s public data without anyone noticing you. You can also use the VPN to surf whatever you want on the internet without leaving any marks behind.

You are free to use public WiFi while you keeping safe from hackers who use public WiFi to hack other people’s information. Lightsail VPN also enables unlocking apps and unblock geographically blocked sites. For instance, if you try to access a site that blocks you because of your geographical position you can use Lightsail VPN to unblock such sites.

You can fake your IP address when you need to, you will only need to choose an IP address that suits you and change your location to that location.

This is quite beneficial especially if you want to access a site that does not allow your country. Also if you want to pay for a service which cheaper in another country you can do so with the help of a good VPN like Lightsail VPN.

Lightsail VPN FAQs

Below are some of the most frequent questions asked about Lightsail VPN and the appropriate answers to such questions.

1. How do I download a Lightsail VPN PC?

Many apps are designed to work on Android and iOS devices which is the same case for Lightsail VPN. However, you can still download Lightsail VPN for PC using an emulator like BlueStacks. BlueStacks allows you to download apps on your PC.

There are other Android emulators but BlueStacks happens to be the most popular and reliable emulator. BlueStacks is available to download for free on your PC. Follow the instructions below to download Lightsail VPN for PC.


  • Download and install Bluestacks on your PC.
  • Wait for it to set up and you can then open Google play store.
  • Login to your Google account and search for Lightsail VPN.
  • Click on install once you find it.

2. Is Lightsail VPN good?

Yes if you are looking for a free but unlimited VPN then Lightsail VPN is a good VPN for you. You don’t need to pay to use it.

3. What is the LightSail VPN app?

Lightsail VPN app is a virtual private network app that allows you to access blocked sites, browse privately, protect your hotspots and so much more. With Lightsail VPN you can access any information from several blocked sites whether geographically blocked or if they are blocked by an institution.

4. How can I download a free VPN to my PC?

There are so many free VPNs in the market today. Choosing to work with one spends fully on what you want to achieve from using a VPN. If you are thinking of downloading Lightsail VPN for PC then you may need an Emulator. This applies to all the Android apps that you would want to download on your PC.

5. Is Lightsail VPN free?

Yes, Lightsail is completely free to use, you can use it for the rest of your life. You don’t need any more app permissions because the app has an all-rounded feature.

Lightsail VPN Features

Below are some of the prominent features of the Lightsail VPN.


1. Watching popular TV shows from any region

Sometimes you may be blocked from accessing some shows if you are in a certain geographical region. Using Lightsail VPN allows you to view any shows from any part of the world.

2. No logs

This VPN allows for complete privacy. The app will never record any of your information thus helping you to stay completely private.

3. Hide your real IP address

Apart from changing an IP address one can completely hide it. If you do not want to change the IP address you can try to hide it so that no one will see the IP address location.

4. Easy to use

Lightsail VPN only requires a single tap for you to connect to and the UI is also very easy to navigate.

Why you should use Lightsail VPN for PC

Well, if you are using it on your PC you will have better benefits than the one using it on their phone. This is because with Lightsail VPN you are able to access all the features of this app in one sitting.

Also playing games using your computer is better since the app will fasten them. Also, many interesting games are played on PCs which makes it easier for people to play and use a VPN to accelerate their speed.


Lightsail VPN is a good free VPN for those who are novice users and those who are experienced in using the VPN. It is also free for life so you don’t have to pay to use a specific VPN service. Downloading it on your phone is easy because it is an Android VPN app. However, if you need to use it on your PC, you may need a working emulator to download the VPN.

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