How Can I Use Live Transcribe App On PC or Laptop?

live-transcribe-pc-downloadApplications developers work day in day out to develop applications that give people easy access to information.

People want shortcuts to save time and energy to surf the internet for long hours. Being conversant with the play store, you can save time by installing apps to help you in your tasks.

Apps enable a person to quickly access a particular site because once you install it in your gadget, you only need to click on the app icon and work on the site.

The term transcribe means converting speech or audio conversation to text. Information that has been transcribed can be understandable by different types of people. Even the less impaired can also read and get the message.

This live transcribe app is handy as you can use it as a translating tool on your device. If you are watching/listening to a conversation and not getting the message right, you can use the live transcribe tool to capture the speech and put it into the text to understand it better.

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Features of Live Transcribe App

Access to various languages. When the live transcribe app developers came up with the app, they tried to ensure that every app user could access the speech he wanted.


The live transcribe app has over 70 languages worldwide and has a version of computing languages. The computing of languages has made the app unique on its own.

More accessible. The app developers need to consider the users when they develop this application. Making an app easily accessible is a crucial feature the users check when they want to use any app from the play store.

Live Transcribe app is a straightforward app. Primarily it’s used by people with a hearing disability. People with hearing impairment use the live transcribe app to get the message across.

Adjust the font size. You may find that different people use the live transcribe app, and they have sight issues. You can see that the vision of each user is different, and they all need to adjust the size of the text one is comfortable with.

The Live Transcribe app gives the user the option of maximizing or minimizing the text size depending on where one feels comfortable. That’s a good feature in an app.

Accessible to Android phones. The majority of internet users have Androids phones with them. This is because it’s easily available and affordable.

Internet users can find the Live Transcribe app in the Play store on an Android device. You simply need to click the play store icon on your phone, search Live Transcribe App on the search bar and install.

Connectivity of the hearing aid to the mobile device. Internet users with hearing impairment usually prefer to use the Live Transcribe app to understand what an individual is saying.

The live Transcribe app can connect with the hearing aid the user of the app has, and now the speech can be converted into text and displayed on the mobile device. Notification alert sound is transferred to your phone.

When using the Live Transcribe App, a notification is sent to your device that the app is connected to your hearing aid if you are using one, and if not using the hearing aid, it will still send a notification that the app is ready for use.

Live Transcribe App has caption reference. Caption reference means capturing live conversations or phone calls and viewing them in text form. This can be very much recommended for conferences or where there are crowded places. The App can be used anywhere provided you have access to the internet connection.

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How to Download Live Transcribe for Windows 7, 8, 10

You need to follow the below steps on how to do the installation.


  • First, you require the MEmu emulator to access the play store on your PC.
  • Download the MEmu and follow the instructions to the end
  • Click the MEmu icon and start.
  • Click the play store icon, and on the search bar, type “Live Transcribe App.”
  • Do the installation and finish the setup.
  • Once the “Live Transcribe App” has appeared on your Windows, you can now click the icon and start using the app for great speech to text converting.

How to Download Live Transcribe for Mac

Mac is slightly different from Windows. Mac is usually based on the Unix Operating System while Windows is not. But what makes Windows so popular and used is that one can customize it to fit its usage.

How to install a live transcribe app can be different in that, Memu which is an emulator for Windows, can’t work on Mac. Mac uses a separate emulator to install apps on the PC.


  • First, you need to install the Nox app player on Mac. This is the most recommended one as it’s a powerful emulator for Mac systems.
  • After installing the Nox app player, create an account.
  • Search on the bar, ”Live Transcribe App”.
  • Install the app and enjoy the features available.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I use Live Transcribe App?

The primary use of the Live Transcribe app is to convert speech to text using live captions. This can mainly be used during conversations through the phone, conferences, or crowded places.

The mobile microphone is used to capture the speech. But also, an external microphone can be used to increase accuracy in the transcribing process.

Is Live Transcribe App worth installing?

Live Transcribe App is worth installing, especially for internet users with hearing impairment.

It is because they cannot hear what is conversed, but once the user installs the app, the app can convert speech to text and easily comprehend.

Those supposed to take notes during a meeting/conference may seem tedious to write, and some words can miss out.

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