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lulubox-for-pc-windows-macIf I was to give you a crash course on LuluBox, it is an app that integrates all the installed games you have in your device and provides you with an environment for the best gaming experience. LuluBox can give you free skins, the latest features for games, free coins, and all game characters. Absolutely, amazing right? This app does not cost you a dime to download.

LuluBox also provides a sharing space for gamers worldwide. It also enables you to manage your games. So how do we install LuluBox in your PC?

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How to install LuluBox for Windows PC

1. Download and install the Nox Emulator.

The Nox emulator basically enables you to emulate Android on your PC. There are other Android emulators such as Andyroid. They are lifesavers for everyone that is into games as it gives you a chance to play various games using your PC. The Nox emulator is undeniably one of the best and most popular emulators. It is well known for its stability and quality.


You can easily download it from the internet. Once you have downloaded your Nox emulator, you will realize you have only downloaded the application setup files and you will need to launch it then install it. Wait until it is fully installed.

2. Login to your Google account

When you open it, you will need to login to your Google account. If you do not have one, you can create another one. You can create an account using your Gmail address and password.

3. Open the Google play store

Search for the LuluBox application in your Google play store. Click on it to download it. Transfer the application files to your Nox emulator then wait for a while as it installs.

4. Open your LuluBox

Simply just click on your LuluBox icon and follow the step by step instructions that pop up on your screen and play it. Having done all this, you have now successfully installed LuluBox for Windows on your PC.

LuluBox for Mac

To all the MacBook users, here are a few steps to download your LuluBox.
Ensure you get your Nox emulator for Mac OS. With the touch of a button, you can download it through the internet. In your search engine search for the Nox emulator, several links will be provided. Click on either to download. Then you can open the setup file and configure it with your PC.

1. Download LuluBox

Very grateful for the internet, you can now simply search to download the LuluBox in Google. Once you search to download it, it provides you with a link to download LuluBox. Click on the link then download the LuluBox app.

2. Open your Nox App Player

In your Nox emulator, look for the menu bar. You will see a button saying “add application file”. Click on that button.

3. Upload and install LuluBox

You will realize that you had downloaded the application files for LuluBox. Select them in PC then upload it to your Nox emulator. What follows is unpacking the files for installation and setup in your MacBook. It might take a minute to install the app.
A clear indication that your LuluBox app has been successfully installed, it will appear at the home screen of your Nox emulator. You can now enjoy the LuluBox app in your PC.

In addition, plugins are software components that add specific features to a program. This enhances the customization of the LuluBox app. Note that LuluBox does not offer plugins by itself. The player chooses to use them or forgo them. Players in LuluBox can upload plugins.

How to upload plugins on LuluBox app

In the app, there exists a hexagonal button. Click on that button. It will direct you to the settings menu, here you will find an option that says “upload plugin”. Select that option. It will provide a long statement but take your time and read the information. If you accept, it will ask for your credentials and upload the plugin in the plugin box.

With the recent popularity of gaming, LuluBox is a must-have when it comes to gaming. Get your game on and get the ultimate experience by getting this app. The user interface is very friendly and makes it easy to operate. Those free coins you are always yearning to get just to proceed to the next level not forgetting the free skins are available on LuluBox. A gamer’s dream come true.

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