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If you think of how the world has changed in the last hundred years, it’s truly amazing. We have gone from horse-and-buggy transportation to sending people to the moon, from hand-cranked washing machines to automatic dishwashers, and from iceboxes to microwave ovens.

If we’re so ahead in time in these sectors, how can education still be dragging its feet behind? The answer is it’s not. In fact, education has changed dramatically in the last hundred years as well. We have gone from one-room schoolhouses to large universities, chalkboards to Smart Boards, and textbooks to computers.

The most recent addition is an online education, which has exploded in popularity over the last decade. MARKS is one such platform that’s transforming the way students study for competitive exams.

If you’re searching for an ultimate source of study material to help you prepare for any competitive examination, MARKS is the answer to your prayers. How? Let’s explore!

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What Makes Marks So Special?

Generally, when we talk about apps, their UI, design, and user experience are the first things that come to mind. All of which is exceptional here, but other than that, from an aspirant’s perspective, what makes Marks so different and special?


Covers a wide range of exams

MARKS covers not only the prominent and well-known exams like JEE Main, JEE Advance, NEET, BITSAT, etc. but also a large number of other exams, such as:

  • NDA
  • KVPY
  • KCET
  • VITEEe
  • NTA Abhyas (JEE Main)
  • NTA Abhyas (NEET)

With so many exams already on its platform and many more to be added, MARKS is truly a one-stop solution for all your academic needs.

Custom test

Most probably, you might have never seen such a feature. MARKS allows you to prepare for a personalized test in a few simple steps. It turns out to be very useful when you’re testing your skills based on only a few chapters or topics. Creating a test is easy; you just need to select an exam and the subjects and set how many questions you want to attempt under how many hours. Further, you can choose the chapters on the next step, and after reviewing everything, you can attempt the test. Such an easy-peasy way to create a test, right?

Preparation tracker

It’s not a big deal that aspirants often get confused about where to begin their preparation and what topics to cover first. MARKS offers a preparation tracker that guides you throughout your journey and provides you with the most optimal path for your exam preparation. The preparation tracker is designed by keeping all crucial factors in mind, such as your weak and strong areas, the syllabus of the exam you’re targeting, and the difficulty level of each topic.

Create daily goals

Practice can make a man perfect, which is what MARKS believes in. Making sure that you practice regularly, allows you to set daily goals and achieve them accordingly. Achieving these goals boosts your confidence and ensures you’re on the right track.

Custom notes

There are various topics we come across while preparing for an exam, and it’s impossible to remember them all. MARKS provides a custom notebook feature that allows you to jot down key points of each topic and revise them later whenever you want. You can also put tags on different topic questions to filter them out easily during revision.

Timed Challenges

This is one of the best features of MARKS. It provides you with a set of questions to be solved in a stipulated time. As the name suggests, these timed challenges push you to solve the question within a limited time frame, thereby increasing your speed and accuracy.

User feedbacks

The 100,000+ downloads on the play store and the rating of 4.6 show that the app is appreciated by the users. The soundest part is that the company keeps adding new features based on the feedback it receives.

Although most reviews talk about this app’s usefulness, some users found a few caveats. Some users reported that the display time of questions gets delayed many times. A few also said that there are a few glitches in UI and due to which questions don’t fit into the screen. Well, even humans have flaws, and so do apps. Let’s hope that the company will work on these glitches soon.

Want MARKS on your PC?

You can possibly relate to this situation when your parents scold you for studying on your phone. They think you’re wasting time and not studying. They might not say anything if you’re studying on your laptop. This is because we’ve been taught that studying on a laptop or PC is more productive than on the phone.

But what if you want to study using MARKS app on your PC? Well, there’s good news for you! You can now use the MARKS app on your PC with the emulator called Bluestacks.


To use this app on your PC, you need to:

  1. Download the Bluestacks emulator on your PC.
  2. Install it and set it up.
  3. Now, to use the MARKS app, follow these steps:
  4. Open the Play Store inside Bluestacks and log in.
  5. When logged in successfully, search for the MARKS app.
  6. Install the app.


MARKS is a handy app for anyone who’s preparing for competitive exams. It has many features that make your preparation process more efficient and effective. The best feature of MARKS is that it keeps adding more questions for practice. So, if you’re scouring for an app to help you with your exam preparation, then go for MARKS.

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