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microsoft-teams-for-pc-windows-macMicrosoft has been around our lives for more than forty years now. We all have grown up using the various Microsoft tools to make our documents, presentations, excel sheets, etc. Microsoft has impacted the lives of school children and has been a significant part of all the offices around the world. Almost every office in the world makes use of the software provided by Microsoft.

The world has changed to a great extent in the past 20 years. So many new technologies and services have entered the world we live in. The way of doing business and managing the offices has been entirely changed.

Communication between the teams and the transfer of files from one end to another through a single platform is the most essential requirement of the offices. Hence, Microsoft has come up with its new software Teams. It is a great software that is highly efficient in handling and managing the office tasks. Let us go ahead and study more about this magnificent software.

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What is Microsoft Teams?


Microsoft Teams is a chat-based tool that enables remote and global teams to work together and share the data on a common platform. Teams is a full-fledged software that is integrated with multiple other Microsoft Office services like SharePoint, Skype, Exchange, and Yammer.

The fundamentals of the software revolve around two crucial parameters:

Chat: It provides easy communication for teams that are located in different locations. It uses its Skype software to achieve this through which you can have chats, one to one video or audio calls, or group conference calls.

Hub: One of the major purposes of building Microsoft Teams was to achieve a common platform for all your software needs. Teams offer you access to use multiple applications like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, Planner, SharePoint, and Power BI on a single platform.

Pros and Cons of Microsoft Teams

Although Teams is one of the most efficient software for all office needs, there are still some disadvantages linked to it. So let us study the various pros and cons of using it.


  • Integration of Tools

This is the primary benefit of using the Microsoft Teams app. You get all the applications in a single platter. In case you need to speak with someone from the team or chat with them, you can do it seamlessly while working on the files.

  • No Extra Cost for Microsoft Users

Microsoft has given a huge benefit of giving the software for free for all the companies who wish to use the software, provided they have a Microsoft 365 license. All other software charge heavily for their services.

With Microsoft Teams, you can save a good chunk of money on these tools. Also, in case you do not have the Microsoft 365 license, you can download the free version of the Teams and enjoy its features.

  • Adding 3rd Party Softwares

Microsoft has truly built this software to cater to the needs and requirements of office people. No other company gives the privilege to add third-party applications to their software. However, Microsoft Teams integrate other applications to its framework and lets you use it without any issues. Google Drive and Dropbox are the two most added applications in the Microsoft teams.

  • Better File Search and Backup Options

Microsoft teams provide different tabs in the software known as channels that have their own file storage capacity. The file tab option available in the software makes it extremely easy for the user to search the files with their names and not toggling everywhere searching for them.

Also, Microsoft Teams have a feature that stores all your deleted files in a SharePoint site. So in case, any important file gets misplaced, you can easily get it back through this portal.

  • Helping Bots

There are various bots present in the software that can do the repetitive, regular tasks and save time. You can also create your own bot and assign it a special duty using this fantastic software.


  • Too Many Alike Tools

The biggest challenge that users are facing with the Microsoft Teams is that there are too many similar usage applications. People are often confused about which app to use for a particular task.

  • Unrequired Storage Consumption

The software does not limit you to a specific number while creating the team. Therefore the creation of many unnecessary teams happens that results in the consumption of more storage space. However, if the administrator updates the permissions, the unrequired team creation can be controlled.

  • Content Duplication

A big problem with the Microsoft Teams software is that it lets you create and doesn’t notify if a new team is being created by a previously saved name. This arises to later confusion of the files and resources.

  • Limited Channels

The number of channels in the software is limited to 30 private and 200 public channels per team. Though it is not a problem for smaller organizations, the condition might be troublesome for big workplaces.

Downloading and Installing Microsoft Teams

There are different methods and techniques to download the Microsoft Teams on your PC.

You can either go to Microsoft Store through the start menu and search for Microsoft Teams on the search bar. You will get an option to add it to your PC that will start the download process for you.

Another way of downloading the software is by downloading it through the Microsoft website using your internet browser. Or just Google, Microsoft Teams Download, and you will get a link to the official website of Microsoft from where it can be downloaded.

Installation Process

  1. Once the software is downloaded, follow the given steps to install the software on your PC successfully:
  2. Double click the downloaded file.
  3. It will ask you for permissions and the storage location you want to install it in.
  4. Click on the next tab, and your software will get installed in a few minutes.
  5. On opening it for the first time, it will ask for your Office 365 credentials.
  6. Upon entering the credentials, you will successfully log in as a registered user and can use the software as you like.

Things to Know for Using Microsoft Teams

After the download and installation process of the software, its time to start using it. Although the functionality and features of the software will become more transparent to you once you start using it regularly. A few key components that you must know about before using this software.



The primary role of this software is to create teams that can work and chat together for work purposes. Building a team is simple. Either create a team from scratch and add the users to it. Or create a team from your existing Microsoft 365 group.


Channels are referred to as a location in the software where you can chat, have conference calls, hold meetings, and add files. Channels enable you to chat with different team members. You can create multiple channels for doing different tasks in the software.


Tabs are similar to the tabs of your internet browser. They let you navigate through the different channels content. You get three tabs by default in the software, Posts, Files, and Wiki. Posts help you keep a record of your conversations done within the channel. Files tab store all your files and data. The Wiki tab is used as a text editor to edit, chat, and draft the text. You can add additional tabs in the software.

Using these three options and spending a little time with the software won’t take much time for you to become effortless on the software’s usage.

Alternatives for Microsoft Teams

Though, Microsoft Teams in itself is a wonderful software that enables you to do multiple tasks together on a single platform. However, if you still wish to check out some other alike software, either for comparison or usage. Then check out the below-given software that are alternatives for Microsoft Teams.

  • Slack
  • Hey Space
  • Zoho Connect
  • Wire
  • Winio
  • Work Place

Wrapping Up

Microsoft Teams is an extraordinary software that is feature-rich and is ideal for usage in small and big organizations. It enhances overall productivity through its many purposeful tools and applications. Communication and data transfer becomes extremely simple, and the software acts as a community to fulfill the needs of all employees. Therefore, Microsoft Teams is a must-try tool for every organization.

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