Top 5 Mobile Games To Play In 2024

best-mobile-games-to-play-2022Technology has dramatically advanced, thus making a great population get access to mobile phones. In addition, there are inbuilt games on mobile phones, but some need installation from the internet.

Examples of inbuilt games are Pac-Man, Puzzle Bobble, Snake, etc. However, games that can be downloaded include Super Mario Run, Flappy Bird, Angry Birds, FIFA Soccer, 8 Ball Pool, just to mention a few.

These games are so fun and exciting, making the mobile user occupy. Moreover, the mobile user can download them for free or make purchases to access the mobile video games. Additionally, mobile games have different features that make mobile users choose the best of various video game apps.

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1. Need for Speed No Limits

Need for Speed is one of the favorite downloaded games on the internet. It’s a game that was adapted in 2014 by Electronic Arts. The game app was developed by Criterion games which are also the developers of the famous burnout.

The Need for Speed No Limits mobile game is cars racing following illegal road instructions to complete various racing levels. However, not adhering to the road laws makes the police be at loggerheads, causing police to go after them.

The mobile game involves escaping the police, criminal gangs, time attacks, and defeating rivals. If you love road racing actions, this is the game to choose. The game is available on different platforms, e.g., PS3, Windows, and Xbox 360.

☆ Features of Need for Speed No Limits


Quick-time events. This enables the game player to take action immediately after an on-screen instruction pops up. Then, the player can select what to do next after that. It makes the game enjoyable and gives the player freedom to what he wants.

It is optimized for PC. The Need for Speed is readily available to be installed on the PC. It requires 64 bits and at least 30GB of free space on your PC. With that storage on the PC, one can easily download the game.

Need for the Speed game has a great feature on customization. The customization is very authentically rich. It makes it fun for the player to customize the racing car to its most pleasing look possible. It makes the player practice creativity on another level.

The Run feature on the Need for Speed game is so exciting to mention. When you are at the racing road, the player can get out of the moving car and start running around, escaping from the cops after him. This makes it look like a real scenario.

On this Need for Speed mobile game, the player is free to choose between driving and racing his car against the other racing champions. It gives the player freedom of choice and the character they want to play.

How to Download Need for Speed Game for PC

Anytime you need to download any app from the play store to a PC, you should first have BlueStacks downloaded and installed on the PC. The BlueStacks gives the PC easy access to Android apps to run on the PC.


After downloading and installing BlueStacks on the PC, go to the play store. Type “Need for Speed” on the search bar, then install. Once done that, open the game app and customize the game as you wish.

How to Use the Need for Speed No Limits Game

First and foremost, you need to select the best and comfortable control of your choice. We have the tilt, virtual steer, and touch options. Customize as you desire.

Next, you need to progress to the primary campaigns. The aim of moving to this step is to enable the locked features to be unlocked for further use. Making it easy to access the game.

The other step is to install the missing parts of the car. You can see the garage icon on the screen, and that’s where you can get the car parts of your choice.

Customizing your car to the desire of your character is the best. You get to enjoy the races and escape the attacks from the police because the vehicle is fully geared up.

2. 8 Ball Pool Game App

8-ball-pool-iconThis is an exciting pool game a player can play on different platforms. The platforms 8 Ball Pool can be found are the Android, iOS, and the website. The game is the player can play with other players worldwide.

The mobile game app is one of the best multiplayer pool games loved by many. The Miniclip developer created it. However, it has 1.1 million players so far. Due to its popularity, there are chances the players will increase.

8 Ball Pool is the most played game; it has been installed over 400,000,000 times with various mobile users. This has generated excellent revenues of USD 987 million for the Miniclip developers. Impressing figure it is.

☆ Features of 8 Ball Pool

The 8 Ball Pool has excellent features in it. Being so popular globally, the game player can play among different people worldwide, enjoy the game to the fullest, and get challenged.

In this game app, the more you win, the more coins you acquire from the game. So, if you are good at pool games, try out this game and level up your pool game skills. These coins can be redeemed for later use during gaming.


Spending your free time playing 8 Ball Pool will make you level up your game skills, which gives you a high chance of winning on the tournament challenge and getting prizes weekly to enjoy.

Rarely can you get an option on customing a game app? But on this 8 Ball Pool, the player can customize the game to fit perfectly to level up the skills quickly.

Having seen that the 8 Ball Pool is popularly known worldwide, the developers have created an option where the players can make a private room and play among themselves. This makes the players challenge each other and level up faster.

How to Download 8 Ball Pool on the PC


  • Download and Install BlueStacks software on the PC.
  • On the BlueStacks, you can access the play store.
  • On the search bar, type in “8 Ball Pool.”
  • Select install.
  • Open the game icon on the screen.

How to Use 8 Ball Pool

As a player, you need to understand the game before playing. The first player should pocket all the solid colors ball while the other player aims at swiping the striped colors before hitting the number 8 ball.

Once he legally pockets the number 8 ball, a player is declared a winner. After that, the game will be over, and the players will start the game again, and the winner will get scores.

3. Angry Birds 2 Game App

angry-birds-2-iconAngry Birds 2 is an app game found on Android and iOS. It’s a fun game to keep you occupied and a good game for video game lovers.

The Angry Birds 2 is an animated comedy movie and a video game app. It’s a puzzle-like video game established by the Rovio Entertainment Industry. The Angry Birds 2 can be featured on Android devices, iOS, and Windows.

Having more than 4.5 million votes makes it get 4.3 stars from the current users. This makes it appear on the most downloaded apps on the play store.

☆ Features of Angry Bird 2


Angry Birds 2 has a unique and outstanding feature that any player can enjoy from a video game. The character is about choosing the character you want to play.

In these video games, there are only three characters in total. Therefore, the player is free to select the one which suits him.

The Angry Birds 2 has different levels. As the player plays, he knows which zone he will be going to next as the levels are divided into zones.

How to Download Angry Birds 2 for PC


  • Open the BlueStacks icon and search for “Angry Bird 2” on the play store.
  • Complete the installation process.
  • Once done, open the video game app.

How to Play Angry Birds 2

This game aims to rescue the eggs stolen by Chef pig from the birds. But, first, the player needs to destroy all the structures for the pigs to reach where the giant boss, Chef Pig is.

For all this to be successful, the flock of birds should be ready to take the task of winning this battle. As you aim at getting the eggs from the pig, you also need to get at least one star for the level.

Playing more and more will hone up your gaming skills and make you a champion all the way.

4. FIFA Soccer Game App

fifa-soccer-game-iconFIFA Soccer has gained more popularity as many people understand its gaming. Previously, this game was just played in the field and watched live cast by the audience.

The FIFA Soccer app was established in 2016. However, it was used for only Android and iOS devices only. It gained popularity, and the developers came up with the Microsoft Window app in 2017.

Video gaming is exciting because it is a multi-player game with more than 5 participants in the game field.

☆ Features of FIFA Soccer


The video game app has various online positions for any player who needs social experience in soccer. In addition, the positions are flexible for any of the video game players to level up their gaming skills.

The soccer app has a unique feature of customization. The player can change details according to his characters. e.g., the badge can be edited and the player’s kits.

FIFA soccer fans like associating themselves with the names of the best soccer player. This app has over 30 leagues and 16000 real player names, as the players are many. You can choose your favorite player’s name and use it as a game player.

This video gaming app has the feature of choosing the style you want to use and building a team spirit. It will make the game much easy and more fun.

How to Download FIFA SOCCER on PC


Using the BlueStacks icon on the screen, Search on FIFA Soccer and Install.
Once done installing, open the video game app.

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First, you need to learn the game rules if you’re new to FIFA Soccer. The game is all about passing the ball using one leg.

Then, you just need to give it to the person you are on one team to score a goal. A referee should be present to make a fair judgment on the game.

5. Farm Heroes Saga King Game App

farm-heroes-saga-iconMany video game players love Farm Heroes Saga King is a video game app. It’s a puzzle game same as the candy crash game. The game has different types of fruits from the farm.

It’s one of the most accessible games to play. Once you understand the matching of the fruits, you will love the game. Let’s introduce the best features of this incredible puzzle game.

☆ Features of Farm Heroes Saga King


The player needs to play and win magic beans in this app to activate the Farm club. Matching the fruits to beat the levels is the game’s main aim.

You can gain points when playing the Farm Heroes Saga, and the extra points are accumulated, making the player have spare moves to continue with the game.

Farm Heroes Saga requires the player to collect the matching fruits earlier before running out of the located moves. You can’t proceed with the game when you are out of activities.

How to Download Farm Heroes Saga King on the PC


  • First of all, get the BlueStacks emulator from the official source.
  • On the BlueStacks icon, search for Farm Heroes Saga from the play store.
  • Select install and wait for the process to complete.
  • After installing, you can now open the game app.

How to Play the Farm Heroes Saga Game

Before making any moves, try and check which fruits will match when just making one move. This checking will help save you from wasting any movement.

You can earn bonuses on the Farm Heroes by matching the fruits often on the exact location.

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