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mobilepatrol-pc-downloadMobilePatrol is a public safety app that brings you up to date safety alerts.
The app is soo good and has so far had more than 5 million installations.

The app collaborates with police as well as other public safety and law enforcement firms to bring you the live updates.

The kind of alerts it sends out include search or arrests for dangerous criminals such as serial killers, drug dealers, kidnappers, rapists, etc.
MobilePatrol will bring you all the details of offenders including their name, sex, and age.

The app used to show pictures of the criminals as well but ever since they withdrew the paid version, the app no longer shows pictures of criminals.
Although MobilePatrol is one of the most accurate and certainly the best public security alert app, the app comes with a lot of adverts so to use it smoothly it’s advisable to install an ad-block


You can also use MobilePatrol to report suspicious activity, suspects and even criminal acts against you, your home, workplace or neighborhood.
The app is perfect for use by law enforcement firms, schools, homes, workplaces and for everyone to stay safe and provide useful information.

You may want to use this app on your PC if your company is involved in wider safety monitoring or if you spend most of your time on a PC.

MobilePatrol is for free but to use it on your PC/laptop; you need an emulator to download it. Here is how to get the app on your PC:


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Steps for downloading MobilePatrol for PC

  • Download BlueStacks to your PC from BlueStacks official page and install it.
  • Go to Google Play using your BlueStacks search page window and search for “MobilePatrol for PC.”
  • Click download and wait for a few seconds for the app to download
  • Once the download is complete, click install and save the app to your BlueStacks window
    You can open your MobilePatrol for PC using your BlueStacks whenever you need to use it.

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