How To Download & Use Moodle On Your Desktop PC

understanding-moodle-for-pcMoodle is a learning management platform that helps students and teachers manage studies and keep up with modules. Each user is required to have an account whereby the can install it on the cloud or servers. This platform now has a mobile app that you, as a user, can download it on your phone.

Below is a detailed review and how you can download the app on your PC. We will also detail how you can use the platform without having to download the app on your PC.

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What is Moodle?

Moodle is simply an open-source learning management system used by students and teachers for educational purposes. The platform is designed with a modular design that helps tutors and teachers build up their curriculum to teach students.

Formally Moodle was used only in schools, but now the platform is also used in companies for training staff on topics related to work. Teachers and tutors use plugins within the platform to display workflows, learning content, and activities related to the courses they are teaching their students.

There are two main ways of accessing the platform; the first one is the Moodle cloud that users use by logging in their Moodle account on Moodle cloud. With this method, they can access all the information they need anywhere and anytime. They can also have access to updated information anytime.

The second method is the Moodle Mobile, which is the latest app dedicated to Moodle. Moodle Mobile is an app that you can download on your phone to access your phone platform. With this app, students can check their grades, look upon the courses, and chat with other students. Teachers likewise can use the app to update any of their courses and also chat with students on things concerning the studies. Students and teachers can download the app from Google Play Store or App Store.

Moodle Mobile App Features

Moodle app has many features, but we will highlight a few of the most important features that are highly beneficial to both teachers and students.


Access your course content with ease – Moodle gives you the ability to browse through the content found in your Moodle account and access it with ease. Surprisingly you can also search and access the content even when you are offline.

Connect with other students and teachers – a course wouldn’t be successful if students and teachers are not communicating. Moodle has given course participants the freedom to communicate with each other. You can communicate with any course participant within Moodle.

Stay updated – you will get updated on any improvements in your course. Moodle gives you instant notifications whenever a change has occurred in the course you are taking.

Upload any information – you can upload images, documents, audios, and videos on the platform to keep up with your courses.

Quizventure – this is another unique feature that creates quizzes and tests in a fun way. Using this feature, Moodle makes each quiz or test like a spaceship game, making it fun to do tests and quizzes.

Conferences – within the platform, there is a big blue button that enables students and teachers to interact and learn using conferences. Teachers can ask questions, and the students will provide the necessary feedback. However, the feature can only hold up to six people.

Level up – this is a gamification notification feature that allows students to receive notifications when they reach specific checkpoints. Students will receive these notifications to congratulate them on their progress. They also receive an experience point at the clear discretion of the tutor or teacher.

Moodle Pricing

Moodle is not a free app; moodle for schools has a three-tier plan. However, users are given a 45 day free trial with 200 users and 400 MB storage in the beginning. The free day trial includes unlimited activities, unlimited courses, web conferencing with the Blue button, and a mobile app.

There is also a starter pack that is cheaper than the three-tier plans. The starter pack is intended for only a single class but with 50 users. The starter pack at the time of writing costs up to $80 per year.

How to download Moodle App for PC

Downloading the app for your cellphone is not difficult or confusing. You will only need to visit the Google play store, and you can download the Moodle app for Android. If you want to download for your iPhone, you can visit the App Store to download the iPhone app.

For your PC, you will have to download an emulator that will help you download the app on your PC. Check out the instructions below to download the Moodle app on your PC.


Step 1: Download and install MEmu play on your computer.

Step 2: Download Moodle APK from a reputable APK site or Moodle’s official website.

Step 3: Launch the emulator and find the APK icon on the emulator.

Step 4: Click on the APK icon and select the APK file you have just downloaded on your computer files.

Step 5: Let the installation process begin.

Step 6: To open the app, go to the Memu emulator’s main page, and from there, you can find the Moodle app.

The process detailed above can be used both on Windows and on Mac devices to download the Moodle app on your PC.


Having a platform that can help you as a teacher or student take part in all your educational activities at one sitting is an advantage. Moodle is an excellent app for educational reasons. Moodle will help you accomplish many educational goals from anywhere and anytime you want.

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