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my-virtual-girlfriend-app-for-pc-windows-7-8-10-macVirtuality means so little when someone means so much!!

Every one of us has been in love at some point in time in our lives and some of us still are. It is a rare thing that someone has not been in love but some of us don’t get the person we want to be with that easily. Which is the reason why we decide to stay single but what if I told you that there is an app that will offer you a chance to have a girlfriend? She would not be real though but you will get someone to talk to all the time.

The name of this brilliant app is “My Virtual Girlfriend” which is a paid Android app but it is worth the price. The app has some stunning features that will make you go wow and will make you like the app more than reality! Lol. Keep reading further to know about the app in detail along with its installation on your personal computer. Let’s take a comprehensive look into the features of the app.

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What is My Virtual Girlfriend?

With a little help from above, My Virtual Girlfriend is a dating simulation game that offers you a chance to choose from a wide variety of girls. You can choose whoever you like and date her, flirt with her and romance with her the way you want. And in the end, she may fall in love with you or may even dump you! Haha!.

Overall, the app is entertaining and is also a great time killer. Some of the other great features of the app are:

A lot of Choices

You may not get enough choices in the real world but you will surely get a lot of choices in the game. The game features 100’s of beautiful girls to choose from, you can choose any one from them and flirt with her till she falls madly in love with you.

Progressive gameplay

It is not like conventional games that only the difficulty level will be hiked when you will pass a level. The game has more than 35 levels and when you pass any level, new challenges are unlocked and you will gain points for passing each level. With increasing levels, the game will unlock some new ways of interacting with her, for example, you will be able to take her out to dinner or you can just chill out at her house playing games. The progressive gameplay also unlocks various other features like new outfits and other activities.

Interactions with the girlfriend

Keeping everything aside, in the real world your girlfriend might not understand you, but in the game, she definitely will. The simulation game offers you various ways to interact with her like you can talk to her with dialogs, actions or activities. These interactions make the game more realistic for you.

Personality types and special outfits

The app not only has the number of choices in the case of girls but all these girls also vary based on their characteristics. The personality traits of all these girls are unique which will make it easier for you to choose anyone you like.

These features make the game more enjoyable and help you progress in the game faster. Also, the features enable you to make changes to your girlfriend’s attire. Another great thing about the game is that if you fail to maintain the winning streak of yours in the game, there is a chance that your virtual girlfriend might dump you.

What do the users think about My Virtual Girlfriend?

Though the app is paid on Google Play Store, it has managed to hit the landmark of 1 million downloads since its release. If we talk about the user’s reviews, the overall rating of the app is 4.3 on Playstore and most of the reviews about the android app are positive. Some call the game as highly realistic and some call it addicting and a time killer. Very few negative comments include that the game contains more ads and some of its levels don’t work. In a nutshell, people enjoy playing the game!!

Is it available for my PC?

Not exactly, being an Android app, it can only run on an Android phone or in an android emulator if you install it on your PC. An Android emulator is a software that is used for creating an environment fit for running Android applications on your desktop. There are many of them out there on the internet but the best ones are BlueStacks Emulator and Nox Android Emulator.

The installation procedure of both the Android emulators is the same, the difference comes when you are installing it on Mac OS, you need to make the changes for installation so that the OS can install the app from the unknown source i.e. other than the app store.

Note: Enable the Virtualization Technology in the system BIOS for an enhanced experience.

Installation Procedure:

  1. Go to the official website of the Android emulator (anyone from the above-mentioned links) and download the emulator package.
  2. Install the Android emulator by following the instructions on the screen.
  3. After the successful installation of the emulator software, open the Playstore app in the emulator.
  4. Login to the Playstore with your Google ID, following this, search for the My Virtual Girlfriend app on the Playstore.
  5. Find the exact application and install it on your PC.
  6. Have fun!

Wrap up!

Now, if you don’t have a girlfriend due to any reason, there is no need for you to worry about it. You can have all the fun with this awesome app where you will find 100’s of girls but be very careful with them. If you fail to flirt with her or make her feel loved, you might get dumped. Have fun everyone!

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