NBA 2K20 A Worthy Addition For Sports Gamers

NBA2K20_1It’s not often these days that major console and PC sports game releases make much of a splash. Through no fault of their own, they just don’t seem to do a whole lot of new things anymore. Rather, series like Madden, FIFA, and NBA 2K have more or less perfected presentation, gameplay, and game modes to the extent that they can on current high-end gaming devices. The strength of the annual releases is at this point that they update teams’ rosters according to real-world player movement.

Every so often there are real reasons to zero in on one of these new releases though, and it appears this might be the case with NBA 2K20. The game actually had a rough rollout, with its initial release plagued with bugs. With these issues having largely straightened out though, people are focusing on what’s good about the game, and sports gaming fans will be interested to know that there are a few things it legitimately does differently or better than its most recent predecessors. Let’s look at a few of them:

WNBA Inclusion – This is the first game in the NBA 2K series to rope in the WNBA, and some early reviews have cited this as one of the most impressive aspects of the new game. The idea here is basically that the WNBA wasn’t included simply as a token feature, or by way of a few players with a presence in the game. Rather, women’s professional basketball occupies significant space with full-fledged gaming features. The main focus is still on the NBA, but this is far and away from the best WNBA gaming content in history.

Better “Legends” & “Classic Teams” – One thing the 2K series has been getting better and better at is paying homage to the NBA’s past. This is done through the inclusion of “legend” players and “classic teams,” and both features are better than ever. Where the legends are concerned, the renderings are simply better and more realistic (even if you’ll see some complaints that too many players have been left out). As for classic teams, there are simply some new ones in this game, such as the 2009-10 Portland Trail Blazers and the 2002-03 Phoenix Suns.

The Zion Factor – This may only ring true for real NBA fans, but a new rookie in the league – Zion Williamson – is unlike anyone the NBA has seen in decades, or perhaps ever. He’s a runaway favorite for Rookie of the Year, and in fact, some online sportsbooks are giving him odds for MVP suggestion the award isn’t out of the question. Just as people wanted to buy games to play with LeBron James back in 2003, part of the allure of 2K20 is to play as Zion Williamson – all 275 high-flying pounds of him.

Social Conscience – This is a subtler shift in the game, but one that actually makes a significant impact. As one review citing the game’s social conscience pointed out, the players you could control in previous “MyCareer” modes were essentially fame-chasing, selfish types – not only annoying to control but somewhat insulting to the modern NBA player. In this new game, you are better able to enjoy MyCareer from the perspective of a player with more social awareness and conscience – who grapples with decisions and considers more than his bottom line. It reflects the reputation of the modern NBA better, not to mention it’s just more pleasant.

Better “My Team” – The MyTeam mode in NBA 2K20 is earning a lot of praise as, quite simply, a better version of what’s been presented in games past. This game mode allows for full customization of an NBA franchise, from the look of the uniforms to the roster of players. It’s been limited to the point of being something of a gimmick in the past, but this time around it’s robust, accessible, and a lot of fun.

Considering these factors on top of the generally high quality of this series, gamers interested in sports might want to give this one a look by visiting their official website.

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