How To Install NetCapsule VPN On Your PC (Windows And Mac)

netcapsule-vpn-for-pc-windows-macDownload the free Netcapsule VPN for PC and enjoy excellent VPN services for a lifetime. You can use the NetCapsule VPN APK to download the VPN on your PC.

Natcapsule VPN is an all-device VPN but the VPN app is only available for Android users. However, there is a method you can use to access the app on your PC. In this article, we are going to explain this method and we are also going to enlighten you on what Netcapsule VPN can do.

Netcapsule VPN is among the leading VPNs in Google Play Store and it is 100% safe and also has lightning speed. If you are looking for a VPN that is super easy to use, safe and fast then Netcapsule VPN is the VPN to go for. The VPN lets you browse the internet anonymously and privately. Browsing anonymously and safely on the internet is not the only thing that Netcapsule will help you to do. We will share more on what we have learned considering Netcapsule VPN.

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Why do I need Netcapsule VPN?

As the world of technology is advancing each day, you also need to keep advancing. Virtual private networks have become so important that surfing the internet without them is a huge risk to your online endeavors. So you need Netcapsule VPN for the following reasons;


1. Unblock restricted sites

Has your government banned some apps that you would want to use? Well, with Netcapsule VPN you can unblock these apps or sites and you can use them safely and anonymously. In addition, you can bypass any government restrictions and be able to access any content you want on the internet safely and privately.

You can also unblock any app or game that you want to use on the internet. If you are blocked from accessing some movies, shows, or music you can use NetCapsule to unblock and use them as you like.

2. Privacy

Your ISP may be tracking your moves online or you may have noticed that someone is trying to follow your every move online. If this is you, then you need to make good use of the Netcapsule VPN to surf privately. Netcapsule VPN for PC lets you surf the internet without anyone knowing your every move online.

Netcapsule will never keep your online information so you are guaranteed your safety and privacy online. With this in mind, you can safely visit any site you wish privately.

3. Hide your real IP

Sometimes it would help if your real IP is hidden while you browse the internet. Some sites prohibit some IPs from accessing their information but you shouldn’t be on the losing end if you use Netcapsule VPN. The VPN allows you to mask your real IP address and you can put up any IP address you want as you browse. You can hide your real IP and mask it with any IP address that you want and no one will notice it.

4. Hotspot shield

Do you know some people will still use your Wi-Fi connection even if you haven’t given them your password? Well, if you did not know it now you know. To avoid this Netcapsule VPN helps you mask your connection so that no one else can use it. It is advisable to use such a VPN that helps you protect your connection especially if you are using your Wi-Fi in public. Additionally, the VPN helps you to stay safe especially if you are using public Wi-Fi to avoid scammers and hackers accessing any of your information online.

Advantages of Netcapsule VPN

Here, we will share with you some of the best features that are related to Netcapsule VPN for PC;

  • It has a very easy-to-use interface.
  • Most VPNs will ask for your personal details for you to sign up and use them but Netcapsule does not require any of your personal details.
  • Netcapsule VPN will immediately hide your online activities and IP address after connecting to it.
  • The VPN attained the one million mark of installations a few days after it was officially launched.
  • It is completely free to use.
  • You can connect to up to 40/50 different countries.
  • You can download the app on Android, Mac, iPhone, and Windows devices. (for PC devices you need a separate method, read on to find it)

People Also Asked

1. Is Netcapsule for PC free download available for Windows?

Yes, you can install Netcapsule VPN on your Windows devices but you have to use an Android emulator. Follow the instructions below to download Netcapsule VPN for PC;


  • Install Bluestacks from their official website. Here is the official website of Bluestacks
  • Follow the instructions to complete the downloading and installation process.
  • Now you need to enter your Gmail information to access the Google play store.
  • Search for Netcapsule VPN and click on the install button.
  • After you install the VPN, you can enjoy surfing the internet for free, safely, and privately.

2. Is Netcapsule VPN for PC free?

Yes, Netcapsule is free to use whether on your PC or on your Android or iPhone device. The VPN is 100% free to use. You do not have to pay for anything while installing the VPN on your mobile phone or on your PC.

3. Is Netcapsule VPN safe to use?

First, this VPN does not require any of your personal details to connect to it which means that your information is safe with you. Apart from this one reason, the VPN also hides your IP and your online details once you are connected to it. It is therefore safe to say that Netcapsule is safe to use.

4. Do I need to use Netcapsule APK?

Well, if you will be using BlueStacks to download the app on your PC then you do not need Netcapsule APK to download it on your PC. However, if you will be using the Memu emulator to download and install the app on your PC then you will need Netcapsule APK to download the app on your PC. Memu requires an APK for you to download any Android app on your PC.


If you are going to look deep into your budget before considering a VPN then you need to be careful about the VPN you choose. Most free VPNs are not genuine but Netcapsule VPN is one of the few VPNs ones can get from the VPNs market. So you can give it a trial and see how far you can go with it.

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