How to Download OxPSP (Emulator for PSP) on a Windows PC


For a long time, PPSSPP has been the most popular emulator for PSP. No emulator was present until now and you can find many emulators for PSP from the Google play store. A PSP emulator allows you to play PlayStation games on your Android phone.

OxPSP is an emulator to run PSP games on your computer. Like snes9x, PSEmu Pro, and VBA it uses emulation to play the games. It has been created by a team of hackers, programming freaks, and high-level geeks, which have chosen PSP as their favorite gaming system-of-choice.

OXPPS allows you to play your favorite PlayStation games on the go, using a PC as a backend. Despite the name similarity, OXPPS is not affiliated with Sony, and in no way endorsed by them. This software is released as Freeware.

The Official PlayStation (PS1) emulator for PSP/PS Vita. This is “OxPSP”, a PS1 emulator that runs on Sony PSP/PS Vita handhelds, and it’s available for free! Works fine with the official PSX games, or any backups – gamers no longer need to pay hundreds of dollars Ni and burn them to a CD-R, then run them on your PSP/Vita with OxPSP.

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OxPSP Features

The OxPSP has a multitude of features that include:

*Holding your iPad which means you can tilt your phone for easy viewing from any angle *Multi-angle front piece to angle towards the user
*Folding front flap to allow for typing on the screen, once tilted.
* Play your game off an SD card
* Run multiple homebrew applications simultaneously
* Built-in video splitter so you can run your Xbox on a wide-screen monitor or projector
* Your choice of USB hub allows for 4 (two slots are switchable.

Benefits of Using OxPSP Emulator

These emulators have so many benefits regarding using it to play Play Playstation portable games. We are going to list some of these advantages below;

  • Cheat support

Some games may have cheats but playing them on your Android phone may not let you use the cheats. If you are playing these kinds of games, it is wise to play them on your computer. However, most of them do not have a PC version thus demanding that you should ensure you use an emulator to download them on your PC.

The best emulator is the OxPSP emulator. You can download it on your PC and then proceed to play any Playstation portable game you want. You will easily access the cheats in the game since the emulator allows you to use cheats and play the games you want.

  • Allows you to control your games well

OxPSP emulator has the best game controllers you will ever use. They are clear and easy to understand so if you have never used them you can use them as a beginner without having any troubles.

  • Excellent game graphics

Bored with lame game graphics? Well, the OxPSP emulator will ensure that you get the best game graphics for your games. This helps to make the game more exciting and more interesting.

  • Great sounds

A great game should be accompanied by great sounds to make it more interesting and exciting. The OxPSP is a great emulator that allows you to play your games alongside great and unaltered sounds.

Those are some of the benefits that you get to enjoy while you use the emulator.

How to get OxPSP Emulator

Fortunately, OxPSP is available in the Android version that means you can use it to play station portable games on your phone. Also, you can follow a workaround where you can get an Android emulator and use it to download the OxPSP emulator on your PC.

There is a difference between an Android emulator and a PSP emulator. An Android emulator allows you to download any Android app on your PC while a PSP emulator allows you to play Play Playstation portable games on any device.

An Android emulator acts as a bridge between Android apps and your PC. The most reliable Android emulator is the Bluestacks Android emulator. Follow the step-by-step tutorial below to download and install the OxPSP emulator on your PC. You can also use Memu if you intend to download Android apps using an APK.


In this case, we will use the MEMU Player Android emulator that will require the OxPSP APK to download and install the OxPSP emulator on your PC.

  • Download the OxPSP APK from ApkMonk.
  • Download and install the MEMU play emulator on your computer.
  • On the APK icon on the Android emulator.
  • Select the already downloaded APK on your PC files.
  • Wait for the OxPSP emulator to download on your PC.

This is the easiest way to download the OxPSP emulator on your PC since the PSP emulator does not have a Windows or a Mac version. Fortunately, an Android emulator is very easy to download and use to install any Android app you may need.

What’s the best PSP emulator for Android?

Originally was the PPSSPP emulator before the OxPSP emulator. The emulator is still great and still serves well. However, more and more people have loved the outcome of the OxPSP Emu and most prefer it over the PPSSPP.

Both of them are great and it would be impossible for someone to choose between the two. However, if you have to choose it’s advisable that one looks carefully at each emulator and consider the functions they would want before they choose one emulator.

Bottom line

The OxPSP is an excellent PSP emulator that allows people to play Play Playstation games on their Android. As mentioned this emulator is available for Android games only. Unfortunately, the app is not available on the Google play store. However, the good news is that you can download using an APK. The best Android emulator to use to download the app is the Memu play emulator.

In addition, this emulator is easy to use and to play the Playstation portable games. The emulator is also free to use and safe for your device.

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