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p2pcamlive-for-pc-downloadP2PCamLive is a surveillance Android app that lets you monitor your P2P IP cameras on your phone. Having a platform where you can track your CCTV cameras remotely is very helpful, especially if you are not always available to watch your cameras in action.

P2PCamLive is such a platform that will allow you to watch real-time video footage for P2P cameras. Before is we discuss this app, let’s take a look at what is a P2P IP camera and how it works.

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What is a P2P IP Camera, and how can I use it?

P2P stands for peer-to-peer. Let’s explain further so that you know exactly what you are going to use if you have never used a P2P camera. P2P cameras allow you to connect your PC/phone with your surveillance cameras easily. With a P2P camera, you can connect the camera to multiple devices allowing you to view multiple footages from multiple devices.

So what are its functions? With a P2P camera, you can connect your cameras to your mobile phone and view everything from your mobile phone. P2P cameras make viewing live footage easy. You should note that analog cameras do not have P2P built-in capabilities to enable you to monitor your premises thoroughly.

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P2PCamLive app for Android and how you can download it on a PC

P2PCamLive is an app built explicitly for P2P cameras that allows you to connect your IP surveillance cameras to your mobile. The app, when connected to your PC or mobile device, will enable you to watch live footage from wherever you are in the world.


The app provides you with clear HD videos in MPEG4, MJPEG, and H.264 formats. P2PCamLive app also provides you with a recording feature that allows you to view recorded footage from your camera. This feature works well for people who do not find time to keep watching live footage. The feature helps them to review what happens when they are away.

If you have never used a P2P app before then, you need not worry because setting up this app is very easy. The app will also notify you whenever something unusual happens around your premises.

Two-way talk is another feature that this app offers to its users. What this means is that you can talk to anyone in front of the camera, and they can talk back. This is great, especially for people who leave their children or pets at their homes. If you see something unusual, you can easily talk to the people in charge of the premises.

All of these functions that are carried out by this app only require you to enter your camera’s ID and password. P2PCamLive app is designed to work on Android devices, but if you need to use the app on your PC, then you can Android emulator to download and install the app on your PC.

Steps to download the P2Pcalive app on your computer

1. Download Bluestacks on your PC (Windows or Mac).

2. You can download the app directly from Google Play or App Store, but we recommend that you use an APK for your download.


3. Click here to download the P2Pcammlive APK.

4. Now click on install APK and select the P2PCamLive APK that you have downloaded.

5. Click open, and the installation process will start.

P2PCamLive Setup

Now that you have downloaded the app on your device, how do you set it up? It’s simple, but you need to be careful. Follow the steps below to set up this surveillance app on your device.

1. After you have installed the app on your PC or mobile phone, you will now open the app.

2. On the interface, you will be required to ‘add device information.’

3. Here you can either search for any cameras around or type in the camera’s IUD and password.

4. From here, you can now view any recorded footage from your camera on your phone or PC. In playback options, you will be given the offer of watching the recorded videos from your phone or PC.

P2PCamLive FAQs

1. Is the P2PCamLive app an excellent P2P client IP camera software for PC?

Yes, the app is excellent software for a P2P IP camera that will enable you to view live footage from your device.

2. Which is the best IP camera viewer for PC?

One may be confused about which IP camera viewer to pick since there are so many options to choose from. Sometimes picking a genuine one may be a confusing task. However, our team has reviewed the P2PCamLive for PC, and we can say that it is among the best camera viewer applications in the market currently.

3. Do I get a P2P live cam request service with the P2PCamLive app?

Yes, some things have an expert explanation and so this app has a way of connecting to the experts so that you can ask any questions.

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