Get PayTM App on PC using BlueStacks Emulator (How-to Guide)

paytm-for-pc-free-downloadIn case you haven’t heard about it until now, PayTM is the biggest e-commerce and mobile payment platform in India. Today, this mobile digital wallet is in use all over the world with more than 150 million users, and it keeps growing and expanding. Though its primary purpose was to offer the possibility of utility bill payments and mobile recharges, today there are many other options this digital wallet provides to its customers. To cut the story short, by using the PayTM you are able to store or transfer money and do all kinds of offline and online payments. Paying the bills, shopping online for clothes and other accessories or even buying flight or movie tickets, you name it.

The fact that even small companies also tend to use it to create a POS, shows its functionality. You see, the PayTM enables the customer to scan the QR code in the POS device and finish the payment using their digital wallet. Well, that’s catchy info, isn’t it?

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How to use your PayTM for PC

As the term of PayTM means “pay through mobile”, you can just download the app on your iOS phone, Android smartphone or tablet. When it comes to PCs, on the other hand, there is no official support for the application. But don’t let this discourage you in your plans. You should know there is a way of using it on your PC without any potential safety or functionality risk for your account. How to do it? The answer is in the BlueStacks emulator – the simplest and the most effective way of configuring the PayTM on your PC.

Simple few-step guide for installing PayTM for Windows and PayTM for Mac

This is our simple guide for teaching you how to use your PayTM account effectively and safe on your Mac Computer or Windows, which works whether you have a laptop or a classical desktop computer. So, here are a few very simple steps to follow to get it done right.

As we mentioned, since there still is no official version for Mac computer, Windows PC or Windows platform, to get this started you have to enable an alternative way of downloading the PayTM application. The most proven way is by using the Android emulator. It is a tool that creates a kind of virtual environment for Android on your PC. The BlueStacks is proven as one of the best Android emulators and it is available for a Mac computer and a Windows PC, as well.


Therefore, you will get the ability to use your PayTM application on a PC through this kind of emulator software. Besides that, you should know that after downloading it, you can use the BlueStacks emulator for many other Android Apps, as well.

Step 1

No matter if you plan on using the PayTM for PC, PayTM for Mac or PayTM for Windows, the first thing you have to do is to download the BlueStacks Emulator. To ensure that, you have two options. The first one is to use a standalone installer, and the second one is to use a standard installer for the BlueStacks.

If you decide on downloading the BlueStacks from the official website, you will get a normal installer. One the one hand, this enables the installation of the entire package from the Internet. On the other hand, this process will undoubtedly take some time. So the alternative is to download the offline installer by using the Internet Download Manager at high-speed BlueStacks.

Step 2

When you finished with downloading and installing the BlueStacks, open the Android emulator and search inside Google Play for PayTM. The good thing for you is that once you open the BlueStacks App Player, you’ll see that everything looks similar to a smartphone option. Naturally, search the Google Play Store to find and download the PayTM application for your PC. After pressing on the “Install” button, you’ll see that the whole downloading process looks and is the same like on your smartphone.

After downloading the application in the BlueStacks emulator merely select your language and continue using your PayTM account offers and services on your PC or Mac.

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