How to Install PhonePe App on PC (Windows 7, 8, 10, Mac)

phonepe-download-for-pcPhonePe App is a finance app that is capable of working over a unified payments interface, it was brought into existence by the national payments corporation of India.

The PhonePe app is powered and managed by the YES bank. It’s known to be a secure and safe way of transferring money and making payments.

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• With the PhonePe app, you are capable of recharging mobile and DTH connections.

• You can receive and send money from your contact list using the UPI instantly.

• You are in a position to handle a number of bank accounts.

• You have the capability to pay utility bills.

• Bank balances can be checked and the immediate statement is given using this awesome app.

• You can buy goods and services online from e-commerce platforms and pay using the UPI.

• You become eligible for cashback.

• You are in a position of registering a beneficiary.


BlueStacks emulator app is an app designed to ensure that applications are in a position to run well on a PC that is running Microsoft Windows. This app was developed by the BlueStacks Company in America.

It is always very simple to download applications with the help of the BlueStacks emulator. You are supposed to follow the following simple steps to download the PhonePe application on your PC using the BlueStacks emulator:

STEP 1: To begin with you need the immediate download of the BlueStacks. Get the latest BlueStacks software on your computer from the official website of BlueStacks.

STEP 2: Install the BlueStacks software on your PC.

STEP 3: Launch BlueStacks on your PC so that it can be in the home tab.

STEP 4: Find the PhonePe app in the App center window. You will find options for my applications, app center, and help center. Just click
on the App center and proceed.


STEP 5: A search bar will be observed on the top right corner of your PC, type the name “PhonePe app” since it is the app you want to download.

STEP 6: Click the search icon to set you ready to start.

STEP 7: Google play store will display the PhonePe app. Click on it to install.

STEP 8: After clicking on install accept and grant permission for it to begin installing. PhonePe for Windows and PhonePe for Mac is easy to download and install.

When you are done downloading and installing the PhonePe app, it will appear in “My apps” tap on it to launch. You will be enjoying the awesome graphics that will be brought to the display of your screen. PhonePe for Windows and PhonePe for Mac will not put you into storage constraints.

The Android emulator which is the BlueStacks will be giving you enough storage space to run this fantastic app on your PC. Android emulator installed on your Windows PC or Mac is the sure way to use it on the download and installation of the PhonePe app for PC.


1. Is the PhonePe app safe?

Absolutely. This app is 100% safe and secure. You will note that this app is powered by Yes Bank. All the payments normally happen over a secure banking network. The good thing here is that this app does not store any user data or password. All that you need to do for every transaction is just to enter your MPIN, which is only known to you.

2. Is PhonePe a government app?

It is worth noting that PhonePe is a brand that is possessed by PhonePe Private Limited, which was formerly known as FX Mart PV Ltd. This app is licensed by the Reserve Bank of India for both the insurance and operation of a Semi-Closed Prepaid Payment system.

3. Can I use PhonePe without SIM?

You might be tempted to use this app without a SIM. However, it is important to note that this app canoe work without a SIM that is registered in the bank. Even Google Pay cannot allow you to do this. All this is due to security reasons. Therefore you need to have a SIM that is registered for you to enjoy the services of this app. The good news is that a new SIM can be active in 30 to 2 hours, and after that, you are good to go.

4. How does the PhonePe app work?

With this app, you will be able to send and receive money instantly using a VPA, which basically refers to Virtual Payment Address. This actually means that you can transfer money between any two bank accounts. Also, you will be able to pay directly from your bank account to both online and offline merchants.

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