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It is safe to say that today’s world is a browsing world. People browse anything on the internet. Almost everyone nowadays owns a smartphone and has access to the internet.

A quality smartphone and internet are reasons enough for anyone to surf the internet. Browsing hence needs a good browser and Photon Flash Player and Browser is one among many apps that one can use to browse the internet.

Unlike most browsers these days Photon flash player and browser has an already attached flash player plug-in. With this browser, you do not need another plugin for your browser.

Photon Flash Player and Browser has other features and benefits that make it one of the most used browsers in the internet world. In this article, we are going to discuss more Photon Flash Player and Browser and also how to download it for PC.

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What is Photon Flash Player?

Photon Flash Player is the flash player plugin found when you are using the Photon browser. The flash player allows you to access content and play games on websites.

When you browse the internet you will find that websites have small applications known as plugins and flash player is one of the plugins used in websites. The flash player plugin allows users to watch videos, play games, and access other interactive content.

However, the flash player plugin is no longer popular and many websites will ask for your permission to play content while you browse. Some believe that the flash player plugins make websites and other users vulnerable to attacks and that is why it has become unpopular.

It is also very wise to use the flash player with care and avoid causing more harm. Photon Flash Player and Browser is an Android platform that allows you to browse anything that you want and also use the flash player while at it.

The flash player will allow you to play videos while you browse the internet. You can use the flash player when you want to view videos on any website. Fortunately, Photon Flash Player and Browser is free and easy to use. The UI also is very easy especially for people who have never used the browser before.

Is Photon Browser Free?

Photon Flash Player and Browser for Windows and Android is free to use. You may think that because Photon Flash Player and Browser has a flash player plugin, you will need to pay to use it. The good news is that this Android browser is super free to use.

So what supports this browser if users are not paying for it? Simple, the users get to watch some ads which may help in supporting the app.

While most browsers are free it might be impossible to find a browser with a flash player plugged in. So Photon tends to be a unique browser among many other browsers.

Some users complain about the ads on the app. To solve this you can pay for the ad remover or opt for the premium version of the app. The ads are not a hindrance to using the app or any features on the app so if you can’t afford it then there’s no need to use the premium version or pay for the ad blocker.

While some apps will ask you to pay for some features, Photon Flash Player does not do that and you can use the app as you want.

Photon Flash Player Advanced Features

The first and the most important feature in the Photon flash player is the flash player plugin. The flash player is the feature that seems to push many people to download and use the app.

The flash player is a powerful tool to help users access and play games on any site. Without the flash player, it would be difficult to play games on different sites. The flash player also allows you to watch videos and also access other interactive content.

Photon Flash Player and Browser also has unlimited tab browsing support. This means that you can search the internet using multiple tabs whether on your phone or on your PC. This is especially great for people who are into researching widely on some topics. You can simply open multiple tabs on the app and browse everything you need.

Photon also has full-screen browsing that allows you to browse both at half of your screen or on full screen. All you have to do is choose how you want to browse and select how you want to use your screen.

Download Photon Flash Player for PC

As mentioned, Photon is an Android app which means that you cannot download it directly to your PC. You will need the help of an Android emulator such as MemuPlayer. In this case, Photon is not available to download from the Google play store so you will need to get it from Photon’s official website.

For PC you will need to use the APK of Photon Flash Player to download the app on your PC. The question is which emulator allows one to download using an APK. The best Emulator to use in this case is the Memu play emulator.


The Emulator allows you to use an APK file to download any Android app for PC. For this case, you will need to get Photon Flash Player and Browser APK. Follow the tutorial below to download Photon Flash Player and Browser for PC;

  • Download Photon Flash Player and Browser APK.
  • Download Memu play emulator from the Memu play website.
  • Open the emulator and let it run on your PC.
  • Click on the APK file icon on Photon Flash Player and Browser.
  • After clicking on the icon you will be prompted to choose a file from your local files.
  • Choose Photon Flash Player and Browser APK file.
  • Click on install to start using the browser on your PC.
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