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pixellab-app-for-pc-windows-and-macMake a remarkable impact with your pictures using the PixelLab App!

Smartphones have changed all of our lives in a remarkable way. Today, everything around us has been replaced by smartphones like books, calculators, television, and many more. This is altogether not good but it all varies from person to person. The smartphone has also affected the way we take pictures. Unlike earlier times, the method and devices used for taking pictures have also changed. Today, we have high definition cameras in our smartphones for taking pictures.

Along with smartphones, there are thousands of applications on the internet that come handy while taking pictures and making them more attractive. These applications feature various filters, layouts, effects, backgrounds, and many other picture editing parameters. These applications help you make the best pictures and grab people’s attention and appreciation.

Among the various picture editing applications on the internet, PixelLab is one of the best. The app has a set of ingenious features that not only improve images but also offers various other add ons to make it a lot different than the basic one. In the further sections, we will drill down some of the best features of the application along with learning about its installation and use on desktop. Let’s Begin!!!

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PixelLab Overview


The PixelLab app is just the same as the other apps with a basic difference in user reviews. The app has a rating of 4.1 on Google PlayStore with most of the reviews in favor of it. The app has a total installs of over 10 million.

These figures make the app more demanding and once we get started with the features, you may go crazy about getting it for yourself. Some of the brilliant features of the app that makes it the best are as follows:

Text Objects

PixelLab is an app that offers a plethora of choices to the users for text for their images. One can choose anyone from them and insert it in their respective images as they see fit. Seems like the developers of the PixelLab have an idea about the choices of the users which is why they introduced various text options in the app.

Text Attributes

The choices of the app are not just limited to the number of texts in the app but it also has options for different text characteristics. Some of the distinguishable aspects of the text are fonts, effects, and colors. One can choose from effects like Shadow, Inner Shadow, Stroke, Background, Reflection, Emboss and many others. PixelLab also provides you with over 100 choices for text fonts and various color options like a linear gradient, a radial gradient, or an image texture.

Stickers and Backgrounds

Unlike other apps that only offer image modification effects, the PixelLab app also provides you with beautiful stickers and emojis that you can use to make your images better. The app is also equipped with the feature of changing the background of the image whether it is a green background, white background or a blue one. PixelLab can make that background transparent for you.

Import and Drawing

The brilliant feature of PixelLab is that we can import images from the phone’s gallery into the app and edit them the way we want. One can also draw and make changes to the image as preferred. Along with this, the app also allows you to save images in any resolution one wants.

All these features make this app the best among all the other similar apps.

Application area of PixelLab

Loaded with a bunch of awesome features, the PixelLab app has applications in various fields. The app can be used for:

  • Graphics designing
  • Memes building
  • Photo Editing
  • Photography
  • And many more

Learn How to Run it on a PC

As the benefits of the app are countless, the hardware required should also be stronger than the phone. Hence, let’s learn how to run the application on a PC. For effectively running the PixelLab app on PC, one must install an Android emulator on the PC first. For that go to the official website of the Android emulator, download and install it.

The best and popular Android emulators are BlueStacks Software and Nox Player, hence visit the official websites of these Android emulators by clicking on the emulator links above and install the emulators by following the provided instructions as you proceed.

Note: Enable the Virtualization Technology in the system BIOS for an enhanced experience of the Android applications.

Installation of the Pixel Lab app:


  1. Open up the installed Android emulator whichever it is on your PC.
  2. Look for the Play store app on it and open it.
  3. Log in with your Google ID credentials and search for the PixelLab app on it.
  4. Find the required app and install it on the PC.
  5. If you want to install it using the apk file, first download the apk file from a legitimate source and drag it into the emulator window. Post this, install the app.
  6. Fire up the app and you are ready to enhance all the pictures you want.

Final words

Whether you make Instagram memes or click professional photographs, the PixelLab app will be your best companion for every sort of editing or image enhancement. The ingenious features of the app make it the best for all types of image variations ranging from adding text to changing filters. Apart from this, the user rating of the app is enough to support its features and benefits. Thank you for reading!

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