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Did you like Telegram and all its features? Then you will love Plus messenger too because it uses the Telegram app to display some of these features. Plus Messenger is free, and you get to enjoy most of the Telegram’s messenger features.

Below is a sneak peek of the Plus Messenger app and what it has in store for its users. You also get to know how you can download this Android app on your PC.

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Reasons that make Plus Messenger a tremendous messaging app

Plus Messenger is the best and the most reliable messaging app. To prove this, we have aligned some of the best reasons why this app is the best. Below are some of the reasons why you should choose Plus Messenger.


Developed by Rafalense, this messaging app is free to use for all people worldwide. The app uses Telegram API and adds to it some features making it fully packed with amazing features. Currently, the app has over 20 million downloads so far. What does this tell you? It says you that many people trust the app.

The app is also translated into many languages making it more convenient for people to use it worldwide. The app gives you the freedom to create many accounts on a single device you can have up to 10 accounts on your Smartphone.

Also, the app gives you the freedom to create groups where you can chat with your friends or family. There are different tabs on this app that shows your activity on the app. For instance, there are favorites, unread, channels, bots, and many others. All these help you to be much more organized in your chats and communication.

There are chats that you feel that you need to keep reviewing now and then. Plus Messenger for PC allows you to pin such messages and you can go up to 100 messages. You will be notified when a writer is writing to you or your group.

How to use BlueStacks to download Plus Messenger for PC

Like many applications, Plus Messenger is an Android application. Therefore it might be challenging to download and install it on your PC directly. However, if you need to download any Android app, the technology has provided emulators that are used to download and install Android applications on a PC. Currently, there are many, but the most trusted emulator is the BlueStacks Android emulator.


You will need to download BlueStacks to your PC. Open it and allow permissions. Log in to your Google account with your Gmail account. Go to Google Play store and search for Plus Messenger for PC. Click on it and then click on the install button, and it will start the download process.


1. Is there a way on how to use Plus Messenger?

Yes. There is a method, and it is relatively easy to use. You will first download the app on your device. Create an account to get on board and invite your friends to chat with you on Plus Messenger.

2. Are Plus Messenger themes paid?

No. Plus MessengerMessenger is entirely free to use, including the themes.

3. Can Plus Messenger APK be used in downloading the app?

Yes. You can first download the app’s APK and then click on the APK and download the app.

4. Is Telegram for PC the same as Plus Messenger for PC?

There are a few similarities since the app uses Telegram API and some few features from Telegram. It, however, does not mean that Plus Messenger is completely the same as Telegram.

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