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Internet Television (ITV) is a generally available and acceptable visual content distributor over the Internet. Internet Television is always available where ever a broadband connection exists. Pluto TV is an Internet Television that provides visual content to prospective audiences over the Internet.

Pluto TV is owned by ViacomCBS of the United States of America and is based in Los Angeles, California. Pluto TV is a free AVOD (Advertiser-Supported Video on Demand) service, provider. Pluto TV primarily offers a selection of visual programming content via digital linear channels built to echo the ordeal of conventional broadcast programming.

Pluto TV content is available through the official mobile and PC application and the official Pluto TV website.

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How To Activate Pluto TV

Basically, Pluto TV provided a smartphone application, a PC version, and the MAC-compatible version where different users can enjoy the Pluto TV channels. However, for users who have the Pluto TV app on their iOS or Android smartphone, it can easily pair up their account on the smartphone with the Pluto TV account on their Smart Television.


Activating Pluto TV through Smart TV will automatically turn smartphones into a remote control which will give users authority to edit the channel lineup on their account.

Presently, Pluto TV activation is only available for some types of devices as highlighted below:

Roku (this is a brand of hardware digital media player that provides the easiest way to stream entertainment to TV), Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Samsung TVs, Vizio TVs, and Sony PS4.

Users of the aforementioned devices can easily activate the Pluto TV app by following the below steps:

  • Power on your Smart Television, and choose “Channel 02” in the Roku guide or click Activate at the left corner of the Roku guide.
  • A 6-digit code will be displayed on the top of the screen, note the code.
  • Then log on to MyPluto via their official activating website (My.Pluto.Tv/activate) on your smartphone.
  • After a successful login, Click Activate to input the 6-digit code.
  • Input the 6-digit code. There are mainly two ways to activate Pluto TV, it all depends on the account and the type of device.

For users who have no Pluto TV account: Visit the official website of Pluto TV and select your type of device.

Follow the instructions listed above to get your activation code for Pluto TV.

How To Activate Pluto TV App on Different Devices

Roku Device:

For users of Roku Devices: Visit the designated website ( for Roku Device users for Pluto TV activation. Input the activation code on Roku.

Amazon Fire TV:

Visit the designated website for Amazon Fire TV users ( for Pluto TV Activation on Amazon Firestick.

Sony Playstation 4 (Sony PS4):

To Activate Pluto TV on Sony Playstation 4, visit the designated website( for Playstation 4 users and input the 6-digit code.

Android TV:

Activating the Pluto TV on Android TV is the easiest and quickest Pluto TV activation, visit the designated website for Android TV device users through (link and input the 6-digit code for the activation.

How To Use Pluto TV App


Making use of the Pluto TV App is one of the easiest tasks to carry out on the App. All that it entails is downloading and installing the Pluto TV Application. After a successful download and installation of the app, get the 6-digit activation code to activate the app, and authorize your smartphone as the remote control of the TV.

Using Pluto TV to Search for Live TV/Programmes and Using Pluto TV to Search for on-demand Programme.

Pluto TV allows users to make use of any device or platform to view their content be it the web, mobile devices, PC, MAC, or Smart TVs. The interface is significantly identical. It can be controlled using a mouse, finger, or remote control. The remote control automatically changes the content to the users’ choice without using a hand/finger on the Pluto TV.

The Pluto TV App has no in-built search engine that allows users to search for programs of different types and select. However, it provides a chance for users to browse.

The first step to start using the Pluto TV App is to start by narrowing your selection to the category that best interests the users. The list of categories is situated on the left side of the screen where users can easily navigate and choose their choice of program. It includes lots of options like Videos, Comedy, and Sports. More so, users can navigate the categories option, and easily scroll to the left and right above the channels.

Once your choice of category has been set, navigate through the available channels within the category to know which one best interests you.

Also, once the show you want to watch is displayed to you, select it. Pluto TV allows users to watch only the current broadcasting program. Pluto TV is compared to live TV because of its availability to air programs as it unfolds. This is considered one of the outstanding and brilliant features of the App.

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Pluto TV Features

Pluto TV App is fully featured with some brilliant and outstanding characters that make it one of the most popular and interesting internet television platforms.


Although the Pluto TV App has no in-built search engine as a feature, the web search is extraordinarily superb. The web search allows users to search for both live and on-demand programs. Pluto TV App allows users to browse for their choice of program either live program or on-demand program. The steps involved in searching for the on-demand program are very simple and straightforward likewise the live program search.

As there are mainly two types of TV programs; live program and on-demand programs. Pluto TV App allows users to navigate through the search for an on-demand program by switching to the on-demand mode by selecting the “On Demand” button at the top of the screen and also located at the bottom level of smartphones or tablets.

However, the category icon is located on the left side of the screen on the web and smart TV, select the sub-category of the program you wish to search. Navigate via the available/displayed search results from the on-demand options and choose the movie you want to watch.

Easy Navigation

This is another outstanding feature of the Pluto TV app. The developers consider the pleasure of users by providing them with the easiest way to navigate through the web, smartphones, PC, or the MAC Book version. Pluto TV App allows users to easily scroll through the app and easily understand the usefulness of each option and icon on it.

How To Download Pluto TV App for PC

Pluto TV App is considered one of the best internet television because it doesn’t compulsory the use of any Android Emulator before it can be used on a PC. It provides online streaming for users through the official website.

Pluto TV is accessible from the comfort of your home or office on your laptop or desktop browser. Visit the official website of Pluto TV at ( The most recommended browser for visiting the Pluto TV website is Google Chrome or Safari browser for an optimal experience.

Alternatively, the Pluto TV App can also be downloaded using Bluestacks Android Emulator for any interested users. Below are brief and straightforward steps to use Pluto TV App for PC:


  1. Download and install the Bluestacks Android App Player.
  2. Log in to your Google account using your Google Credentials and search for Pluto TV App with the in-built search engine.
  3. Download and install the Pluto TV App and start using it through the Bluestacks Emulator.

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