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Pocket-FM-download-for-pc-windowsThese days you can listen to a book instead of reading it. Currently, people are listening more to audiobooks rather than reading books. Listening to books gives you the freedom to do other things and still get the knowledge out of a book. There are many apps that place many audiobooks all in one place and all you need to do is select one and play it.

Pocket FM is one such app. It is a free app that lets you listen to Hindi audiobooks on the move. You can get the book from the Google play store or from the app store. The app is a smartphone app and getting the app for your PC might be difficult but we are going to discuss a method you can use.

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What you will love about Pocket FM

If you are an audiobook lover there is so much to love about this app and its features. First, the audiobook will give you free access to audiobooks that you can listen to from any genre. Most of the audiobooks here are in Hindi and that is why this app is mostly for Indians.

Pocket FM audiobooks app has lots of audiobooks from different genres like romance, horror, comedy, sports, and more. The good thing about Pocket FM is that they keep adding new audiobooks that you can listen to any time you want to.


You can also search through the app to find your favorite topics to listen to. The app contains audiobooks across India in Tamil, Hindi, and Bengali languages so if you are in India you can listen to any audiobook of your liking. The free version will also present to you countless audiobooks but you will have to go through ads on the app or on the website interface.

However, if you would like ad-free listening then Pocket FM premium is the way to go. The premium version gets rid of all the ads that are on the free version. The premium version also gives higher-quality audiobooks than the free version. The Pocket FM app also has a set of premium content so with the premium version you will have access to the premium content.

The premium version is also known as the Pocket VIP where you will be paying 399 Euros a year to access the premium content on Pocket FM. The charges are fair and relatively affordable to most people.

Pocket VIP

There is so much you could achieve with the Pocket VIP which is the premium version of the platform. If you like following a podcast series, with Pocket VIP you do not have to wait for long for the next episode the app gives you access to all episodes each day. With the free version where you will only have access to two episodes of your favorite series.

Also if you are an English speaker or you love listening to English audiobooks or podcasts, with Pocket VIP you will get access to English audiobooks or podcasts. With Pocket VIP you can learn new skills with the audio courses only available on Pocket VIP. The quality of the audio on Pocket VIP is HD quality so you will not have problems with the audio.

Pocket FM Features

Pocket FM whether premium or free has some amazing features that make it amazing every time. Below are some features that make Pocket FM a great app and platform.

  • You can download audiobooks and listen to them offline whenever you want.
  • An in-built sleep timer that helps you to sleep while listening to your favorite audiobook or podcasts.
  • Interact with fellow audiobook lovers in the Pocket FM community.
  • Easy navigation through chapters and also you can play the audiobook or podcast back and forth using the app’s inbuilt player.

How to get Pocket FM App for PC

As we said Pocket FM is a smartphone app so if you want to get it you can download it either from the Google play store or the app store depending on the smartphone you are using. Pocket FM does not have a PC version but you can use an emulator to download the app on your PC.

However, if you are not interested in downloading the app on your PC but still want to get access to audiobooks using a PC you can use the website to download the app. The website will give you access to any audiobooks that you want to hear from.

However, if you still want to download the Pocket FM for PC you can follow the instructions below to download the app on your PC. First, you need an emulator. An emulator allows your computer to emulate an Android or an iOS device such as your Android phone or your iPhone. There are many emulators out there but the most trusted and reliable ones include Bluestacks, Memu play, and Nox app player.


1. Download Bluestacks on your PC whether Windows or Mac. You can get it from their official website. Just Google Bluestacks and download the latest version of this software. Bluestacks is free so you do not have to pay a dime to use this app on your PC.
2. Next log in to your Google account or App store account on Bluestacks. If you do not have one you can create it.
3. After logging in, visit Google Playstore or Appstore to search for Pocket FM.
4. Click on the install button to start installing the app on your PC.

And that’s it! You have the Pocket FM app on your PC. You can do this on your Windows or Mac computer. Remember that you can’t delete Bluestacks after you are done downloading the app. You will always need the software to use the Pocket FM app.

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