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poweramp-for-pc-downloadStep by Step Guide on How to Install Poweramp App for PC

If you are looking for a powerful music player then you are in the right place. Poweramp is not only a popular app but it is also a powerful one. The app comes as a trial app and there is also the premium version that is affordable to most people.

Among the hundreds of music players available online, you may be confused about the best music player that you can use. However, you are in luck since in this post we are going to talk more about the Poweramp app and how you can use it on your Android and Windows devices.

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What is Poweramp Music Player?

If you are the type of person who collects hundreds of music albums then you need a powerful music player and there is none other than the Poweramp music player. Poweramp is a powerful music player that has been around for quite a long time and during this time people have proved that they can trust it to allow them to listen to music from their devices.

If you have been using Android for some time, there is a high possibility that you have heard of the Poweramp music player app. However, there is also a high possibility that you haven’t heard about all the features that the app has in store for their users.

In this article, we intend to enlighten you more on the app, its features, how you can download it on your Android device, and how you can also use it on your computer. So sit back and continue reading on.

Poweramp Features

For this app to work efficiently, the app has a free version and a premium version that will also give you a free trial, and then later you can pay $3 per month. The free version has many basic versions that would sufficiently serve people who love to listen to music.


However, there are some people who will do more than just listen to music, others would like to create tunes from the app and this is where the premium version comes in. The app offers a premium version trial version which will take 15 days and thereafter you have to pay for the premium version.

1. Great look and feel

This feature serves well for those who are design-oriented. It is for those who would want a good looking design on an app. When it comes to modern design, Poweramp is a modern-looking design that has a great look and feel. You can change the theme on this app to either a dark theme or a light one depending on how you would like it to look and feel. However, the app never looked or felt the way it does now.

Recently was upgraded to new colors and designs thus making it more aesthetic. Also, you can choose to download a new theme from the Google Play store and apply it to the Poweramp application.

2. Third-party plugins

This is a great feature since you are allowed to share your best music to other platforms like your social media platforms. You can share your creative music audios with other people on your contact list too.

3. Powerful audio engine

The app has a very powerful audio engine that allows you to play music in many formats from MP3, MP4, M4A, WV, APE, and many more formats. It is quite impossible to find a music format that cannot be played on Poweramp at the moment. It also has a 30/50/100 volume level which means that you can fully control the volume of the music you are playing on your device.

4. Library and folders

This app gives you the freedom of choosing to play your own designated library of songs that allows you to choose which songs you would want to play on your devices. Sometimes if you have stored so many tracks in your library the app gives you permission to do a quick search on the songs listed in your libraries and folders.

Poweramp For PC – Full Version – Free Download

Downloading the app from the Google Play store is completely free only that you will be required to pay $3 if you chose the premium version. If you are not sure which one to use you can download the free version first then proceed to give it a try with the premium version. Giving it a try means that you should try to use the premium trial version that will take you 15 days and you can choose whether to pay thereafter.

To download the app on your computer is quite impossible but with the help of an Android emulator, you can download the app on your PC. Simply follow the instructions below if you need to download the app on your PC.

• Download Bluestacks’ latest version from their official website. Note that you should have enough space and that your OS is fully updated such it can hold the emulator well enough.

• After installing the emulator, log in or sign in to your Google account. If you are not signed up, the Google Play store will prompt you to create an account which is very fast and easy.


• After creating or signing in to your Google account, head to the Google Play store and search for Poweramp for PC. Click install and wait as the app is downloading and installing on your PC.

Alternative Method Using MEmu Player:

• Download the MEmu player on your PC.

• Download Poweramp APK from their official website.

• Click the APK icon on the MEmu emulator and select the Poweramp APK and wait as the app is installing on your PC.


Poweramp is an excellent solution for those who love listening to music and creating audios then sharing them with friends and families. If you love listening to music from different formats then this is the perfect platform to listen to music using an all-rounded platform. It is also extremely affordable. You can use the free version of this app and you can also choose to use the premium version which is very affordable as well.

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