How To Recover Deleted Files From Your Windows / Mac PC

how-to-recover-lost-data-on-windows-macLosing data and not knowing how you can recover it is very frustrating. It doesn’t matter what kind of data you lose, whether commercial data or family data. If you have never had a recovery plan beforehand, trying to recover your lost data can be quite overwhelming and sometimes impossible.

However, losing data does not mean the end of the world and there are several methods you can use to recover your data. Some people use old generic methods within the device to recover data while still others use third-party software to recover lost data.

It doesn’t matter how you use to recover your lost data; the final results should be to recover your lost data. Below are some methods you can use if you have lost any of your data.

Stay calm 🙂

You read that right. The first thing you should do is to stay calm after you have lost valuable data. While it might be tough to stay calm, panicking does not help the situation. Panicking and wanting to recover your data as soon as possible to cause more damage to your device.

Hardware can be damaged, or your software errors can worsen up. So the wisest thing to do is to be calm and think through what you can do to reclaim your lost data. So stay calm since the last thing you want is more problems on your device.

In the case of lost data, it is recommended that you seek a professional, but we take it that most of you would like to do it themselves. If this is you, we want you to approach data recovery with the right approach for your device’s safety actions.

So, without wasting time, let’s go into the steps you can follow to recover your data.

1. Stop using the affected device.

If severe damage caused your data to be lost, you should stop using the affected device. Sometimes recovering the lost data is possible before the hard drive is overwritten. However, there are high chances of overwriting the hard drive when you continue its usage.

If you are experiencing data loss due to an accident like fire or flooding, it is wise for you to stop using the device. You can then take the device to a professional to have it checked thoroughly. Never try to do a DIY after a severe accident; it will only make your data recovery process harder.

2. Record Details

Writing down everything that happened when you lost your data could help in a significant way. That is why, in the beginning, we mentioned that you should be calm after your data loss. When relaxed, you can try to record everything that happened when your data loss.

Recording all the events will help you in coming up with the right data recovery method. Also, the recording will help you to avoid the same scenario again in the future. If you have no idea on how you do this, consider asking yourself the following questions;

  1. Have you, in the recent past, change any of your IT systems?
  2. Is there anyone new around you who using your data?
  3. Was there a severe accident that happened on your device?
  4. Did you install a new app or software for your device?

Remember not to leave anything out; even the smallest action that you consider somehow insignificant can help you a great deal.

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Recovering Data From Windows PC

Once you have ensured that you have gone through every action that was taken before the data loss, you can go ahead and determine the best data recovery method. If you are using Windows and you are sure that there was no severe accident that caused your data loss, you can try to find out if actually the data was deleted or it is just inconspicuous. Try looking for your data in the trash, and from there, you can just restore it to your local files.

However, if you are sure that your data was really lost and it is not in the trash, you proceed to the next step. Next is to ensure that your Windows is the latest Windows 10 OS. If you have not updated your Windows to Windows 10, you can do so before attempting the following method.

  • On your Windows 10 device, navigate to file history.
  • Select the file name that you want and find its version.
  • Select ‘restore’ to return the file or files to their original location.

Recover Your Files From Mac

Mac OS X introduced the time machine as a way of storing and backing up data. So if you want to recover your data from Mac OS back up, you need to connect to the time machine disk. After you have turned on the time machine back up disk, you can then follow the instructions below;

  • Open the Mac migration assistant.
  • Choose and select how you want to transfer the files that you want.
  • Choose the ‘time machine back up and startup disk’ and then click on ‘continue.’
  • Select the time machine back up.
  • Now select any information that you want to transfer from the backup.
  • After the transfer is done, you can now restart the Mac computer.

The transfer process can take a lot of time if there are many files that you were transferring. It can take several hours for the transfer to be complete, so you have to be patient.

How To Recover Data Using The Free EaseUs Free Data Recovery Wizard


If the above methods did not work out for you, you could consider using third-party software like EaseUs data recovery software to recover your data. EaseUs helps you recover all your data, be it photos, videos, documents, etc. EaseUs is free recovery software that will not cost you a dime to download.

EaseUs is an all in one software that can help in recovering your lost data. Below is what the software can help you do in terms of recovering lost data.

Lost data recovery

Deleting all and emptying the recycle bin is the most common problem of any data loss. Sometimes people do this unknowingly while trying to delete a single file. A child can accidentally press shift + delete and delete all of your data. However, with EaseUs data recovery software, you can easily recover all the deleted data due to the actions above.


Partition recovery

When partitions get lost or are inaccessible, or sometimes they get RAW, Easeus will help you in restoring partition so that you can restore your data.

Formatted file recovery

This is very common on Android devices where you format data from your SD card. However, formatted files can also happen on computers. Whether this has happened on your android, Windows, or Mac device, it is easy to recover the data using Easeus data recovery software.

Storage media recovery

It’s painful to lose data from your internal or external storage means, but not to worry, the Easeus data recovery wizard will help you recover the data flawlessly.

Emergency data recovery

Although instances like this are sporadic, they are, however, bound to happen from time to time. Emergency data loss examples include viruses, crash downs, and more. Luckily Easeus can help you recover the data that was lost.

Guide On How to Recover Lost Data Using EaseUs Data Recovery Software

There is a lot involved when trying to recover lost data using this software. Below is the process you can use while trying to recover your lost data using EaseUs data recovery software.

Step 1

Select the location where you believe your data was lost. The software displays many locations so that it will be easy for you to locate where you lost your data.

Step 2

Step two involves scanning to find the lost data. Fortunately, EaseUs gives an advanced scan algorithm consisting of two types of scanning: the quick scan and the deep scan. The quick scan will take a shorter time compared to the deep scan. The deep scan takes much time because it has to scour even the deep buried files to present to you your long lost files.

If the process is taking too long, you can pause and proceed later to scan your device.

Step 3

After a good scan, your lost data will be displayed, and all you need to do is preview and filter out the lost data. Here you can decide what to recover and what not to recover. After you filter, you can press the ‘Recover’ button to recover all of your lost data. However, you must not store the recovered data back to the hard disk or the partition they once before.

Other Important Functions of EaseUs Data Recovery Software

Apart from helping you recover your lost data, EaseUs also enables you to repair the damaged files. For instance, if your thumbnails were damaged, the software can repair, and you can preview them before the final recovery is made. Mostly what this software repair is the JPEG and JPG files.


Also, the software can repair damaged MP4 or MOV camera videos. To repair these damaged files, you need to connect your camera directly to your computer. You can also remove the card and connect it to your computer for a full MP4 or MOV camera video recovery and repair.

EaseUS Data Recovery Pricing

This data recovery software has three different tiers: the free version, the pro version, and the pro+bootable version. The free one does not require you to pay anything after using it for a long time, and you can get all the basic recovery options.


The two premium versions involve a free trial where after the free trial, you will be required to pay to use the software.


If there were no way to recover lost data, too many people would be frustrated after losing data. But fortunately, there are many different methods you can use to restore your lost data. So if you have lost any of your data, you are not the first one, and luckily you can use any of the methods above to recover the data that you have lost.

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