How To Communicate With Students And Parents Using The Remind Platform


Are you a teacher looking for an effective way to communicate with parents? Look no further because the remind app is the ultimate solution for you. You will realize that the Remind app is a free service that makes it easy for teachers to remain connected with parents.

With this app, teachers can actually send real-time messages to all parents. Apart from this, they can also send these messages to a selected group of parents or even individual parents at one time or another.

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What makes this app great?

There are many things that make this app great. To start with, it comes in handy when you want to send a quick message whereby you have to let the parents known of any last-minute schedule changes. Such can happen if there is a change of plan especially on the eve of an event that was to happen in your school such as a parents’ conference and so on.


Apart from this, all the phone numbers usually remain private and confidential. Here, you will not need to share your numbers with your parents or even give you theirs. Besides this, you will have an opportunity to allow parents to respond to your messages or even turn the feature off. As a result, the parents will be to receive your notifications but will not reply. Therefore, it all depends on what you want as a teacher.

How teachers can use this app to communicate with parents

There are many ways teachers can use this app to communicate with parents. Some of the ways include:

1. Use this app to send reminders or updates for upcoming meetings

Are you planning to have a parents’ meeting in the next few days? You can readily use this app to pass this message to all the parents. If not all parents are needed to come for this meeting, you can just send this message to a group of parents, for instance, parents of a particular group of students.

Apart from this, you will notify them if there will be an event, field trip, or even a holiday event. This way, the parents will be able to know what is happening in school despite being away.

2. Inform parents of last-minute calendar changes or schedule changes

There are instances when you might plan to have an event in your school where both the students and parents are involved. Sometimes, something can come up and thereby make you postpone this event. As a result, you have to notify the parents early enough so that they do not turn up only to find out that the event was canceled. You can therefore post an update about this on the app, and all the parents will get this information in real-time. This goes a long way in preventing inconveniences in the long run.

3. Inform parents that you need volunteers

Sometimes, you might not have enough resources to hire the personnel you need to work in school. Teachers can therefore inform parents that they need volunteers to work in school using this app. This helps enhance efficiency in school.

4. Let parents know the progress of the report cards

Every parent is entitled to know how his or her kid is performing in school. A report card can help a parent know this progress and thereby enable him, or her to make a good decision. Since these report cards take time to be prepared and processed, teachers can use the remind app to notify the parents when these cards will be ready. This can help reduce panic among parents who are eager to know how their kids are performing in school.

5. Notify the parents of a conference date and time

Are you planning to have a conference at school any time soon? You can let the parent known about this event using the remind app. This way, they will know the venue of the conference and the timelines of the conference. This has worked well for many schools in the past.

6. Reach out to parents who are yet to return some forms

You might have some unreturned forms that you had sent to different parents in your school. If parents delay returning these forms in a good time, it might delay some school activities and so on. Therefore, if you want to remind the parents to return these forms in a good time, you can readily use this app to do that. This way you will be able to reach to all the concerned parents.

7. Reach out to parents whose child needs special attention

There are some children who need special attention in school. This could be due to health issues, disability, or even mischief. One good way to reach out to the concerned parents is by using this app. Here, you will reach out to the parents and remain connected with them for longer.


Remind app can help teachers and parents to remain in touch and thereby ensure smooth running o school activities. All you need is to download it on your phone, sign up and start using it immediately. This app is simple to use and is built for two-way messaging. Here, teachers will send one-on-one, class-wide, and school-wide text to parents. This app is truly incredible.

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