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remix-os-player-downloadA Comprehensive Guide to Discovering the Remix OS!

When it comes to opting for high-end devices, there are many of them today. Besides, the most important one would probably be in your hands at this moment, your smartphone. Most of us are so used to operating Android and iOS phones that we have lost touch with our computers, laptops, and desktop.

Some of us do use them on a daily basis, but the utility of Android devices is a bit better than the windows. Now, think about this! What if you could use your favorite Android app or play your action-packed game on a big screen like your laptop. What if there was a way to clone the exact same interface of your phone onto your laptop. It would be so cool and heavenly for Android users, isn’t it?

Now, if you are seeking to find a solution to the above-mentioned questions, you can simply opt for an Android emulator. But, if you are searching for something more than a simple emulator screen on your Windows PC, it is time to go off the track.


In this guide, we will take an encyclopedic look at one of the best-operating systems made so far, the Remix Operating System. It is an OS that has the power to mimic the characteristics of an Android device on your Windows PC. So, let’s get going!!

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A Dig into the Remix Operating System

Whether you are fond of PUBG, Clash of Clans, Call of Duty, or you want to do the picture and video editing on your phone, the Remix OS will be an ideal option for all of you. Made with the unique vision of helping Android users get the most of the OS on PC, the Remix OS is loaded with a plethora of ingenious features.

Here are some of the best features of the Remix Operating System:


• User Interface

The very first thing that impresses a user is the interface of the software screen. Thanks to Jide technology, the user interface of Remix OS has all that one needs for an immersive experience, whether it is for gameplay, movies, or work. The user interface contains app icons on the screen, just like windows.

Moreover, the taskbar of the OS is also the same as Windows. It contains quick access apps, a back button like Android, and a home button too. Other than that, you can use apps like chrome and others just like on a Windows screen.

• The Start Menu

The developers of the Remix OS system exactly knew how to bring the users of Windows OS to use Remix OS. they embedded the exact same format of the start menu into the OS. The only difference was the Jide logo that replaces the Windows logo. The key functionality of the button was kept the same.

The button opened up a wide menu of apps on your PC like:

  • Browser
  • Contacts
  • Downloads
  • File manager
  • Settings

And many others.

• Multi-window

Get away from the hassle of switching screens on your Android phone. With the Remix OS installed on your PC, you can easily run multiple applications in multiple windows.

• Resizable window

Along with using the multiple windows feature, the Remix OS also allows its users to resize the window of the applications as per their preference. Moreover, just like Windows, the Remix OS also allows you to use right-click on the app and explore the various options. You can also leverage the keyboard shortcuts in Remix OS.

• USB Boot

If you have ever installed Windows OS by yourself, you must be aware that there are many ways to do that. You can either install it via a CD or a USB drive. In case you are installing it using the USB drive, it is important to make your drive bootable.

If we talk about the Remix OS, it is also easy to install via a USB drive. With this, you can also save your personal settings and files on it.

• Supports maximum devices

One crucial feature that can make or break the success of the software or OS is its compatibility. Fortunately, the makers of the Remix OS kept almost all devices in mind while designing the state of the art OS.

The Remis OS is totally compatible with most of the laptop brands, including Dell, Toshiba, Macbook, etc. Moreover, you can also run it smoothly on PC with Windows 7, 8, XP, 10, 8.1, both 32 bit and 64 bit.

How is Remix OS different from a typical Android emulator?

Well, this is the question that must have popped in many minds that why install a full-fledged OS when you can do the same thing with software.

The key difference lies in the user experience of the apps. When you install an Android emulator on your PC, it will take a lot of memory while running and may also lag in functionality and speed. Moreover, you have to look for apps on the emulator.

When it comes to Remix OS, it is a dedicated operating system like Windows. When you use it, you will not be using an app in an OS. You will be leveraging the power of a whole OS environment. It will make installation and accessibility easier and faster. Unlike, Android emulator, you don’t have to deal with lagging functionality in it. And just like the emulator, you can also install the Android apps via apk files.

How to install the Remix OS on your PC?

Although there are multiple ways to install the OS on your PC, we will discuss the easiest and effective way to do that here. Let’s begin!

Step 1: Open up your browser and look for a legitimate source to download the Remix Operating System installation package.


Step 2: Look at the OS options provided by the website mentioned above and choose the one as per your system configuration (32 bit or 64 bit). Download the install package.

Step 3: You will see two options in the package. Run the Remix OS installation tool. The tool will ask you to select the installation file. Choose the Remix ISO image file.

Step 4: Choose the drive in which you want to install the OS, followed by system size, and tap the Ok button on the screen.

Step 5: The installation process will begin. Give it some time and let it install completely on your PC.

Step 6: After the installation is done, your PC will ask for a restart. Click on the “Restart Now” option and let it reboot.

Step 7: During the reboot process, one of the windows will provide you an option to choose among two operating systems, Windows and Remix.

Step 8: Choose the Remix operating system option and play your favorite games on the PC.


1. What is Remix OS based on?

Remix OS is based on Android x86 that allows Android to work on normal PC hardware. It allows developers to optimize applications with respect to the Android PC environment.

2. Is Remix OS free?

Yes, the ingenious Remix OS is free of cost with no hidden charges. You can get the installation package from various legit 3rd party websites.

3. Can Remix operating system run Windows programs?

Remix OS is a modified version of Android that can run smoothly on a PC. And yes, it can smoothly run the Windows applications and programs on it.

4. What are the requirements for running Remix OS?

In order to use the Remix OS on your PC, you need to have:

  • 64 bit or 32 bit PC with Windows 7 or above
  • Intel Core i3 processor (i5 and i7 would be best)
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 8-16 GB ROM

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