How to install Ringer Dialer for your PC

ringer-dialer-pc-downloadRinger Dialer is a free communication app that allows clear and fast video and audio calls between users.
The app can be used on Android systems but also on PCs/laptops when downloaded following the steps you will learn later in this article.

The good thing about Ringer Dialer is that it can be used anywhere even in countries like Arab nations whose communication laws don’t allow certain apps to operate there.

Ring Dialer works super fast and has an inbuilt buffer that helps to speed up internet connections even when using a slow connection pot.

The reason you need Ringer Dialer for PC is of the extra features such as clear wide-screen video chats and the convenience to use your PC for calls instead of reaching for your phone multiple times.

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A busy Mom that leaves their kid with a babysitter or relative during the day can enjoy the convenience of speaking to their children back home anytime on a screen installed on the home PC. Here is a quick look at Ringer Dialers features:

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Features of Ring Diealer

  • Integrates excellently with your PC
  • Has an anti-Block Solution
  • Displays call history
  • Accesses and Works from Block countries like OMAN and UAE
  • Works on WIFI and VPN
  • Has a buffer to enhance speed when using a low-speed internet connection
  • Supports private IP address.

How to get Ringer Dialer for PC (Windows and Mac)

  1. Download BlueStacks to your PC from the BlueStacks official page
  2. Install the emulator on your PC and move to the next step
  3. Get Ringer Dialer APK file. You can’t get Ringer Dialer from the Google play store directly like you can for other apps. You need a third party which in this case is the “Ringer Dialer APK.”
    Make a simple Google search using “Ringer Dialer APK” and choose a reliable download site from which to download the file and then install it on your PC.


Download Ringer Dialer on your PC

  • Right-click on the APK file and choose the option that says, “Open with BlueStacks.”
  • On the BlueStacks window, you will see the Ringer Dialer icon displayed.
  • Click on the icon to open Ringer Dialer

Your download and installation are ready. You can now enjoy unlimited calls on your PC.

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