How to Root BlueStacks Emulator Using KingRoot and BSTweaker – A Step by Step Guide

How-To-Root-BlueStacksAndroid is one of the most popular OS used by many people worldwide. For this reason, you will find that the OS has thousands of applications developed every day. Google Play has thousands of applications that people use every day.

Due to the popularity and great demand for Android applications, developers have also developed Android emulators that help people run Android applications on their Windows and Mac devices.

Currently, there are many emulators that you can use including Bluestacks, MEmuPlay, and Nox app player. However the most trusted and reliable among the many Android emulators is Bluestacks Android emulator.

Bluestacks has many functionalities including allowing people to play Android games on Windows and Mac devices among many other functions. An unrooted Bluestacks may have fewer functionalities than a rooted one.

This is why in this post we are going to talk more about rooting Bluestacks and how you can root Bluestacks in a few easy steps.

We will also take you through how to know if your Bluestacks is rooted.

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Root Bluestacks with KingRoot

Kingroot will help you in rooting Bluestacks 2, 3, and 4 which are the latest versions of Bluestacks. Kingroot is very popular when it comes to rooting for different software. You do not have to be a technical guy for you to root Bluestacks. You only need to follow the below few steps for you to root Bluestacks.

a) Launch your latest Bluestacks emulator and search for Kingroot APK from here. You can now launch the Kingroot software on your device. The software will then give you an error message requesting you to root your device.

b) At this point you can look for the ‘try root’ button and click on it. This will lead to the installation of the SuperSu binary in the emulator. The process might take a few minutes so it wise to let the process continue without interruptions along the way.

c) After the process is complete, now reboot your emulator or restart it and that’s it.

As mentioned earlier, KingRoot is a popular software but very reliable and effective. However, KingRoot may not work for you depending on a lot of valid reasons. If it does not work for you, you can use another alternative which we are going to discuss more in this article. KingRoot may not be available on Google Play Store but you can find its APK mod. Download the APK and run it on your Bluestacks Android emulator.

The main advantage of using KingRoot is that it only takes a few seconds to root your emulator. It is also good to note that KingRoot does not work on all devices, it may work well with one device but fail to work on another device. KingRoot is a good rooting software but with that said one must note that there are risks involved in rooting devices or rooting Bluestacks. It is important to be aware of the risk involved and know what you can expect from rooting software and tread wisely and lightly.

Root with BSTweaker


This rooter has so many advantages over other rooters when it comes to rooting Bluestacks. When you decide to use this BS tweaker you are sure of getting premium Bluestacks for free. You will get the privilege to remove promo ads and other ads that will keep popping up on the free BlueStacks version.

The rooter also allows you to remove banners and the app center after you root Bluestacks with BS Tweaker. To root Bluestacks with BS Tweaker, you can follow the instructions below and root Bluestacks.

  1. Download, install, and extract Bluestacks tweaker from your device.
  2. Force close or kill Bluestacks from your device.
  3. Go to the root tab on BS Tweaker and click on unlock.
  4. Move to the main tab and open Bluestacks and then you can open BS tweaker.
  5. Move to the root tab and click ‘patch’ and your Bluestacks emulator will be rooted. You will then need to install SuperSu.
  6. To install SuperSu click on ‘install SuperSu’ and then click on update SuperSU to update SuperSu binary.
  7. Restart Bluestacks and confirm if it has rooted. You can do this with the help of a root checker.

Note; you need to ensure that you have a stable internet connection when rooting Bluestacks on your device.

BS tweaker was originally developed for tweaking Bluestacks thus using BS tweaker is a lot easier than using any other rooter to root Bluestacks on your device. As mentioned above, a rooted Bluestacks will definitely offer more functions than an unrooted Bluestacks. Some emulators may come as rooted emulators but Bluestacks does not come rooted so you have to find a good Bluestacks rooter and the BS tweaker happens to be one of the best Tweakers.

Advantages of Rooting Bluestacks

You cannot tirelessly look for different methods of rooting Bluestacks without hoping for the advantages of the process. Well, the good news is that there are several benefits to rooting Bluestacks emulator. We will discuss a few of these benefits and how you can gain from them.

The first advantage is that rooting Bluestacks helps one to modify system files which allows you to gain third-party permissions. This means that you are able to modify system files as well with the third party permissions on your Android device. Using a rooted Bluestacks software also allows you to do as many penetration testing software as you would like. These penetration applications may be wifi hackers, and packet sniffers among others. With a rooted Bluestacks software you can also edit app data and also use different cheats on your games.


You can also use a rooted Bluestacks emulator to free up some space on your phone. Some devices will come fixed with software and system applications, deleting these system applications may be impossible but with a rooted Bluestacks you can freely free up space from your device. You can customize your device to anything you want it to be with a rooted Bluestacks.

You can also customize and take back control over your device. Many manufacturers may limit your freedom of customization for the fear of damaging your device system. However, if you really know what you are doing you can choose to tweak anything on your device. For instance, you can choose to customize many settings on your device. You change the different themes on your device and graphics customizing everything to your preferred needs and wants.

You are also very free to download any app that you want from the internet. Some devices will restrict you from downloading certain apps on your device. However, as mentioned above, if you know what you are doing you can download any app from the internet and from any site you wish. You must however note that some sites are dangerous and downloading anything from such sites is equally dangerous to your personal data. It is recommended that you do due diligence to the site that you wish to download apps and ensure that the site is safe before deciding to download the app on your device. A rooted Bluestacks emulator does not mean that you will be protected from all internet viruses; you just have to be extra careful.

With a rooted Bluestacks emulator you can choose to enjoy a new OS while using the old OS. How is this done? Well, many people might think that the device and the OS you are using are linked to each other and nothing can separate them. This is true if you are not using a rooted emulator, however, if you will be using a rooted Bluestacks emulator you have the freedom to use a different OS on your device. For example, you can update the OS you are using an old OS on your device. The manufacturer may not allow you to update the OS but with a rooted Bluestacks emulator you can easily update the OS.

You can also use a rooted Bluestacks emulator to back up your important data and avoid losing it. You can transfer your most important data to another device in a few minutes after rooting your device to avoid losing your most important data.

Disadvantages of Rooting Bluestacks


You might have noticed that rooting Bluestacks comes along with so many benefits and concluded that all that would be too good to be true. Well, rooting Bluestacks on your Android device has so many benefits but with the many benefits comes a few disadvantages. Below are a few advantages that you should be aware of before you decide to root Bluestacks on your Android device.

First after you root Bluestacks on your device, your security is breached and your device is now vulnerable. Unlike with an unrooted device where there are so many restrictions, a rooted device has fewer restrictions thus anything can be allowed in your device. For this reason, you will be required to be extra careful even when you are using your phone to browse the internet.

Another disadvantage is that some rooting software may be dangerous to your phone. The software may cause more damage to your phone than you can imagine. The solution to this however is to ensure that you only use trusted rooting software like the ones we have listed above.

Also using rooting software will definitely void your warranty. If anything happens to your device after you have rooted it devise manufacturer will not be responsible for any harm that comes to your phone. This is why you will notice that although rooting is not illegal many manufacturers tend to fight it more and more.

In addition, a single move as you root your device could turn your phone into a useless brick. A wrong move and the next thing you know is that your phone is destroyed and there is nothing you can do about it.

So is it Safe to Root Bluestacks?

The answer to this question will all depend on your technical know-how and the device involved. It is safe to root Bluestacks if you know how to safely do it and that you are using a good app to root Bluestacks on your Android phone. If you are not sure of how to root your Bluestacks Android emulator it would be safe if you just leave rooting to people who know exactly what to do when rooting their devices.

How to know that your Bluestacks Android emulator is rooted?

After going through the whole process of rooting your device you need to ensure that the emulator is rooted. So how do you know that your Bluestacks Android emulator is rooted? The safest and easiest way to do this is by using a root checker from the Google play store.

You will only need to open your Bluestacks Android emulator and search for the root checker app from the Play Store. Install the checker on your Bluestacks Android emulator software. The root checker will ask for permission, grant permission, and move on to the next step. After downloading the checker you need to tap on the ‘verify root access’.


If your Android emulator is rooted you will receive a congratulatory message notifying you that your Android emulator is already rooted and that is how you will know that your device is already rooted.

If the root checker does not ask for permission you should already know that Bluestacks has not been rooted and you can go ahead and start the rooting process once again.


Using Bluestacks is an advantage in itself since it allows you to use Android applications on your computer. Using a rooted Bluestacks is even more advantageous since it comes with double opportunities. The process of rooting Bluestacks is also not an easy job; one must be extra careful when rooting the emulator.

Rooting also has some risks but if you have the technical know-how, there is nothing to worry about. However, if you have no knowledge related to rooting devices or software we recommend that you find an expert who will do the rooting for you.

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