How to Install SoundHound App on PC (Windows and Mac)

soundhound-app-pc-windows-macSoundHound App: Enjoy any Song Anywhere

From techno to classic rock to reggae to any genre of music, we all love it. Music soothes our hearts, and since we can’t know every song that comes on the radio, we need the services of music identification like the SoundHound app.

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Understanding SoundHound App

SoundHound App is a musical identification service provider geared towards music aficionados. It enables the user to quickly search for a given song stuck in their mind by humming it, singing, and typing. However, the results for speaking may experience miss and hit.

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Why Choose SoundHound App

SoundHound App works super well, searching for old and new songs. It also identifies songs for kids, making it ideal for parents looking to keep their kids entertained. Moreover, it brings out fun to kids who love to hum a tune, and it provides comprehensive results that include information about the artist and song. Also, it gives out iTunes links for purchases, the album name of the song, the artist page, YouTube videos, etc. And if the user wants to listen and create their playlist, the SoundHound App integrates your wish with iPod providing the lyrics you need for your tracks.


Furthermore, the App has Smartphone magic allowing the user to hold their phone toward the performer or speaker, and the App automatically gives information about the song playing. It makes the perfect App for cafes, car rides, and bars. More so, it keeps a record of every song you have identified for future playback, purchase, and finding the lyrics with just one click.

It has a music app feature that allows the user to find the song played near them and also other parts of the world. This way, it prevents the user from missing their favorite artist’s new tracks and other updates in the music industry.

SoundHound App allows easy navigation through the classic tap, type modes, and swipe. For identifying the songs, the user taps on the app’s orange button, and it comes up with video playback, lyrics, stream, and share and buys options.

Lastly, the SoundHound App also provides music charts with the top songs identified by the app user, making it a great way of finding new music collections. Also, you can save a song for identifying in offline mode, and the App will search for it once you connect to Wi-Fi.

Pros of SoundHound App

  • It allows the user to sing, hum, or type any song to search.
  • Features the Live Lyrics after it has identified the song.
  • Comes with an intuitive discovery
  • Enables the user to bookmark the tagged songs for future reference
  • Fast Results
  • It has a robust design and interface
  • It’s free to use but with add
  • Integration with Pandora, Spotify, and Apple Music
  • Packed with easy-to-use features
  • Supports hands-free usage
  • Has built-in Virtual assistants and offline assistance

Downloading SoundHound App for PC

To enjoy the unlimited features of the SoundHound App on your PC you need to download and install emulators like Nox App Player and BlueStacks. Here is a simple guide to enable you to enjoy music in a relaxed manner.


  • After installing your preferred emulator, search for the Google Play Store.
  • Open the Google Play Store and search for the SoundHound App.
  • After finding the SoundHound App, click on it, and follow the given download and installation instructions.
  • After completing the process, open the SoundHound App icon and start using the App.
  • Search for your favorite songs and soothe your heart.

Alternatively, you can download the SoundHound App using an .APK File

Bottom Line

Enjoy the magical experience of rich-song identification services with instant results on any song, from any country, and at any time with SoundHound App.

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