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spectrum-tv-app-pc-windows-7-8-10-mac-free-downloadPerhaps you are using BlueStacks to work with your social networks with no limitation or you just don’t want to waste your megabytes, now you can go even further than just chatting, posting, taking pictures and sending voice notes, use your PC as a TV with no problem by downloading and installing Spectrum™ TV (And record as well). Let’s show you how this is possible.

There is no time to waste if you don’t want to miss anything of your favorite live TV series or shows you would not like your friends asking you if you watched the last Game of Thrones episode or not so, in order to make it as easy as possible for you, we have created for you this incredibly simple tutorial. It will take you five minutes (We are not responsible for your internet speed).

First of all, you have to open your BlueStacks Android emulator by clicking the icon on your desktop (We recommend BlueStacks 3 for better compatibility) then, go to the Google Play app and just type “Spectrum TV” and press the magnifying glass to search. It will be like peeling a banana!

Do you know what goes next? You have guessed, let’s download the app for Android that it will be actually performed by the BlueStacks emulator with no problem, so press download and as actually would be done on a smartphone, it will take you some time, (You can drink a coffee in the meanwhile).

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How to Download Spectrum TV for PC (Windows & Mac)

If you already have drunk something that means we are ready so, let’s set some parameters now. Spectrum TV will ask you a few questions like a username and a password. Open the Spectrum TV on your BlueStacks main tab, write a unique and original username and an unforgettable but reliable password (You had better write numbers, letters, and special characters to make it safer), let us know you actually agreed to the License Agreement on the License Agreement Screen, but don’t forget to read please (Remember, always read before signing something), choose the “agree” field.

Now that you have followed these instructions, you must be done for enjoying the best of the TV on your PC and more than 250 live channels, more than 30,000 live TV programs and movies on demand. But let’s see, Spectrum TV allows you to set parental control for children if you choose the option “settings” and go to the “Parental Control” option.

What about recording? Perhaps you don’t have time enough to watch what you want at the moment it is being telecasted, don’t be worried, Spectrum™ TV has the DVR recorder option that is actually very easy to use from the menu, just enter, and set the parameters of the time of your favorite TV show. As easy as saying “Hello!”.

This is one of the ways the Spectrum TV App on PC is possible, in this case, no credit card needed, no Netflix just this super easy tutorial that actually requires a very light software that you can download very fast. We hope has been useful for you and has clarified your doubts as well, if you have any doubt just let us know on the comments, share this with your friends, family and all the TV addicts that you know.

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