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Splyce-for-PC-Mac-Windows-Free-DownloadSplyce is an online web application that deserves a test, since it has several interesting points. For example, the interface of this program is very nice, well made and differentiated, showing an animation that accompanies the graphic form.

The colors of this app are also a positive point, since the more modern Splyce and pleasant to use. By connecting to the Phillips system that also means Hue, you can replicate these shades for special lamps of this type of lighting, creating completely custom environments for their parties.

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Beyond beauty

He is beautiful, it is easy to see with a few clicks, but the main features are far more broad Splyce than that. It may not be easy, even find all of this at once, since it has many hidden details. However, the main of this app is shown in a tutorial and it works in a simple way.

The most impressive is that it allows the creation of playlists and mixes in a simple way, using automatic adjustments and dr BPM standards, for example. It’s good to note that this program takes a lot and uses a lot of battery the first time it is used, since it can be very laborious to analyze all the songs before I could make the selections.

In this way, do this with time, or you’ll end up frustrated. Splyce isn’t an app to download in a hurry when you’re at a party and you want a DJ tool: it needs to be carefully configured before use. This, however, only shows how full it may be, cannot be classified as a real problem.

What could be better

Splyce for PC uses songs from your own appliance, which can really be a downside, as there is even a space limitation that prevents saving a large amount of songs on your phone or tablet. Developers promise that it will soon be possible to integrate streaming services like Deezer and Spotify, but that hasn’t happened yet.

Another problem is that it actually uses a lot of battery even in the background or during normal use. It is important to use the Splyce when you are with the phone connected to a dock, especially on long holidays, or you can stay without battery ahead of schedule.

Is it worth it?

There are positive points in this interesting player, what cause it can serve as a DJ to choose the best order for your playlists. He is beautiful, easy to use and has interesting integrations, but it’s worth noting that not all Splyce functions are free, which ends up limiting your use if you are not willing to spend.

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