How To Run State of Survival On A PC Computer (Guide)

state-of-survival-for-pcState of Survival is a free video game that you can play on your Android phone. If you love zombie games, then State of Survival is another game that you are going to love. However, the State of Survival is only built for Android and iOS devices, which means there is currently no State of Survival PC version. However, this post aims to educate you more on this game and show you a workaround to download State of Survival for PC.

So if you are in for the zombie game excitement, let’s go.

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What is State of Survival PC?


As mentioned earlier State of Survival is an Android zombie game that you can play on your phone or any other device. In this game, you are a survivor after the virus ravaged the whole city in six months. Your job is to make sure that you and your team of survivors survive and build a city that cannot be attacked by zombies.

The surviving government and its military have gone underground, leaving the vulnerable survivors on their own. Zombies are everywhere, and you need to do everything possible to survive and build a city for the survivors.

As the virus ravaged the human race from the city, the resources to protect yourself from the zombies are quite minimal, but you have to survive the ordeal. You can choose to fight against zombies or even against other survivors. You, however, have your sniper gun with fps. This is the gun that will help you when shooting from a hiding position.

Since the resources are scarce, you must keep collecting any essential items like coins on the road while fighting. You can decide to plant bombs to kill zombies or shoot them directly. The city you will build has to strategic to avoid all of the zombie attacks. You, however, must have a PVP army and target the zombies to end the horrific adventure.

How to Play State of Survival Online

While playing this game, there are many things you are going to do within the game. Below are some of these fun things you can incorporate into your adventure and enjoy the game.

√ Rescue any survivor that you come across if you see that your team is growing weaker. You can add survivors by rescuing them from the battle.

√ While fighting the walking dead, you have to think about your life after the apocalypse. Rebuild a city for you and your survivors to protect yourselves from the zombies.

√ You can also research about the virus. Whoever gets the cure for the virus rules the world, so you have to research on the fast mutating virus to survive and end the nightmare.

√ Socialize to build up a strong alliance and survive the apocalypse. The larger the number of survivors, the stronger the alliance you have.

√ Rewrite the rulebook stating some important rules survivors must follow if they want to survive the ordeal.

Downloading State of Survival for PC

As mentioned earlier in this post, the app and like most Android apps are not available for PC download; then, the same case applies for State of Survival. However, this does not mean that you cannot completely play this game on your PC.

If you feel that you need to download the app on your PC, you need to use an emulator to download it on your PC. You can use many emulators, but for this tutorial, we are going to use the MEmu player to download the app on your PC.

Follow the steps below to download the app on your PC;

1. Download the MEmu player on your PC.
2. Run the MEmu player on your PC.
3. Download the State of Survival PC APK.
4. Click on the APK icon on the emulator.
5. Choose the APK you have downloaded, and the download will start.

State of Survival FAQs

1. Can I play State of survival on PC?

You can play State of Survival using an Android emulator that will help you in downloading the app and playing the game using it. State of Survival does not have a Pc version; that is why you must have an Android emulator to download the app on your PC. An Android emulator allows you to use an Android application on your PC.

2. Is the State of Survival free?

State of Survival is a free game to play, and you will not be required to pay anything for you to play State of Survival zombie game.

3. Is State of Survival cross-platform?

Yes, the State of Survival is a cross-platform game, which means that you can play the game with your friends using the same server. You can play it using different devices only to ensure that you are using the same server.

4. How do you leave the State of Survival game?

If you wish to exit the game, you can click the ‘wilderness’ button on the lower-left corner of the screen. This way, you can leave the game and proceed later.

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