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tachiyomi-for-pc-free-downloadTachiyomi App: A Hub Of Manga Content

Are you fond of reading comics? Well, if you are, we have some good news for you. We introduce you to a great Android app named Tachiyomi that has a huge collection of manga comics that you can enjoy.

If you are not aware, the word Manga refers to Japanese comic books and novels that are meant for adults and children. The app is a great way to get in touch with all the Japanese comics and its awesome graphical content. Just like other comic book apps, this app also has some distinguishable features that are worth noticing.

Let us take a quick look at all those features!

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What is unique about the Tachiyomi reader app?


Well, the unique thing about the Tachiyomi app is that you get to read a lot of new things comic book content. Other than that, the in-app features add more value to it.

√ Content from a number of sources: One of the best things about the app is that you get to read a lot of content, that too, from various different sources. Some of the primary sources featured by the app are Batoto, Kissmanga, Mangafox, etc.

√ Offline Access: You don’t have to be dependent on the data connection all the time for reading your favorite content. The app provides you the feature of downloading the chapters of the comics offline so that you can read it when there is no data connection.

√ A number of customization options: The app is not just about opening the comic and reading it. It takes full care of your eyes by offering you various screen customization features. You can turn the comic to full screen to avoid notifications.

There are two themes in the Tachiyomi app, light and dark. You can choose whichever suits you best. Moreover, you can also change the setting, like turning the pages. You can turn them by just tapping on the screen rather than swiping.

√ Easy to Navigate: The app is based on Japanese comics does not mean that it will difficult to use. The Tachiyomi app has all of its content arranged categorically so that you can find what you need easily.

√ Cache management: With time, the app will start accumulating cache, which means it may slow down your app. So, the app offers you a built-in feature of cleaning the cache. You can clean the cache from it yourself.

This is so far everything that the Tachiyomi app offers.

Pros of the app Cons of the app
  • The app is free for use.
  • It is not available on the Play Store.
  • It has an attractive interface.
  • It is backed by a number of legitimate sources.

How to get the Tachiyomi app for your PC?

The process of getting this awesome comic book and novel app for your PC is pretty simple. Go through the following process to know:

1) Download an Android emulator on your PC.

When you search for them, there will be many choices for you. Among them, the best ones are:

Download them from the official websites, as mentioned in the links.

2) Open the installer package of the emulator and install the emulator. All you need to do is follow the guidelines provided by the PC.

Note: Make sure your PC has the required configurations. Give the emulator about 15 minutes for a complete setup.

3) After properly installing the software, open it.

4) Now, as the Tachiyomi app is not available on Play Store, you need to install the app on your PC using an Apk file.

5) For downloading the apk file, go to Google and search for the Tachiyomi apk file. Keep a check on the legitimacy of the source. It may contain malware. Download the apk file from the source.


6) Now, open the emulator window and drag the apk file into the emulator window. Check the dialog box and install it. Some emulators also have the option of “install by apk”. Choose that option if you get in the emulator.

Note: You may get prompted to install the app from an unknown source. Allow the app to install from an unknown source.

7) Once the Tachiyomi app is installed, you can enjoy all the manga content right on your PC.

Frequently Asked Questions

A) How can you install the app on your phone?

As the app is not available on Google Play Store, you can install it on your phone with the help of the apk file. Be aware of the legitimacy of the apk file source.

B) Why are some images not displayed in the app?

There could be 2 reasons for this, one that you might be having a network problem. Another reason can be the compatibility of the decoder with the image file type.

C) Can I change the language in the app?

The Tachiyomi app supports 35 languages. You can change the language as per preference by going to Settings > General > Language.

D) Is the Tachiyomi app available for iOS?

No, the Tachiyomi app is not available for iOS.

Final Wrap Up

There are many applications out there that can be used to read manga content. But the Tachiyomi app is the one that has all the classy features that other apps don’t. Hence, it is the best choice for you to make if you are a fan of Japanese comic books and graphics.

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