How to Tag Everyone in a Group Chat on WhatsApp

The Internet has advanced and introduced various types of social media platforms. These social media platforms bring together internet users from all over the world.

If you want to interact on social media platforms, you need to create an account and send friend requests to the other party, and the owner of the account will respond to your request.

We have social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, TikTok, etc. Any internet user is free to join any platform they want.

However, you need to fill in your details as per the instructions and read the terms and conditions of every media platform to avoid being blacklisted or removed from the platform.

Whatsapp is one of the most popular and owned Apps globally. As of today, it has nearly over 2 billion users worldwide. WhatsApp is the most used form of messaging service used in the world. It’s straightforward to install and manage too.


The WhatsApp application has various features, making it outstanding from the other messaging platforms available for communication. A developer named Will Cathmart came up with the WhatsApp messaging platform.

WhatsApp platform has impacted many users in a significant way. The users can communicate easily and faster via messaging, voice calls, and video calls.

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If you have an internet connection on your mobile device, you will be able to communicate with anyone in the world as long as both of you have each other’s contact on the phone contact section.

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Features of WhatsApp

As a messaging center for people globally, it has features that make the users prefer to use it over the other platforms.

If you have a WhatsApp application on your device, you can share live or any ongoing event with a person at a distance from wherever you are and feel as if they are part of the occasion.

When one creates an account on the WhatsApp platform, it is now easy to set your details as you wish. For example, there’s an option for “my status,” On this part, the user can restrict the privacy icon.


In this privacy option, the user can choose whom to view the post on the status part and whatnot to view. It helps keep the user’s privacy in control, avoiding stubborn people reaching you and misusing what you own.

WhatsApp has a notification setting. The user can customize according to their tone to recognize the WhatsApp messages in this setting.

Additionally, the user can customize a specific ring alert tone to a particular person or group to notify when they send a message.

However, you can get a place to control and manage your data and storage on the setting part. For example, at times, the phone may lack enough storage capacity, so you can clear unnecessary images and video on the storage and data to create more space in your phone.

Media auto download can also be adjusted. This involves your device downloading images, audio, and videos using mobile data or when connected to the WIFI.

When sending photo uploads, you can choose the quality you want your receiver to get. We have the auto, best quality, and data saver. The auto-upload is most advised because it sends standard images and doesn’t take long to deliver, unlike the best quality one.

If you cannot set a particular setting or understand how to use a specific command, WhatsApp has a help support section. There, you can contact the customer care desk and get your assistance as soon as possible.

You can form a group chat on this WhatsApp group for a particular group of people. Maybe, for example, you have a common agenda together; one person can create a group and invite the other contact member to join.

How to Form a Group Chat on WhatsApp

A group chat involves several members coming together and becoming one group. The group chat is formed for a specific purpose or people with a joint plan.

A member who is on WhatsApp is the one to create a group. Then, the person is provided with the link through the group’s starting.create-group-whatsapp

The generated link can enable the interested members to join the group. Once any member clicks on the link, they are automatically sent to the created group.

The forming of groups has helped a lot and bought excellent communication among the members, thus making it easier to tag every group member at large.


Tagging a person on WhatsApp means you want that person to see or read a specific chat that you have posted.

This is an excellent feature on WhatsApp. It can also save time for the person being addressed to locate the message posted.

The purpose of tagging a person on the WhatsApp group is to let the person who that there is a message that he needs to know about it.

There are many members involved in group chats, approximately around 245 you. You can be in a group where many people are active, meaning they often send messages to the group.

How to Tag All People in WhatsApp Group Chat

As a busy person, you may not find time to read every message posted on the group. So here is now where the tagging feature comes into help.

When you tag every group chat member on a specific message you have posted on WhatsApp, you need to use a particular character: the @ symbol.

The @ symbol should be typed first before the name you want to tag. Then, when you order the @ character, a list of group members will pop up, and you can add the name you want.


First, start with the character @ in every group member and follow by the member’s name. The best feature about tagging is that even if any member has muted the group notification, they can get the message tagged in.

Tagging is an excellent feature where a member is notified of the vital message addressed in the group. As a result, tagging has improved the way of communicating.

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