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We live in an era where communication via calls and texts is crucial and inevitable. Calls and texts are vital communication techniques among coworkers, families, and friends which leaves everyone looking for the most effective and convenient way to call or text each other.

Do you know that it is possible to talk via cellular data or Wi-Fi without purchasing the cell minutes? Yes. If you are interested in this convenient, effective, and cost-effective communication technique, then Talkatone is your ideal option.

With the free calls and text messages, you should stay in touch with your loved ones regardless of the distance between you and them. The primary goal of Talkatone is to keep you closely knit with your loved ones and ensure you are never alone irrespective of the physical distance. With Talkatone, you don’t need any regular cell phone plan to connect with your family and friends in different parts of the world.


In addition to the free calls and texts, this app also allows you to send audio messages and photos to your loved ones. Besides calling and texting them, photos and videos also serve a significant role in keeping in touch with family and friends. It gives them half of your experience as they hold onto the photos and videos for memories and proof of a certain phase of your life.

One amazing aspect of the Talkatone app is that you are free to call from any device ranging from phones to tablets and PCs among others. As for international calls, you only need Wi-Fi and you are good to go. The next time you plan to travel across the world but you do not know how to keep in touch with your loved ones and share the experience with them, try Talkatone.

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Amazing Talkatone Features

Unlike other communication apps available in the market, Talkatone comes with some features that make it unique and outstanding. We will highlight a few as discussed below:

  • Free Phone Number

The primary goal of Talkatone is to keep you connected with your loved ones via calls and texts which makes it your new phone. You, therefore, need a new phone number for the app. The app however comes with a free US/Canada phone number of your choice which means no extra costs.

  • Free Calling App

Another unique and outstanding feature about Talkatone is that the calls and texts are free as long as you have cellular data or Wi-Fi. Unlike the ordinary communication platforms that require users to subscribe to some type of cell phone plan, the only thing you need with Talkatone is Wi-Fi or cellular data. With this app, the costly cell minutes are not necessary but you can still call your loved ones and send messages at no cost.

  • Free Disposable Telephone Number

As mentioned above, Talkatone comes with a free US/Canada phone number of your choice. Additionally, the app also comes with another free disposable phone number which allows you to change to a new number anytime. This number is ideal in cases where you need a one-time use phone number to call or text and then burn it in the phone settings and get a new one.

  • Free Picture Messages

Pictures are a significant part of life today not only for memories but to allow your loved ones to experience life with you. It may be a significant life event such as a wedding, graduation, or birthday party that they weren’t able to attend but sharing pictures with them ensures that you share your joy with them irrespective of the distance.

  • International Calls

Making international calls while on a trip or working in another country has been a great challenge for the longest time. Talkatone is however your greatest current solution as it allows you to make international calls cost-free with Wi-Fi and a few additional call credits. With Talkatone, your international calls should no longer be as expensive as they previously were.

How to Install Talkatone App on Your PC

As mentioned above, Talkatone is one of the easiest ways to stay connected with family and friends via free calls, texts, and audio messages both locally and internationally. The app works on all types of devices such as phones, and tablets. More users have recently shown the need to use the app on their PCs. Sadly, there is a PC-specific app for Talkatone but fortunately, you can still get it on your computer safely and effectively.

You should understand that Talkatone was primarily designed as a mobile app but can currently be used on PCs thanks to the emulator app. The role of the latter is to allow your computer’s operating system to function similar to that of a mobile device. In the end, mobile apps such as Talkatone can function on the computer without any challenges.

With the emulator app successfully installed, either the Bluestacks or Nox App Player Emulator, you can download the Talkatone app into your computer and enjoy the free calls, texts, and audio.

Using Bluestacks Emulator:

Downloading the Talkatone app via the Bluestacks emulator involves a few steps as outlined below:

  • Open up the Bluestacks and sign in to your Google Play Account (It is one of the easiest to create).
  • Type Talkatone into the search bar and search.
  • Click on the Talkatone icon and begin downloading.
  • Open the app once it is successfully downloaded.
  • Start enjoying the calls and texts with your loved ones.

Using Nox Player App Emulator:

Its use is similar to that of the Bluestacks emulator above. After downloading the Nox Player App, you should open it and sign in to your Google account and search for Talkatone in the Play Store search bar.


The Talkatone icon should appear with a download option that allows you to install it. Upon completion, you are free to use the app.

FAQs about Talkatone

Is Talkatone free?

Yes. Talkatone is a free communication app that allows you to keep in touch with your loved ones via calls and texts using Wi-Fi or cellular data.

Can I use Talkatone on my PC?

Yes. Since the app was initially designed for mobile devices, you cannot directly install Talkatone into your PC. However, with the help of an emulator app, you can successfully install and use Talkatone on your PC.


What devices are legible for use with Talkatone?

You can use Talkatone on all devices including phones, tablets, and PCs.

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