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download-tango-for-pcLive streaming apps have been around for a long time now. Right now, there are various live-streaming apps in the market, like Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook, Livestream, Stream Now, and many others.

Moreover, the market for live-streaming apps is also elevating year by year. The live streaming app market stood at USD 42.60 billion in 2019 and is currently growing at a tremendous pace.

The sole reason behind the accelerated growth of the live streaming app market is user interactions. Users around the world have started interacting more with these apps. People use the apps to showcase their talents like gaming, dancing, music, and whatnot.

If you have one of the best talents in the world, you can also showcase that talent with the help of a brilliant app, Tango. The article will discuss some of the best features of the app, along with the benefits of using it. You will also discover the process of installing the app on your PC. So, let’s begin!

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What is Tango?

tango-app-android-screenshotsSo, let’s cut to the chase! Tango is a social live streaming and broadcasting video app that can be harnessed for various purposes by any user. Just like other apps, it has all the necessary features that a broadcaster needs to reach out to their audiences out there.

What are the various features of the Tango?

Tango is not short of features; it has a lot of them. Let’s discuss some of them!

Live interaction with fans: The best thing about live streaming apps like Tango is that you can easily go live and interact with your fan audience from anywhere. In the live sessions, you can showcase your talent by singing, dancing, painting, cooking, etc.

You can chat both publicly as well as privately with your fans. The app offers you the ability to create:

  • Personal video group for your special fans.
  • Public video sessions for all of your fans.

Be a part of a talented community: Being a user of the app, you can be a part of a well-talented community. The Tango app lets normal users learn from the talented ones. It allows you to send gifts to the people you admire and earn special status on the app.

Watch and chat: As a normal user of the app, you can easily enjoy video streams and chat with your favorite people on the web or phone. No matter what time of the day it is, you will definitely find people live on this app.

Another cool aspect of the app is that you can play interactive games with the people you chat with.

Beautify your streams: Lastly, like all the other apps, the Tango app also has some cool filters and masks that you, as a talented person, can use to beautify your feed and get more viewers.

Tango as an earning opportunity

Tango, other than entertainment, can also help you earn money. If you have a unique talent, you can go live on the app with your skills and increase your number of viewers. When you have more viewers, you will get more popularity, and consequently, your rank will rise in the leaderboard.

As you have more viewers, you are likely to receive more likes and gifts from your fan and earn money for your talents for free.

How to install and use Tango on the PC?

Well, the app is not available for PC as it is, but you can use the app on your computer with the help of an Android emulator.


An Android emulator mimics the environment of a smartphone on your PC. So, it becomes easy for you to run the app on your PC. Currently, there are various Android emulators available in the market that you can opt for, but we recommend:

So, here are the steps of installing the emulator on your PC:

1. Download the emulator only from the official website.

2. Unpack the software package and install the emulator on the PC while following the instructions provided on the screen.

Note: Allow the emulator around 10-15 minutes for a complete setup.

3. Post completion of the emulator, open it up and look for the PlayStore app in the emulator window. It is a default app in the emulator.

4. Open the Google Play Store application and login with your Google ID and password.

5. Post successful login, go to the search bar and type the name of the app, Tango.

6. Find the right app and install it.

7. Now, you can connect with people with the best talents in the world.

Alternate Method:

Other than this method, you can also opt for the apk method for app installation. In this, you just need to download the Tango apk from the web and drag it into the emulator window. Post that, you can install it on your PC.


1. Is Tango a paid app?

Yes, the live-streaming app Tango is paid. Check the Google Play or App Store for pricing.

2. Is it safe for students?

Yes, the tango app is safe for students as it helps them interact with talented people. However, one needs to keep supervision.

Summing up!

If you possess some sort of special talent, you can easily promote it with the help of the Tango app. There are various features that make it worth your time, and it can also help you earn money with it. We hope you get the best out of this article.

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