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toonme-app-for-pcWe all love Instagram and Snapchat filters. While some of these filters allow you to enhance your features, others allow you to change your pictures into cartoons. However, these filters only come on the apps for a limited period. In addition to this, the animation filters on these social media websites are not of extremely high quality.

This is because these filters are not the app’s main focus, and they were only added for entertainment purposes. However, if you are looking for a permanent app that can help you transform any picture of yours into a cartoon character, then ToonMe is for you.

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What You Can Do With The ToonMe App?

So, why is the ToonMe app for PC so popular these days? Many celebrities and social media influencers are using the app, and its popularity seems to be increasing every day. ToonMe allows users to turn their portraits into animated characters. However, this is not like a traditional app where it simply turns a photo into a regular cartoon.


ToonMe allows you to create complex characters, which resemble your favorite animated heroes in Disney and Pixar films. So, if you use ToonMe, your portrait could end up resembling Flynn Rider in Tangled rather than just being a 2-dimensional cartoon character. In addition to this, there are numerous layouts and full-body animation options available.

Why Is ToonMe For PC So Famous?

In addition to its fun concept, there is another reason why ToonMe for desktop computers and laptops is so famous. Before the app, only experts in photoshop and editing could turn pictures into animated cartoons. People visited unique online shops to get their pictures animated and pay a good price.

However, ToonMe for PC allows amateurs and everyday people with no editing skills to animate their pictures. While you do have to pay a subscription fee for the app if you want to use it in the long run, this fee is yearly and is much lower than the cost of ordering custom-made animations. Since ToonMe allows everyone to animate their pictures at a professional level, it is increasing in popularity every day.

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Is The Subscription Fee Too High?

One of the biggest cons of ToonMe for PC is perhaps its subscription price. The total fee is about 30 US dollars for a yearly subscription, which some people think is too hefty. Whether or not the subscription fee is a disadvantage depends on how you want to use the app. Some people only want to use it for a few days to create some cool posts for social media and then forget about it altogether.

However, suppose you want to use ToonMe for PC for making professional-level animated pictures for your small business, etc. In that case, this subscription fee is a small investment for the relatively large profit you could be making. The yearly fee is spread out over 12 months and is not a heavy burden on your pocket if you make timely installments. We would not suggest being put off by the fee forever.

Carefully think about why you want to download the app and how long you plan on using it. If you think this is an app you could get used to and utilize for the time to come, the fee is worth paying.

How To Download ToonMe for PC?

Currently, there is no official version of ToonMe for desktop. However, there is an easy way to take advantage of ToonMe for PC. All you have to do is stick to the following steps:

The first thing you need to be aware of is an Android emulator. This software through your PC can act like an Android device, and it can help you install ToonMe for PC. There are numerous emulators available out there. However, if you are looking to install ToonMe on a laptop, then Nox player is a good option since it is known to be compatible with the app.

Now search for Nox player on Google. On the official website, you will find a link to install it. Click on it and follow the instructions displayed by the wizard. These can vary depending on the kind of device you are using. Installing a Nox player is a matter of minutes if you have a good Internet connection. Once you have done it, click on the Downloads folder on your PC and open Nox player.


Once you open the Nox player app, you will see a Playstore like setup. In the search bar, you can type ToonMe. Now, once the search results pop up, click on the official icon of the ToonMe app and click ‘Install’. The app will start downloading, just like it does on your phone. Once you have downloaded the app, click on the ‘All Apps’ or ‘Installed Apps’ option to see where ToonMe is. All this can be done within minutes if you have a stable Internet connection.

What Are Some Special Features Of The App?

What sets ToonMe apart from other animation apps is its high-tech, cutting-edge technology. The app uses AI technology to animate your portrait. So it will not work just cartoon-if your picture. It will use AI to map out your portrait and then re-create another life-like portrait that is animated.

This causes the ToonMe for the laptop to produce images that resemble Disney and Pixar characters since these production houses also use similar technology. In addition to this, ToonMe for desktop also allows users to make other enhancements to their pictures. These include changing the skin tone of the cartoon character.

So if you want your animated self to look a little tanner, you can choose a filter that adds the relevant effect.

Our Review of ToonMe for Desktop

ToonMe for desktop and PC is one of our favorite apps these days. While users may give it different ratings, we think it is a fun app to download for professional and amateur users alike.

If you are not a professional, then the fun portraits will entertain you and your friends for a good time, and you can post these on social media for a lot of likes. If you are a professional looking to sell these pictures, then the ToonMe for PC is a good, long-term investment.

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