Top 5 eBook Reader Apps That You Can Use On A Desktop PC

best-ebook-reader-applications-for-windows-pcEbook reading has become a very convenient way of reading books. They are also cheaper than print books, some are free if they are in the public domain and all you have to do is download them and start reading immediately.

Most eBooks are available in ePub, Mobi, and PDF. While most computers will allow you to read eBooks in the PDF format some may not allow any other format. For the computers that may prohibit other formats other than PDFs, you can use an eBook reader. Some of these eBook readers are completely free of charge and we are going to discuss some of them in this article.

So what defines an excellent eBook reader? For general reading, a good eBook reader should have a clear layout. A good eBook reader should also provide the ability to sync the reader’s bookshelf among many devices.

Below are some of the best eBook readers for your PC.

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1. Voice Dream Reader


Voice dream reader is a text-to-speech software specially made for the visually impaired. The software can read any eBook from any type of format thus allowing you to read from a wide variety of eBooks. Because the eBook reader has been specifically developed for the sake of the visually impaired, it does not mean that others cannot use it. Anyone can use this software and read from it, you can also read a book while working because you only need to listen and get the information from the eBook.

You can also load the eBooks from anywhere such as dropbox, bookshelf, Evernote, Instapaper among many other platforms. If you have files from your local storage, you can also load them into this voice reader. There are different reading modes when using this app. There is the sleep timer mode, word by word reading sentence by sentence reading and also speed reading. The sentence by sentence reading mode can be one of the best reading modes for many people so they can grasp and learn step by step.

You are given the mandate to change the narration in terms of the speaker, look for different pronunciations. If you use the Safari browser, the voice dream reader has an extension whereby you can save articles and other files that you find useful while surfing the internet.

In conclusion, Voicedream reader is a great eBook reader for anyone out there. You have to note that the reader is a premium one but very affordable to anyone.

Download Voice Dream Reader for PC

2. Moon+ Reader App


Moon+ Reader is one of the most popular Android eBook readers in the market today. The eBook reader is easily accessible to anyone on the internet. This app supports many online eBook libraries and you get to read many eBooks using the app for free. The app has a lot of powerful controls and great features for its users.

With this app, you get to read eBooks from different formats. Moon+ Reader has the night and day mode that allows you to change between the two. If you are a book worm and you find yourself reading eBooks for long hours, the application has the ‘keep your eyes healthy’ options that allow you to read books without affecting your health.

The app’s interface is intuitive and very user friendly which means that you will not have a lot of problems trying to read eBooks. A Moon+ Reader user has full control of the screen whereby there are five different auto scrolls. The application is also localized in 40 different languages so it might be difficult to lack your language.

Learn how to download Moon+ Reader for PC

3. Wattpad


Wattpad has been around for quite a long time and in time it has become very popular. Wattpad not only lets you read eBooks and stories, but you also get a chance to write a story and share it with the world. If you are good at writing you could earn a name for yourself.

With the Wattpad app, you will get the chance to read many original stories and from different languages. Whatever you love reading about; be it fiction, romance, children’s stories, you will get to read most of these stories from Wattpad. If you are interested in reading a particular genre of stories, you can start your library within the application.

Hooked on a particular story? You can sync your Wattpad account and start the story from where you left it at. Some of the stories you get to watch on Netflix or any other film platform were first discovered on Wattpad. What does this mean? It only means that Wattpad is filled with all kinds of people and the stories that you write are read by a lot of people online.

Wattpad is not currently available for PC download but you can download it on your PC using an Android emulator. There are numerous Android emulators on the market today but the most trusted one is the Bluestacks Android emulator.

Get now Wattpad App for PC and Mac

4. Librera


This is another eBook reader app on our list of the best eBook readers in the market today. The eBook reader allows you to read eBooks from different eBook formats. The app also has amazing features you can enjoy as an eBook reader. It has features such as night mode, bookmarks, read aloud, dictionaries, paper background among many other features. The features are very good if you love working while listening to audios. It can be a good way to listen to an eBook while doing chores at home.

If you love a certain genre of stories you can create your library consisting of the topics that you love reading from. The app is also very lightweight and would not overload any device that you choose to use the app on. If you need to use this app on your PC you will need to download it using an Android emulator.

There are numerous Android emulators in the market today but the most popular and trusted one is Bluestacks Android emulator. You will need to download the emulator on your PC for you to download the Librera App on your PC.

5. ZINIO app


This app allows you to read magazine issues and subscriptions on your mobile phone with a lot of ease. It gives readers immediate access to thousands of global titles. With this app, you can be sure that you will be able to sync your library to your home computer, smartphone and tablet seamlessly. You can trust that you will be able to keep up with the trending topics and stories from different magazines such as The Economist, US Weekly, T3 and so on.

This app has some amazing features that can interest you. One of them is that it allows you to access thousands of top magazines online. This app comes with full-color pages or text-only mode. Zinio app comes with interactive features, rich media and exclusive multimedia content in select magazines. With this app, you will enjoy full subscription and so on. The ability to sync your magazine library on a variety of devices makes it more desirable.

You can download this app for your PC and read different magazines on your computer. However, you need to first download the Bluestacks app player so that this app ca function well on your computer. Once you install his app, you can then sign in with your Gmail and then search for the app on the homepage of this emulator and get it. Click in the app and then drag it into the app player to run the application. After you complete the entire process, you will see the app on the app player’s homepage. You need to click it to launch it. Once this is done, you will start using the app.

Read more about Zinio App and how to install it on the PC

What Makes a Good EBook Reader?

Finally, you have decided to buy an eBook reader. As you purpose to buy an EBook reader, there are many factors that you should consider. These include:

1. Usability

top-5-ebook-reader-apps-for-pcWe all have different impressions of weight. Ideally, we would all like something that is not massive or cumbersome to hold. Therefore, your eBook reader should be relatively light to carry and hold as you might spend several hours reading a certain eBook. Also, your EBook reader should have a widescreen such that you will have an easy time reading your eBook. This can help you enjoy more convenience.

2. Adjustable brightness

Different devices usually come with different screen brightness. Your device of choice should have an adjustable screen brightness so that you can read at different levels of light without straining. This is more important if you are fond of reading at night or in dark places. The good news is that some eBook readers usually come with a back-light that enhances your reading experience.

3. Resolution

If your device has a high screen resolution, you will be able to have a sharp view of different eBook texts on your screen This is more important if the reader has vision issues.

4. Battery life

No one wants to have a device that does not store charge for longer hours. It is very inconvenient to keep on charging your device to use it. If the device comes with a battery that stores charge for longer hours, you can be certain that you will be able to read your text for longer.

5. Connectivity

Most eBook readers are usually Wi-Fi enabled. In this case, it is possible to connect them to your home internet to download different books. Therefore, you will not need to have a computer to complete this process. You should choose a device that has 3G connectivity. This can help you download new books on the go. This means that you can still download books on cellular data and also when you are using Wi-Fi.

Should you Invest in an EBook Reader?

Yes. You should invest in an EBook reader so that you can have access to different books online. You will have ample information to read and even do your assignment in college. If you chose to use an app, you can consider the above-mentioned apps. These can help you read various eBooks on the go. Consider them today and you will not regret it.

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