10 Top Grossing Android Games In April 2024


April 2023 is a season in the world’s history that will remain unforgotten following a stressful worldwide pandemic. The pandemic has forced people to stay at home to inhibit the spread of Covid-19. This has resulted in more and more people turning to the gaming world for solace.

Most of these games are the top-grossing Android games. In this particular post, we are going to dive deeper into Android games and discuss more of the 10 top-grossing Android games. We will talk about what these games entail and see why they have become the top-grossing games in this time of the year and a significant episode in the human era.

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1. Coin Master


Coin master is a game that is played by most Facebook users. With coin master, you will participate in raids, spins, and attacks to build a Viking village. If you think this is the game for you, it is more enjoyable if played on Facebook.

With coin master, you will travel through magical lands and win battles to become the next coin master or king or even Viking them all. It is such a fun game for anyone at home or anywhere. The game has an Android app that you can download and play whenever you feel like playing.

Within the coin master game, you will be required to spin a wheel and win your fortune. The fortune might be in shields, a sack of gold, loot, attack time, and many more wins. Shields are used to guard yourself when other kings try to attack you. Gold coins and loot help you in building a strong village. With such wins, you can become the coin master with the strongest built village, and with the most loot.

Now, spinning the wheel is not the only way to get loot; you can also win wars and steal the loot. This is the best method since you do not know what you could find in someone else’s village. You can attack and fight other Vikings; revenge on the ones that attacked you and take what is rightfully yourself. You do not have to break your piggy bank with this method, and you get to stay rich and with a strong village.

2. Gardenscapes


Another free top-grossing game that lets you enjoy your gardening hobby further is Gardenscapes. With Gardenscapes, you will be required to rake through the garden and face some unexpected twists and restore the garden to its former glory. You will decorate certain areas in the garden, go through the best three levels of the game, and also get to interact with some of the in-game characters.

Another free top-grossing game that lets you enjoy your gardening hobby further is Gardenscapes. With Gardenscapes, you will be required to rake through the garden and face some unexpected twists and restore the garden to its former glory. You will decorate certain areas in the garden, go through the best three levels of the game, and also get to interact with some of the in-game characters.

Through the game, you will also discover some secrets within the garden, which makes the game even more fun to play. The most interesting feature in this game is that it has many in-game characters that you can interact with. Such characters include your two closest companions, namely Austin, your butler, and an ever-loyal and funny dog. What’s more? You can even play the game when you are offline and lets you interact with some of your Facebook friends.

3. Candy Crush Saga


This is another popular game among Facebook users, and more and more people are addicted to this game. It is a three-match puzzle game that allows you to match three candies for that amazing winning feel every time. Candy crush saga also has puzzles you need to solve with fast thinking and smart moves.

Since the app was developed, there have been a trillion levels played all around the world. There are also lots of sweet challenges that let you win rewards such as collecting the ingredients, reaching a target score, and clearing the jelly. All these are ways that you can stay glued to your device while playing candy crush saga.

You can play candy crush saga alone or play with friends to see who gets the highest score in the game. If you are using an Android device, and you do not want to play the game on Facebook, you can consider downloading the game from the Google Play Store platform.

4. Brawl Stars


If you loved the clash of clans or clash Royale, then you will love this one too. You can brawl stars solo or with friends. Playing with your friends is more fun, and this is what has made the game famous, and subsequently, the game made it among the top ten-grossing games in April 2023.

With brawl stars, you are allowed to form a pact and strategize on how to overcome your opposing powers. You will also be given a chance to upgrade to some amazing brawlers. You will also have the chance to buy skins and become unique in the arena.

5. Parchisi STAR Online


The game is one of the top-grossing games in 2023. It is a multiplayer game that is also a version of parchis. Parchis is a popular game in Spain, but it is also popular in other countries and known by different names.

Parchisi STAR online is an adaptation of the Indian game known as Ludo or Parchis which is played by 2-to 4 people. The fun does not end there; the game also allows you to send emoji signs as you are playing the game. It is also free to play the game, and you are allowed to play 2-4 players.

6. Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars


Are you in for fighting games? If you are then Lords mobile is the game for you on those dull days. In Lord’s mobile, the emperor has fallen, and the empire has fallen into a total disaster, and there has to be someone who will establish the empire. Guess who that person is? Yeah, you guessed right.

You have to recruit real heroes from all backgrounds including mermaids, dwarves, steampunk robots, and dark elves. All of these heroes will help you in your mission to unite the kingdom and establish your empire. The heroes that you have chosen will act as war generals to lead your kingdom to total glory.

In this game, you will upgrade your kingdom buildings, level your heroes, and train your troops to come up with a great and prosperous kingdom.

7. Rise of Kingdoms: Lost of Crusades


This is another fighting game and one of the top-grossing games in 2023. The game is exciting and what you need especially at this time when people are staying in their homes with no or few interactions with the outside world.

With Rise of kingdoms, you will have to decide what part you will want to play in the battles. If you wish to arise and help your people or you want to launch great wars and conquer the world. It is your call and only time will tell as you continue playing the game.

8. Garena Free Fire: Wonderland


If you are fond of shooter games, then Garena Free fire is the ultimate shooter game for you. In this game, all you have to do is ensure that you are the last man standing. You can do this by ambushing your rivals, hiding in trenches, and looting off your competitors. You can also choose to stay in the safe zone as you want and also snipe.

Garena free fire has been included among the top-grossing games of 2023 since it is an entertaining and easy game that anyone can play. The game is short, and it is played within 10 minutes whereby after the ten minutes are over a new survivor will be found.

You can also play as an individual or as a team of up to four members where you are to lead your team to victory. You can download this top-grossing game from Google Play and see why it is a popular game and a favorite to many.

9. LOCO BiNGO! Jackpots crazy for play


Loco Bingo is a casino game for casino game lovers who would want to explore the fun world of casinos. If you love playing casino games with friends, then you don’t have to worry if you can’t leave the house. All you have to do now is connect with them and play Loco Bingo together.

With this game, you get to learn about new casino game styles and casino themes that help you learn how to play casino games. Bonus games are also included in these games. You can also chat with your fellow casino gamers as you play Loco Bingo.

There are also a number of quality styles in Bingo all you have to do is browse the available ones and choose your favorite Bingo styles. Did I mention that there are also some more games that you can play with Loco Bingo? Yes, there are, and all you have to do is keep using the top-grossing game to discover your favorite game.

10. Homescapes


Feel at home while at home with this game. With Homescapes, you will help Austin renovate his family mansion. You will go through lots of adventures right from the time you will enter the door. This game is a pure fan, and its popularity is on a rocket launch speed, thus making it among the top-grossing games in 2023.

As a player, you will put together different pieces to renovate and decorate the mansion. If you love interior design, you will have fun with this game since Austin’s house will look the way you want it looks. In every home, there is a secret that hides, but you will discover every secret hiding in Austin’s house, making the game even more adventurous.

Hope you have enjoyed this collection with the most trending Android games in April 2023, all these games could be easily downloaded on mobile devices but also could be played on a bigger screen such as on PCs and Laptops using an Android emulator.

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