Top 5 Software Downloading Websites In 2024

top-5-software-download-websites-2020Downloading from the wrong websites can be very risky. The chances of downloading a virus or malware are very high. There are numerous websites where you can download software for Windows and Mac. The number of websites that are available currently on the internet for downloading software can lead you to confusion. So if you need to download from a genuine website you should always consider a tried and tested website.

So which is the best website to download software? In this article, we have compiled several different sites that have been tried and tested for you to download software.

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The first on our list is CNET which was formerly known as a computer network. It was founded in 1994 and launched in 1996. It does not need a lot of introduction since it is one of the most famous download sites on the internet. The website does not only allow people to download the software but it also provides information on reviews, podcasts, news, articles, blogs, and also videos.

If you are new to the site you might ask yourself; is it safe to download from CNET? The answer is yes since CNET provides a very secure platform to download software. The fact the platform has been around for many years shows that it is well aware of the dangers lurking on the internet. So if you want a safe haven for downloading software CNET is the best place for you.

Also, the site provides faster downloads and it is always downloaded from time to time thus clearing away any malware that might linger near. If you are the type of person who would not download the software without knowing more about it, the site publishes some detailed software reviews so that you are aware of what you intend to download on your device. Also, there are rating listings for all the software available on the site so that you are aware of what you would want to download.

Fortunately, this site can also be downloaded as software and it is compatible with many devices such as Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. Perhaps you have seen why the site is very famous. You should consider it above any other sites.



This site is also famous among people who love downloading software. You will not find any adware, or malware when you choose to download from Filehippo. You may have found out that if you download from sites, the downloaded file comes along with some bundles, installers, or even toolbars. This is not the case with Filehippo.

Sometimes you may need some previous versions of particular software, Filehippo will gladly offer you the previous versions of the software. It does not only offer you versions but complete full versions of the software you need.

Filehippo also has high-speed servers that will allow you to download some of the software on your device. The user interface is also very easy to use and also there are software reviews that will enable you to know what type of software you need to download.

The reviews will enable you to know if the software will not be compatible with your device so that you do not bother to download it. You can sue Filehippo to download software for both Windows, Mac, and Android devices. Filehippo is a good and genuine platform for downloading software for any of your devices. It is also free to use so you do not have to pay anything to download software.



This is one of the oldest software downloading platforms in the market today. It is also a very genuine app that you can download both PC software and mobile phone software. The best thing about this software downloading website in 2020 is that it keeps adding new software for downloading and it is also updated from time to time.

Softonic is an excellent platform to download software for your devices. Downloading software from Softonic keeps you safe from downloading software along with dangerous malware that may damage your device.

On the Softonic site, you will find all sorts of software that you will find suitable for your device and as we said earlier, the software is published alongside some of its reviews so that you are sure of what you are getting.



Filehorse can be defined as a new way of searching for some new software to install on your computer and then downloading them to utilize them. The good news is that Filehorse is the free base of the best software for Windows or Mac. It normally has old programs and new latest software that are sorted into categories. Therefore, this makes it a good option for those who are looking for a quick and easy solution for free software download. When you have found the app that you want, you can readily download them for free from Filehorse.

Some of the apps that you can download here include Chrome, Firefox, Zeman, iTunes, and so on. Since these apps are divided into categories, you can trust that it will be easy to find the app that you want to install. All you need to do is to visit your browser and search Filehorse. The page will appear on your screen where you can then look at the various categories and choose your app of choice.

Therefore, if you are looking for a way to find some new updated software for your computer, you can this software. You will be sure that you will safely and securely download Windows and Mac programs.



If you are looking for the biggest and most popular free software site for any free and paid software, Softpedia is the ultimate solution for you. One advantage of this software is that you will always get the latest version of the software you want.

Also, this software provides you with software reviews and the actual screenshots for almost all the popular software used out there. This can help you make a good decision when downloading your application of choice. All the apps from this software are safe. Therefore, you will not have to worry about malware and so forth. Lastly, this software is home to over 1000000 free and free-to-try supplication for Windows, Mac, and so on.

How to Safely Download Software

Most people normally download different applications or software to perform different functions with their computers. This is because, without this software, you cannot manage to do various tasks. Some tasks can be done faster when one has downloaded some of these apps. As you purpose to download this software, you should be careful as some software usually contain viruses and malware that can harm your device.

Therefore, this article will help you know some tips that you should consider when downloading software online. These include:

1. Always delete that software that is downloaded to your device automatically

If you find yourself visiting malicious websites online, some software can be downloaded on your computer without your knowledge. You will always see this software on the browser download page. This can be detrimental as this software are likely to be the malicious type. If you spot this software, you should delete them as soon as possible.

2. Do not download any type of cracked or hacked programs

You might get tempted to download an illegal program simply because it is free or cheap. This normally happens when the legit program costs an arm and a leg. Illegal downloads usually bypass the software licensed and as such, this program can be malicious. It might not be genuine and can harm your device. It is always advisable to stay away from such types of applications.

3. Follow the instructions carefully

Each software usually has its set of instructions from the developer. Therefore, it is advisable that you follow the instructions given and then install it successfully. You should read all the instructions so that you can know how the application works and what it can access on your device. If you mindlessly click next, next without reading the instructions, you might download malicious software on your computer unawares.

4. Avoid installing any additional software that is embedded in the software installation

If you come across an additional program that is installed along with the software installation, chances are that it is highly likely to be malicious. These applications usually contain add-ons and soon. This can hinder the smooth operation of your original program. Your security and privacy might be compromised when using a certain program. Therefore, you should turn off the installation option for the additional program.


You should be careful when downloading various programs online. Some are malicious and can cost you a lot. You might lose vital data on your computer due to viruses and malware. The above-mentioned top software downloading sites can help you get the application you want online. More importantly, as you purpose to download and install any program consider these ideas and your device will be safe. These ideas are truly incredible.

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