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Editing videos has always been one of those jobs that professionals do. But with access to many software and video editing applications, anyone with little knowledge can do it. You can edit your small videos through these applications and make them even better.

These applications are primarily operating on mobile devices, but we know it can be a bit clumsy to use them for small and close edits. Therefore, installing it on your PC, laptop, or Mac OS is best. Want to know how? Read along to know about the ways to download it on your PC but before that, let’s go through their multiple benefits.

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Advantages of VN Video Editor Application

Video editing helps you trim the videos and helps you organize different clips together to make a fantastic video. You can give your recorded video an even better and attractive look by editing them through the VN video editing application. It allows you to edit videos with high-quality graphics and experience creative fun. Here are some other advantages of using a VN video editor application.


Easy Editing

Flexible Operation: It is quite easy to use a VN application for editing videos. You only need to select the video clips, add special effects, music, and subtitles. This application also supports a 4K video format helping you to produce high-resolution videos. You can use picture-in-picture, blending modes, and masking to make your video creative.

• Draft Saving: VN video editing supports the non-destructive editing of the video, and it automatically saves every operation step for you. Also, it allows you to edit all your unfinished videos according to your preference.

• Seamless Connection: VN application is designed to work seamlessly on mobile, PC, and macOS. You can start editing your videos using iPhone and then transfer the work between iPad or Mac with AirDrop for complete editing.

Cool Special Effects

• Curved Speed: VN video editing app has a Curved Speed option that allows you to bring some highly dynamic effects to your videos. It has six preset curves that make it easy for you to edit the videos.

• Keyframe Animation: You can add keyframes to your pictures, videos, text, stickers, and other materials to create animation effects. This application also comes with inbuilt 19 different types of animation presets.

• Freeze Frame: You can select any frame for your video and tap on the icon for generating a 1.5s picture for creating the time pause effect.

Convenient Humanised Operation

• You Get What You See: This application allows you to view most of the editing instructions displayed on the track for instantly responding to the needs.

• Multi-Track Editing: Another great feature of this application is the multi-track editing feature that can be added to this application for free. Also, you can use this feature with keyframe animation to create more fun.

• Interface Expansion: The user interface of this application has expandable features, and it runs smoothly on any of the screens that save your device memory.

Efficient Material

• Free Import: VN video editing app is compatible with providing more free materials importing. It is easy to import and use sound effects, use music, fonts, stickers LUTs filters from the zip. These materials work ideally to improve the video editing workstation for you.

• Efficient Management: Any user can create the media folders for managing the materials at his/her own will. Also, it is convenient for the users to categorize the materials efficiently.

Creative Text Effect

• Built-In Subtitles: VN application has multiple text sizes, positions, and angles that can be adjusted freely. Also, you can change to font type and color of the text according to your preference.

• Text Edit: Editing the text with this application is so convenient, and you can split the text or change the text duration and many other features.

• Importing Fonts: It’s easy to import the fonts that you want to include in your video.

High-Quality Sharing

• Customized Parameters: You have access to customize the export resolution, bit rate, frame rate. Also, you can export the 4K video resolution and 60 FPS videos.

• Quick Export: The export speed with this application is flashy, and it allows you to share the videos to platforms such as YouTube or TikTok.

Cinema Filter

• Preset Filters: VN editing application has some filters that can make your video cinematic by adding a blockbuster feeling with preset filters.

• LUT Filters Import: You can get a number of LUT FILTERS from Google or YouTube to make your videos perfect and delightful to watch.

How to download the VN Video Editor App For PC?

VN video editing application is easy to use and offers an enjoyable experience to the users. Hence, using this application on the big screen of a PC or laptops will help you to edit your videos with even more expertise. Here are a few steps that you can follow to download this application.

Step 1

Firstly you need to download an Android app emulator to get the VN Video Editor app. Bluestacks Emulator is one of the best emulators available online, and you can download it from its official website.

Step 3

Once the emulator is downloaded, proceed with installing it, and it might take a few seconds. After the installation, run the application and log in with your Play Store or App Store credentials.

Step 4

Next, you will find a screen similar to your home screen or Play Store, or App Store. You need to search for the VN Video Editor app.


Step 5

Download the application and allow some time for installation. The download time might vary depending upon the network, but usually, it takes a few seconds for the app to be downloaded.

Step 6

Finally, run the application and log in with your account to start editing the video as per your choice or convenience.


Video editing is indeed a hassled task, but you can do it easily with access to some of the amazing tools. We have discussed the features of the VN Video Editor in the above article, along with the steps to download and use it on a PC. So, the screen size would not be a factor hampering your video quality. Download this application today to enjoy its amazing features.

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