How to install VPN Robot for PC (Windows/Mac)

vpn-robot-for-pc-windows-macEvery country has a number of blacklisted or banned sites that cannot be accessed by the general public. This makes the use of proxy servers mandatory for people who like to use the internet freely and without any negative repercussions. And one of the best-known proxy services is the VPN Robot for Windows.

The good part about this is that you can also use the VPN Robot for PC and continue browsing sites and pages which are banned easily without even revealing your identity to the outside world.


A step-by-step guide to downloading and installing the VPN Robot for Mac is given below.

List of Contents:

Downloading BlueStacks and proceeding



  • You should first download the Android emulator BlueStacks which can be easily downloaded from any software download website for free.
  • You can then install the BlueStacks software on your PC and agree to all the basic terms and conditions
  • Then you have to do exactly what you do on your Android phone. Open the home page and register with your Google ID
  • Then you can access the Google Play Store which allows you to download apps
  • From there you can download the VPN Robot – Free VPN Proxy after searching for it in the app search bar
  • Then once the installation is complete, you can use the VPN Robot for Windows easily and conveniently on your PC


Open, visit and navigate to any website

The VPN Robot allows you to view and visit any webpage or site which you might not have access to due to various restrictions. The best part is that the website landing page and the data will be displayed in the same manner as they would be on any normal browser. However, the benefit of using this VPN server is that it would mask your identity and location, and hence you would be able to open any website and webpage on your computer.

So with such ease of functioning, you can simply go ahead with the download and installation of the BlueStacks as well as the VPN Robot for PC and continue surfing the internet freely.

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