Warp VPN for PC – How to Install and Use it on Windows and Mac

warp-vpn-pc-free-downloadSearching for a good and reliable VPN that will allow you to browse the internet securely and privately? There are many VPNs in the market, and finding one that can fit your needs can be confusing. You will notice that some are paid while others have both the free version and the paid version. It is recommended that you should start low if it is your first time to use a VPN.

You will also find that most VPNs have similar features, and this is because they are all meant to meet similar needs. In this post today, we are going to discuss more Warp VPN (also known as, and what you can expect from this VPN.

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About Warp VPN

Warp VPN is a free virtual private network app that helps you to make your connections private, hence secure. The VPN is completely free, but if you want more than the basic features of a VPN you need to pay for the premium version of Warp VPN. If you want to start off with the premium version, you can start off with a free trial of the premium version, if you are satisfied with the services you can pay and start using the app.

Warp VPN accessibility

While many VPN apps are only designed to work on a mobile phone, Warp VPN works well across all devices. You can download the app on your Android or iOS cellphone from the Google Play Store or from Appstore, respectively. However, if you want to download the app on your Windows computer, Warp will give you the option to download Warp VPN for Windows.

However, if want to download Warp VPN for Windows you need to visit the official Warp VPN website and navigate towards the bottom of the screen to find products. Under the products section, you need to click on apps and the Warp for Windows download link will show up on your screen. Click on it to download and wait as the VPN installs on your Windows computer.

For your Mac computer, you will need the help of an emulator to download the app on your Mac computer.

Best Features of Warp VPN


• Fast VPN experience

Warp VPN boasts of many servers all over the world that will connect as fast as possible to give you a fast VPN experience. You only need to find a server from any part of the world and connect to it. If you feel that the server you have chosen is too slow you can change it and connect to a better one.

• Anonymous Surfing

With Warp VPN you can surf the internet anonymously. This means that you can use the internet, visit any sites that you want without anyone noticing or knowing the sites that you visit. This is excellent especially if you want to visit sites that you have been blocked due to geographical restrictions. No one will see your IP which means no one can block you from accessing sites due to geographical restrictions.

• High-end encryption

Warp VPN can boast about the high-end encryption the VPN offers to its users. This kind of encryption is sure to protect your data from scammers, the government, and snoopers. Your data will be highly protected using this high-end encryption.

• BETA For Warp VPN

Earlier we discussed getting Warp VPN for Windows and explained how you can download the VPN for PC. We also mentioned that to get the VPN for Mac you will have to get help from BlueStacks or any other emulator.

Beta for warp is another feature that is only accessible to people using the premium version of the VPN. This means that you are able to get the VPN for Mac using the beta for Warp. If you are using the Warp VPN premium version.

Installing Warp VPN for Windows and Mac using Android emulators

In spite of Warp VPN providing a way to download Warp VPN for Windows, some people will still want to use the app’s Android version. Download the Android version on your Windows is very possible, although it includes a longer process than if you had downloaded the Windows version directly from the website.

Likewise, the VPN has provided a way on how you can download the app for Mac computers using Beta for Warp VPN. However, as mentioned, to access beta you need to use premium Warp VPN. This means that you have to pay for the premium version first before you can access the VPN for Mac. The good news is that you can use an emulator to download the app for your Mac devices.


An emulator helps build a bridge different OS and one can use an Android app on Windows or Mac with the help of a good emulator like BlueStacks. Below are steps you need to follow to download both Warp VPN for Windows and for Mac.

1. Download BlueStacks on your Windows or Mac computer.

2. If using Windows you need to log in to your Google account.

3. For Windows, you need to search for Warp VPN on Google Play.

4. For Mac users, you need to search for the app on your Appstore.

5. After you find you only need to click on it and the app will be downloaded on your PC.

NOTE: When you want to use Warp VPN for Windows or Mac, you will always need to open your emulator to use the app. This means that you cannot download the app and then uninstall the emulator thereafter, you will need it to use the VPN.

Bottom Line

VPNs have become essential in day-to-day life on these internet streets. One has to be extra careful when surfing the internet. There are scammers, snoopers, and institutions that want to track your online for so many reasons. For this reason, there are so many VPNs on the market, and therefore choosing one that meets all of your needs can be very confusing.

Warp VPN has not been in the industry for a long time, but many people seem to trust its functions. Before you make a decision to start using it, you might need to read through the review above and from there you can determine if you still want to download the app on any of your devices.

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