How to Run Wattpad App on the PC (Windows 7, 8, 10 and Mac)

wattpad-app-pc-windows-macDo you love reading and writing books? Is it uncomfortable for you to carry books all day long? Then Wattpad is the app for you. Wattpad is an app that lets you read or even write books. If you are in love with reading stories, whether romantic stories or motivational ones, Wattpad will be there for you. With this app, you get to choose more than 10 million titles of different stories written by different writers that you can read from.
We are going to learn more about what Wattpad is capable of and how you can download it on your PC.

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Features of Wattpad App

Wattpad has thousands of stories that you can read from. These stories are written by different writers who love to write and want to showcase their talents. With Wattpad, you can also learn some writing skills from various writers. Wattpad is also a platform that you can showcase your expertise and get people to love your writing. If you can write and touch a lot of hearts, then you should try writing on Wattpad.


If you come across a story that you love and you do not have time to read it online, there is an offline feature. This feature allows you to save the story and read it later when you are offline.

The search feature also allows you to be imaginative. You can simply think of a particular genre of story and search for it on the app. With this feature, you can simply think of a topic and search it on the app. The possibilities of finding imaginative stories or books in Wattpad are high since the platform is full of thousands of stories and books.

Wattpad also lets you share your written stories or books with your social media friends. You can also connect with different writers on the platform who you can share with your skill-set and get to learn more about writing.

If you believe that you can get people sitting at the edge of their seats while reading or watching your content, then Wattpad can take you places. Wattpad studios will discover unique, unsigned and untapped writers. Wattpad then connects such writers to the global multi-media companies. Wattpad works with companies like Hulu and Sony. This is a chance that Wattpad has given writers to become famous or even have their talents discovered globally.

Wattpad book is a feature that seeks to discover outstanding stories and get them published on famous bookstores around the world. Wattpad books partners with companies like Macmillan publishers, Penguin Random House UK, and Anvil Publishing.

How Wattpad works for writers and readers

As a writer, all you can to do is share your unique story on Wattpad. You can then find writing resources within the platform that will help you with your writing. The next step is for you to gain readership, and if most people love your stories, you can be published with Wattpad books. Your stories might be adapted in the filming industry with Wattpad studios.

As a reader, on the other hand, you can choose from millions of titles you can read from and also create your own personal favorites within the platform.

How to download Wattpad on your PC

Wattpad is not officially available to download for Windows or Mac devices. However, we are going to lay down some steps that you can follow to download the app on your PC.

The first and most crucial step is to download an Android emulator. So what is an Android emulator? An emulator is an app or software that lets you access Android apps on your PC. There are so many Android emulators out there, but we prefer that you download BlueStacks as our most trusted Android emulator.

To get BlueStacks on your PC, simply visit their official website, and you will find the download link. Click on it, and the download will start automatically. After downloading, the file will now be located in your download manager or your downloaded files on your PC. Click on the already downloaded file, and the installation process will now start automatically.

After installation of BlueStacks on your PC, open Google plays on BlueStacks and sign in using your Google account. On the search bar, search for Wattpad, and once you find it, click on its icon and the download will start automatically. After the download has started, you can now install Wattpad and start using it on your PC.


Wattpad is a handy platform for both writers and readers globally. With Wattpad, bookworms will not have to carry books around to fulfill their need to read a variety of books. For writers, the platform comes as an exceptional talent lift. With Wattpad, any good writer will have exposure and enough popularity.

It is also straightforward to have access to this platform. All you have to do is download it on your mobile phone or download it on your PC using the above guidelines.

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