Latest Windows 10 OS Updates & Features For 2023

windows-10-updates-2020The year 2023 has become a year where many things have changed, including how people handle work. For many, their dining rooms have adapted to their new offices. For this reason in May 2023, Windows 10 launched a new update to make working with Windows 10 even smoother.

The Windows 10 2023 update is available for anyone to get it. It can be a time-saver, and you can also have fun while working with this OS. Below is a detailed post on the latest Windows 10 including how you can get it on your PC.

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What is Windows 10 2023 New Update?

Apart from the monthly security updates on Windows 10, Microsoft also carries out two major updates on Windows 10 twice a year. The Windows 10 202 update is one of the major Windows updates that Microsoft has rolled out this year.

Due to the file deletion issues that followed the October 2018 update, Microsoft has rolled out a Windows health release dashboard. The dashboard is geared towards offering a status on new updates. This is just a way for the Microsoft team to be more cautious to avoid the file deletion issue from happening again.

What’s New in The 2023 Windows 10 Update?

There are a lot of amazing new features in the Windows 10 2023 update directed toward improving the user’s performance. We have detailed some of the most interesting ones below.

1. Cortana on Windows 10 Update 2023

With this Windows 10 new 2023 update, Cortana has evolved from a digital assistant to a personal assistant one. To make sure the evolution of Cortana Microsoft has laid down several changes to this feature to make it more personal and also to ensure that you get your everyday tasks done.

The first improvement is that Microsoft has undocked Cortana from the taskbar. By unlocking it from the taskbar, you can now easily move it across your screen as you see fit. This will definitely improve your user experience and make it more seamless with your regular workflow.


With the new Cortana, you can now choose between speaking aloud to Cortana or typing on it to get information. Also, the usual email skill with Cortana is improved; thus, you can send personalized images and receive the same message from a specific individual.

The Cortana’s improved calendar skill also lets you set up meetings, queries about your next meeting, and also a ‘ join my meeting’. This is a feature that allows you to be more organized and accomplish your everyday goals.

Microsoft has also removed the support for connected accounts so that you can differentiate between personal and work. By signing in with your Microsft account, Cortana will help you interact with your connections. By connecting to your work or school account, you will be interacting with your work or school connections. Cortana’s accessibility improvements have also been improved so that anyone can access it easily.

However there are a few downsides to the new Cortana. For example, the improved Cortana can no longer access your Notepad or connect to any of your home devices. This is a bit unfortunate since you will not have the ability to control your home devices from your Windows 10 device.

2. Control your Updates

As usual, Windows runs updates automatically on your computer. However with the new Windows 10 May 2023 update, you can now control which update you want to run on your computer. There is a new screen that will show you all the new updates, and you can choose the ones that you need to run on your computer.

To do this, you will need to go to settings then to updates and security and then to Windows Update, and then to view optional updates. Here you will see a set of updates and then you can choose which update you want to go with.

3. More Kaomojis

What are kaomojis? They are facial expressions that you can combine with special combinations to make facial expressions. For instance, if you are familiar with the Windows 10 struggle ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ kaomoji, you can be sure that there is more to these.

If you love Kaomoji’s on Windows 10 Microsoft has added more of these;

  • (∩^o^)⊃━☆
  • ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • ლ(╹◡╹ლ)
  • ಠ_ರೃ

Among many more Kaomojis.

4. Windows Hello Pin

For a more secure sign in you can go with fingerprint, face unlock, or a pin. For Microsoft accounts it is now easier for you to go with a passwordless sign-in. It is also easier to troubleshoot your device with a passwordless sign-in. You only need to go to settings and then to accounts and sign-in options. Here, you will click ‘on’ under ‘allow Windows Hello’ sign-in for Microsoft accounts.

You should, however, note that these changes are dependent upon hardware so you might need to install particular hardware to go passwordless.

5. Quick Searches

To help you in finding the information you need faster and easily, Microsoft has added four main search points which include:

  • New movies
  • History Today
  • Weather
  • Top news

To try a quick search, you can click on the search on your taskbar. You can also press the Windows logo +S to access the search box. Type in your search, and then you will find any information that you want.

6. Improved Bluetooth pairing experience

In Windows 10 version 1803, the idea was that if a device was nearby and ready for pairing Windows would show you a notification that would prompt you to connect. This would save you the hustle of having to open the settings app. However, the new update has a pack of improvements in terms of pairing using Bluetooth.

For instance, the UI is improved such that one notification is removed to give you time to start or stop pairing. A dismiss button is added so that you have full control over whether to pair or dismiss pairing. The notifications also come with the name of the device and its category.

7. Rename Virtual Desktops

Usually, we name our desktops ‘desktop 1’ or ‘desktop 2’. Luckily with Windows 10 2023, you are free to rename your desktop to anything you like. You can give the virtual desktop your name or a pet name. You can also use an emoji to name the desktop, thus making it more personal and fun.

To see Windows 10 virtual desktops, you can click on the task view that is located on the taskbar. You can also press Windows + tab buttons to view the task view interface. On the task view, you can click on the desktop that you want to change the name. If you’re going to change a name, you can go to the desktop name and edit it to the name you want. If you would like to edit with an emoji, you can press Windows + full stop on your keyboard. Once you press the two buttons, you can choose any emoji that you want from the emoji picker.

8. Control Over Restarting of Apps

Sometimes you need to restart your computer, and some of the apps that you had opened will restart too, and resume working. This enables you to continue with what you were doing before restarting the computer. The option to restart the apps was always tied up to ‘Use my sign-in info to automatically finish setting up my device Use my sign-in info to finish setting up my device automatically’. Luckily with the new Windows 10 May 2023, you are given the mandate to control the restarting of the apps.

By default, the above option on Windows 10 may 2023 update is off, if you want to change it you can go to settings to accounts to sign-in options.

9. Improvements in Notepad

Over the years Notepad has been the most loved text editor on Windows. Luckily, Microsoft has made a few improvements to Notepad. Some of these improvements include;

  • Text zooming – initially you could not zoom texts on Notepad but now you can. Under the view option, you can zoom texts to your desired size. You can also use the cursor wheel to zoom in on the text.
  • Line the numbers with word-wrap – according to Microsoft, this has been a long outstanding request from their users. The users have always requested that the numbers should be lined up when using word wrap, and finally, Microsoft has enabled it to happen. Now if you activate word wrap, the line numbers will be displayed.
  • A modified indicator – Notepad will signal you with an asterisk (*) on the title bar when there are unsaved changes within the Notepad.
  • Sending feedback – on the Notepad, you can easily send your feedback to the product team. You only need to click on help and then send feedback to send feedback directly from Notepad.

How to get the Windows 10 May 2023 Update


Keeping up to date with the latest Windows 10 update is a step towards having a smooth, flawless computer performance. The Windows 10 May 2023 update also known as Windows 10 version 2004, is now available to most PC users who are using Windows 10.

However, before you even decide to upgrade to the new Windows 10 version 2004, you should ensure that your computer is not vulnerable to the hiccups that surround this upgrade. If you can’t, find the Windows 10 may 2023 update under ‘update and security you can easily download the Windows 10 update manually.

However, if you are already using the Windows 10 OS, you can easily download the Windows 10 May 2023 update with ease. Here is how you download the Windows 10 version 2004:

  • Open the settings app on your computer and select update and security. Also, you can choose to type in Windows Update on the start menu and then click on “check for updates”.
  • At this point, you should see a message ‘feature update for Windows version 2004’.
  • To launch the Windows 10 update, you should click on ‘download and install.’
  • After the installation is done, Windows will prompt you to restart your computer. You can choose to restart immediately or schedule restarting at a more convenient time. On the power button you will also be given the option to ‘upgrade and shut down’ or ‘upgrade and restart’.
  • After your computer restarts, the upgrade should be complete by now, and you can use Windows 10 version 2004.


Windows updates come along with new and interesting features for its users. However, the update is currently rolling out in phases, and it might take weeks or even months before it reaches your system. If you are feeling a bit impatient, you can choose to use the method above to upgrade it on your system manually.

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